Fall 2013 40K Escalation League

Fall 2013 40K Escalation League play will begin in September and run through December 14th. Games begin at 500 Point Adepticon Combat Patrols, then become standard Force Org and increase by 250 points every two weeks up to 2000 points. December 14th there will be a Mega Battle held and prizes awarded, provided by organizers dfw40k.com, for the Top Three Generals, the Best Painted Army and the MVPs from each side of the Mega Battle, as voted on by the league participants.

There will also be random drawings at each point level for players who report for small prizes, including dfw40k.com tape measures.

Rules and Info (these are the exact same rules as originally created for the Summer 2013 League):

Each participant will play 2 games at the specified point level against 2 different opponents. A win is worth 4 points, a draw 3 points, and a loss 2 points. Subtract one point if your army is not fully painted (painted bases optional) for that battle. Games missed at one point level can be made it up at the next level (so if you aren't able to find 2 games at 750pts you can play 4 at 1000pts for example).

Any Games Workshop published army lists are allowed, including Forgeworld and White Dwarf lists and units that have been updated to 6th edition (except super-heavies and other Apocalypse scale units). If in doubt please contact league organizer Matt Plummer.

All models should be WYSIWYG, especially conversions, but do not have to be all ForgeWorld or Citadel miniatures.

Each player should bring a copy of their army list to the game for their opponent.

All results should be reported to the league organizer and include point level, the names of both players, the results (who won/who lost), the mission and deployment type, and your army list (there should be a report for
each battle from both players).

COMBAT PATROL RULES (Modified from Adepticon):
• Armies will consist of 500 points or less, and must conform to the following Force Organization restrictions:
⇒ 0 - 1 HQ
⇒ 1 - 3 Troops (you MUST bring at least one Troop choice)
⇒ 0 - 1 Elite
⇒ 0 - 1 Fast Attack
⇒ 0 - 1 Heavy Support
⇒ 0 - 1 ‘Swing Slot’ (this maybe be used to field one additional Troops, Elite, Fast Attack OR Heavy Support choice)

• Armies are not required to take mandatory unit choices. All other unit restrictions (i.e. 0 - 1) apply.

• You may spend remaining points on units from anywhere in the Codex.

• No Special/Unique/Named Characters are allowed.

• As only one HQ is available, Allies are not allowed.

• With the exception of Troops and models with the Swarm USR, No model can have more than 2 Wounds.

• Aside from Troops choices and dedicated Transports, only vehicles with a maximum of 11 in any armor facing may be taken. Dedicated transports and troops may have a maximum armor facing of 12. Vehicle Squadrons and Artillery units are permitted provided every unit within the unit individually would be permitted. Vehicle upgrades that increase an armor facing may only raise the armor value to a maximum of 12 (this includes Necron Quantum Shielding).

•Rules Modification (Psykers): All Psykers may use ONE Warp Charge per game turn. Psykers may exchange powers as normal.

•Rules Modification (Flyers/Reserves): At the start of your Turn One, and each turn thereafter, you must roll a D6 for each Flyer being held in reserve. If the roll is 3 or more, the Flyer and all embarked units arrive at the start of the following turn. Flyers and all embarked units will automatically arrive at the start of Turn Five. Example: On Turn Three, a Necron Night Scythe with troops makes a successful Reserve Roll - they will arrive on Turn Four. There is no need to make a Reserve Roll at the beginning of Turn Four, as all remaining Flyers and embarked units will automatically show up at the beginning of Turn Five.

Good luck, aspiring commanders!