Holiday Parade of Space Marines

In celebration of a the holiday season, a new codex and a raft of new models for the iconic Warhammer 40K army, Gunslinger Games announces 'The Holiday Parade of Space Marines!'

Interested hobbyists are encouraged to participate by submitting a Tactical Space Marine model from their chosen chapter, whether of GW creation--Ultramarine, Black Templar, Blood or Dark Angel, Space Wolf, etc--or the player's own--a 'DIY' or 'Do it Yourself' chapter. Gunslinger will devote space in their display case to these power-armored representatives of the thousand chapters of the Adeptus Astartes through November and December, with opportunity for hobbyists to vote for their favorite. Anyone may submit one of their Space Marines, and anyone may vote in the Parade--no purchase necessary!

Chapters are more than just the fighting strength of their individual warriors, however--and to reflect that, additional contests will run concurrently for Space Marine Leaders and Space Marine Vehicles. Hobbyists interested in submitting models for these two supplemental contests can do so by *making the relevant purchase* from sponsor Gunslinger Games (with plenty of time to make a special order, currently the best way to obtain GW product through Gunslinger--and at a discount off list price), completing and submitting their model of choice for display in Gunslinger's display case through the end of the year.

Further--although the Parade of Space Marines tactical entries are restricted to one per hobbyist, players may submit as many Leaders or Vehicles as they purchase from Gunslinger and complete!

In addition to prizes for Favorite Space Marine on Parade, Favorite Space Marine Leader and Favorite Space Marine Vehicle, all of which will be determined by popular vote, there will be an adjudicated prize for Best Space Marine--which will be the single best painted and converted space marine in power armour, from either the Space Marine or Leader category--and Best Chapter Representative--which can be *any* model from any of the three categories, including vehicles, which through excellence of execution best embodies the ideals of the Adeptus Astartes and it's individual chapter.

Entrants *must* register when they submit their tactical space marine model to the Parade, listing their name and the name of their represented chapter. They do this simply by posting that information to the Adeptus North Texas emailing list.

Any model which would constitute a legal 'Tactical Space Marine' or the equivalent from a related codex may be submitted, including Sergeants, special and heavy weapon carriers, but remember a stated goal of the contest--and one of the adjudicated prizes--will reward the iconic model in this category. Hobbyists who make a purchase of a Leader (defined for the purposes of this contest as any Space Marine Commander, Captain, Librarian, Chaplain, Techmarine, Apothecary, Standard Bearer or Squad Sergeant model or the equivalent from a related Space Marine chapter, such as an Iron Priest or Rune Priest, or a chapter-specific Leader such as the Black Templars' Emperors Champion) or a Vehicle (defined for this contest as any codex entry having an AV--including walkers and flyers--*or* being a Bike) will register at the Adeptus North Texas emailing list upon making the purchase, identifying themselves and what they bought, which will then be confirmed on the list when they return to submit it for display. Leader models in Terminator Armour *may* be purchased and submitted.

Entries may be submitted to Gunslinger Games for display immediately. Voting will not begin until after Christmas...but the Parade will only look good if there are models to see, so there is incentive to submitting models early: any model on display in Gunslinger's case *and* registered on the Adeptus email list during November (before 12:01am Central December 1) accrues one bonus vote for Favorite model in it's category, and any model on display in Gunslinger's case *and* registered on the Adeptus email list in December before Christmas Day (12:01am December 25) accrues one bonus vote for Favorite model in it's category. Yes, that is potentially two votes a model can earn before balloting begins! Winners will be announced, prizes awarded (and models may be collected) after January 1, 2014, following conclusion of balloting at close of business for host Gunslinger Games for 2013.

Any questions about the eligibility of a given model not clear in these contest instructions may be clarified through inquiry on the Adeptus North Texas email list at , as Adeptus is acting as event administration for the Parade.

They are the Emperor's Chosen. They are Humanity's Champions. They are the Space Marines. They know no fear--and they will be on Parade at Gunslinger Games through the 2013 Holiday season. Muster your Chapter's colours, and represent!