Warhammer 40,000 North Texas Summer Escalation League

Players across the Metroplex are invited to build a 6th edition Warhammer 40,000 army via the North Texas Summer Escalation League!

League Organizer Edward McDaniel invites interested hobbyists to join by emailing emcdaniel@gmail.com with their name, army (plus allies) and preferred play location. Participants will be tracked via the League dedicated Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/322315597863267/ with details also maintained through Adeptus North Texas and it's emailing list http://www.adeptusnorthtexas.com.

Play will begin at 500 points using Combat Patrol Force Org May 18 through the end of May. June 1 armies increase to 750 points and Standard Force Org. June 15 the army points increase to 1000; June 29 to 1250 points; July 13 to 1500 points; July 27 to 1750 points; and August 10 thru the end of the summer 2000 points.

A climactic 2000 point Tournament will conclude the Escalation League the weekend of August 24 & 25, which will include voting by participants for such things as Best Painted Army and Best Model (converted and painted). Details regarding the culminating event will be posted separately once the League is underway.

Each player will attempt to record 2 battles at each army points level. The games must be against 2 different opponents to count. A win is worth 4 League points, a Draw 3, and a Loss 2. Play with unfinished/unpainted armies IS legal (opponent willing), but playing with an unfinished army subtracts -1 League point from that player's total. Players who do not get both games in at a League point level can make those games up in subsequent weeks (to accommodate vacations and other unforeseen absences without discouraging players from continuing to participate).

ANY published Games Workshop army list is allowed, including Forge World book variants and White Dwarf article lists, so long as the list and it's units are updated to 6th edition (Apocalypse/super-heavy units are not legal except for League-related Apocalypse special events).

Games may be played at any location--a participating North Texas retailer or your own or a buddy's home--but results must be reported to League Organizer McDaniel to be verified and count.

Battle Reports to the League Organizer should include:
-Both Player Names
-Point Level
-Mission and Deployment
-Army Lists used

All models must be WYSIWYG, especially in the case of conversions, but are not restricted by manufacturer beyond that.

Each player should have their published army list source readily available, a printed, accurate and legible army list (and preferably one for their opponent).

Rulebook page 118 should be referred to for Missions, Terrain and Deployment.

The opening Combat Patrol Rules will not be the standard Adeptus North Texas variant but rather a modified Adepticon version; contact League Organizer for details.

The League will utilize Adeptus North Texas, it's emailing list, and it's Facebook page to develop and recognize other aspects of the Hobby, like the creation of interesting continuing characters to lead players' armies and the composing of fiction to add depth and colour to the stories played out in League games; and there will be several events throughout the summer of extra added value to League participants.

Best of all--playing in the League costs nothing beyond enthusiasm and good sportsmanship!

Email League Organizer McDaniel today, and muster your forces--a new army awaits you by the end of summer 2013, through participation in the Warhammer 40,000 North Texas Summer Eacalation League!


Texas Toy Soldier Warhammer 40,000 Summer League

Summer 2013 is shaping up to be an excellent opportunity to build a Warhammer 40,000 army in North Texas, with multiple escalation leagues announced!

First to begin will be Texas Toy Soldier's Summer 40K League. This league begins on Tuesday, May 7 and runs through Tuesday, July 23, climaxing in an End-of-League Tournament Saturday, July 27.
This Escalation League starts at 750 points and moves to 1500 points.

Dedicated league night in-store is Tuesday, but league games can be played any time TTS is open and tables are uncommitted to other scheduled events.

TTS league rules and goals are straightforward:

1 – Have Fun. TTS is more interested in fostering fun than anything else: sure, play to win, but be a sportsman about it.

2 – Build an army. The format of the league is setup to allow players to start with smaller armies and build them up by the end of the league.

3 – Meet New Players. The league scoring system encourages playing against an opponent for the first time.

4– Score Points. Players score for playing games as well as winning them, and for playing opponents for the first time. Accrued points determine each player's overall rank in the league, but TTS reminds participants do not be too concerned about how many points you have scored, the main purpose of the league is to get gamers together to play.

How to Join: Sign up at Texas Toy Soldier. The entry fee is $10. You will need to provide your name, email address and the army (or armies, see following) you will build and play in the league.

Prizes: Every player who participates in the League Finals will win a prize.

The TTS Escalation League starts at 750 points May 7; army size increases to 1000 points May 28; army size increases to 1250 points June 18; army size increases to 1500 points July 9. The last day for League play will be July 23, with the End-of-League Tournament Final Saturday, July 27.

Army selection: Players may build and play as many different armies during the span of league play as they desire, with each additional army codex registered costing an additional $10. Players may register more than one army initially, or may add armies at any time. Regardless of how many armies are registered, points are accumulated as a player. Every game you play will count towards your point total, no matter what army you are playing.

WYSIWYG: This stands for "What You See Is What You Get" and it means that the Missile Launcher carried by your Space Marine is not a Lascannon; players must make a reasonable effort to point troops as they are actually modeled.

Missions: Players may use the standard missions in the rulebook or choose from missions provided at the store, which will be previews of the tournament scenarios.

Scoring League Points and making it to the finals: Games must be played at Texas Toy Soldier. You can play as many games as you want, and play the same opponent as many times as you both want. Points are earned for Games Played, Games Won, and new opponents faced at the following rate:
750 points: 1 point
1000 points: 2 points
1250 points: 3 points
1500 points: 4 points
Winning: +2 points
Playing someone for the first time: +4 points

The players with the most League Points on the final Tuesday of play (probably 12 or 16 players, depending on how many are in the league) will be invited to play in the End-of-League Tournament on Saturday, July 27. The winner of the Tournament will be declared League Champion.

Good luck, Commanders!