Apocalypse 40K February 23 at Gunslinger Games

Gunslinger Games will host a Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Apocalypse Multiplayer Megabattle Saturday, February 23, 2013, beginning at noon, as the forces of the Imperium rally against the Ruinous Powers to gain control of an Imperial research outpost that has gone inexplicably silent in the 'Race For Dark Arcangel!'

Anyone interested in participating may bring a force of up to 750 points from a single codex, with at least one Troops choice and some model clearly recognizable as a leader (either an HQ choice, a squad upgrade such as a Sergeant, or a distinguishable model) mandatory--anything else they wish to include is their preference! Players must have a legible, accurate army list and the source codex in hand.

Players wishing to play an Apocalypse Datasheet--either a superheavy vehicle, gargantuan creature or Apocalypse formation--may substitute that vehicle, creature or formation instead of the 750 point base force described above, so long as the model is painted and the player has the source Datasheet in hand (either from White Dwarf, an Apocalypse published volume or printed from the GW website). IF THE DATASHEET HAS NOT YET BEEN MODIFIED FOR 6th EDITION IT WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IF THE PLAYER HAS NOT CLEARED IT--AND HAD IT UPDATED IF NECESSARY--BY THE EVENT MODERATOR IN ADVANCE. This can be done via the Adeptus North Texas emailing list, accessible from http://www.adeptusnorthtexas.com . This may mean the player has slightly fewer or considerably more points available to them than the base force--a single Reaver Titan, for example--but it would not be an Apocalypse game without such monarchs of the battlefield! Trust from past experience there will be important roles the standard objective-seizing squad will still have to play on the day.

If Players wish to bring a Core 750 point force such as described above AND a Datasheet, or two Datasheets (such as two superheavy vehicles), they can--but to do so, they must make a minimum $20 purchase from host Gunslinger Games, and notify the Moderator via the Adeptus North Texas emailing list they have so qualified. Anyone making such a purchase from GsG of an Imperial Bunker terrain piece or a Skyshield Landing Pad terrain piece and who gets it assembled, painted and brought to GsG for use in the scenario on the day of battle will accrue a custom Apocalypse Stratagem battlefield benefit, useable by their force on the day!

The thematic forces in the battle will be Imperial--Space Marines [including Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Black Templars], Grey Knights [including Inquisition], Imperial Guard and Sisters of Battle--against Chaos--Chaos Daemons, Chaos Space Marines and Traitor Imperial Guard. Eldar, Tau, Dark Eldar, Orks, Tyranids and Necrons may all either be drawn to the conflict or already have a presence on the planet and be awakened by it; they will fight whichever side they are attacked by/view as the enemy (ie, will be used to balance sides) but will not be able to determine victory or defeat for the scenario--if any forces of these races, regardless of which side they battle for, hold the objective(s) at race's end, the result is a Draw (arguably a victory for them).

Apocalypse Stratagems will be used but will be assigned to each side to use collectively in the pre-battle conference.

Generals, rally your commands; Arcangel has fallen silent, fell powers gather about it, and a terrible secret lies waiting for those with the power to seize it. Take to the 41st millennium battlefield Saturday, February 23, 2013 at noon at Gunslinger Games and attempt to win the 'Race for Dark Arcangel!'