Apocalypse 40K Megabattle/Fundraiser for Alzheimers Research

On June 21, The Alzheimers Foundation will sponsor 'The Longest Day,' a worldwide event to raise funds for research to combat and eventually overcome this terrible scourge, which robs those stricken of their memories, their intellect, their essential selves. The Association encourages fundraisers to spend the longest day of the year doing something they love in the name of this cause, and Adeptus North Texas has formed a team to spend it playing Warhammer 40,000!

Gunslinger Games has graciously offered to open early and host a 40K Apocalypse Multiplayer Megabattle; play will begin at 10am June 21, and those who can are encouraged to be there for the pre-deployment preliminaries--but the game will run all day, with interested players able to arrive and join the fun as their Longest Day schedule allows.

There will be NO CHARGE to participate. There will be opportunities to join the cause, either as a Longest Day Adeptus North Texas Team Member, or as a supporter/contributor of the team, but the idea of the event is to make us all consider how diminished our life experience might be if a scourge like Alzheimers robbed us of the ability to engage in what we love, so any and every player will be welcome. Participants should bring what they wish to use in 'Apocalypse Blocks' of either 1) approximately 1000 Points of models from an inprint codex or army list or 2) an Apocalypse Datasheet Formation of approximately 1000 Points or 3) a single Apocalypse Superheavy or Gargantuan Creature. In the case of the latter, points values can obviously vary from less than 500 to more than 3000; bring what you want to play as your first 'Apocalypse Block' and we will work it in. In the case of Datasheet Formations, there is the potential for thousands of points, as well; have options for one or two 'Apocalypse Blocks,' but if you have all 7000 points of the Ultramarines first company to bring and sufficient opposition comes to play against it, we will put it on the table!

There will be prizes and incentives: everyone who contributes to the Alzheimers Association in support of the Adeptus North Texas Team will get one prize raffle entry, everyone who joins the Adeptus North Texas Team will get an additional raffle entry, everyone who joins as a member by June 7 and wears their purple Longest Day Tshirt to the event will get still another raffle entry; plus anyone who makes a GW purchase--instock or special order--from Gunslinger Games between now and June 21 (including the day of the event) and brings their receipt on the day will get a raffle entry, and anyone who brings a fully-painted terrain piece to battle over on the day of the event will get a raffle entry! Prizes will be supplied by Games Workshop, Gunslinger Games and Adeptus North Texas and may not be fully known until event day--but will definitely include at least one no-longer-in-print Black Library Limited Edition volume!

To join the Adeptus Team, go to:

If you wish to become a (fully-tax-deductible) Team member, use the code FRIEND for a $10 discount; if you do this before June 7 you should get your team member package including your purple Tshirt to wear on the day in plenty of time.

More details about the scenario for the event, etc, will be forthcoming; Apocalypse as a game system is due for a new-edition makeover imminently, so this will be a 'last hurrah' for the sort of multiplayer megabattle action which has given North Texas so much hobby pleasure over the years. If you can, muster June 21 to Gunslinger Games and play 40K for a worthy cause. Celebrate 'The Longest Day' doing something you love!