Sat Mar 16 Apoc Game Postponement

Due to conflicting multitudes of other events on the day, Gunslinger Games will look for another date to schedule the massive Apocalypse Megabattle originally planned for Saturday, March 16. Patronize the alternate 40K, Warhammer Fantasy or other miniature event of your choice--then ready your superheavies for the Apoc reschedule! Thank you, Gunslinger, for putting the North Texas hobbyist first!

Apocalypse: The Big Game III

The largest Warhammer 40,000 game in the world returns Saturday, March 16, 2013, with the primary battlefield for The Big Game III moving to Games Workshop's Memphis Battle Bunker--and an additional front of the massive conflict occurring in North Texas, at Gunslinger Games!

Hosted by The Big Game III will feature a custom scenario linking Apocalypse battles across the United States and six countries!

Interested players in the DFW area are encouraged to arrive at Gunslinger Games at 9:30am; set-up and first turn will be completed before a lunch break, then play will accelerate to the grand climax. There is *no charge* to participate in The Big Game III, and no restriction on what players may bring beyond that they be fully-painted, authorized/licensed Apocalypse miniatures (Citadel, ForgeWorld, Epicast/Armorcast, etc) and that all participants have a printed copy in hand of the relevant codex/datasheet/sourcebook for their used-forces. Players are encouraged to bring all their goodies, though forces may be sized at time of play to achieve relative balance for the custom scenario.

Join thousands of hobbyists and millions of points of forty-first millennium armies at Gunslinger Games Saturday, March 16, 2013 for Apocalypse: The Big Game III!