Holiday Parade of Space Marines

In celebration of a the holiday season, a new codex and a raft of new models for the iconic Warhammer 40K army, Gunslinger Games announces 'The Holiday Parade of Space Marines!'

Interested hobbyists are encouraged to participate by submitting a Tactical Space Marine model from their chosen chapter, whether of GW creation--Ultramarine, Black Templar, Blood or Dark Angel, Space Wolf, etc--or the player's own--a 'DIY' or 'Do it Yourself' chapter. Gunslinger will devote space in their display case to these power-armored representatives of the thousand chapters of the Adeptus Astartes through November and December, with opportunity for hobbyists to vote for their favorite. Anyone may submit one of their Space Marines, and anyone may vote in the Parade--no purchase necessary!

Chapters are more than just the fighting strength of their individual warriors, however--and to reflect that, additional contests will run concurrently for Space Marine Leaders and Space Marine Vehicles. Hobbyists interested in submitting models for these two supplemental contests can do so by *making the relevant purchase* from sponsor Gunslinger Games (with plenty of time to make a special order, currently the best way to obtain GW product through Gunslinger--and at a discount off list price), completing and submitting their model of choice for display in Gunslinger's display case through the end of the year.

Further--although the Parade of Space Marines tactical entries are restricted to one per hobbyist, players may submit as many Leaders or Vehicles as they purchase from Gunslinger and complete!

In addition to prizes for Favorite Space Marine on Parade, Favorite Space Marine Leader and Favorite Space Marine Vehicle, all of which will be determined by popular vote, there will be an adjudicated prize for Best Space Marine--which will be the single best painted and converted space marine in power armour, from either the Space Marine or Leader category--and Best Chapter Representative--which can be *any* model from any of the three categories, including vehicles, which through excellence of execution best embodies the ideals of the Adeptus Astartes and it's individual chapter.

Entrants *must* register when they submit their tactical space marine model to the Parade, listing their name and the name of their represented chapter. They do this simply by posting that information to the Adeptus North Texas emailing list.

Any model which would constitute a legal 'Tactical Space Marine' or the equivalent from a related codex may be submitted, including Sergeants, special and heavy weapon carriers, but remember a stated goal of the contest--and one of the adjudicated prizes--will reward the iconic model in this category. Hobbyists who make a purchase of a Leader (defined for the purposes of this contest as any Space Marine Commander, Captain, Librarian, Chaplain, Techmarine, Apothecary, Standard Bearer or Squad Sergeant model or the equivalent from a related Space Marine chapter, such as an Iron Priest or Rune Priest, or a chapter-specific Leader such as the Black Templars' Emperors Champion) or a Vehicle (defined for this contest as any codex entry having an AV--including walkers and flyers--*or* being a Bike) will register at the Adeptus North Texas emailing list upon making the purchase, identifying themselves and what they bought, which will then be confirmed on the list when they return to submit it for display. Leader models in Terminator Armour *may* be purchased and submitted.

Entries may be submitted to Gunslinger Games for display immediately. Voting will not begin until after Christmas...but the Parade will only look good if there are models to see, so there is incentive to submitting models early: any model on display in Gunslinger's case *and* registered on the Adeptus email list during November (before 12:01am Central December 1) accrues one bonus vote for Favorite model in it's category, and any model on display in Gunslinger's case *and* registered on the Adeptus email list in December before Christmas Day (12:01am December 25) accrues one bonus vote for Favorite model in it's category. Yes, that is potentially two votes a model can earn before balloting begins! Winners will be announced, prizes awarded (and models may be collected) after January 1, 2014, following conclusion of balloting at close of business for host Gunslinger Games for 2013.

Any questions about the eligibility of a given model not clear in these contest instructions may be clarified through inquiry on the Adeptus North Texas email list at , as Adeptus is acting as event administration for the Parade.

They are the Emperor's Chosen. They are Humanity's Champions. They are the Space Marines. They know no fear--and they will be on Parade at Gunslinger Games through the 2013 Holiday season. Muster your Chapter's colours, and represent!

October 12 Comic Asylum 40K Tournament

Saturday, October 12th, 2013 there will be a 1500 point Warhammer 40,000 Tournament hosted by Comic Asylum. A $10.00 fee will go toward the prize pool: start time is 10am. Bob and the crew invite you to come out and throw some dice with them!

Fall 2013 40K Escalation League

Fall 2013 40K Escalation League play will begin in September and run through December 14th. Games begin at 500 Point Adepticon Combat Patrols, then become standard Force Org and increase by 250 points every two weeks up to 2000 points. December 14th there will be a Mega Battle held and prizes awarded, provided by organizers, for the Top Three Generals, the Best Painted Army and the MVPs from each side of the Mega Battle, as voted on by the league participants.

There will also be random drawings at each point level for players who report for small prizes, including tape measures.

Rules and Info (these are the exact same rules as originally created for the Summer 2013 League):

Each participant will play 2 games at the specified point level against 2 different opponents. A win is worth 4 points, a draw 3 points, and a loss 2 points. Subtract one point if your army is not fully painted (painted bases optional) for that battle. Games missed at one point level can be made it up at the next level (so if you aren't able to find 2 games at 750pts you can play 4 at 1000pts for example).

Any Games Workshop published army lists are allowed, including Forgeworld and White Dwarf lists and units that have been updated to 6th edition (except super-heavies and other Apocalypse scale units). If in doubt please contact league organizer Matt Plummer.

All models should be WYSIWYG, especially conversions, but do not have to be all ForgeWorld or Citadel miniatures.

Each player should bring a copy of their army list to the game for their opponent.

All results should be reported to the league organizer and include point level, the names of both players, the results (who won/who lost), the mission and deployment type, and your army list (there should be a report for
each battle from both players).

COMBAT PATROL RULES (Modified from Adepticon):
• Armies will consist of 500 points or less, and must conform to the following Force Organization restrictions:
⇒ 0 - 1 HQ
⇒ 1 - 3 Troops (you MUST bring at least one Troop choice)
⇒ 0 - 1 Elite
⇒ 0 - 1 Fast Attack
⇒ 0 - 1 Heavy Support
⇒ 0 - 1 ‘Swing Slot’ (this maybe be used to field one additional Troops, Elite, Fast Attack OR Heavy Support choice)

• Armies are not required to take mandatory unit choices. All other unit restrictions (i.e. 0 - 1) apply.

• You may spend remaining points on units from anywhere in the Codex.

• No Special/Unique/Named Characters are allowed.

• As only one HQ is available, Allies are not allowed.

• With the exception of Troops and models with the Swarm USR, No model can have more than 2 Wounds.

• Aside from Troops choices and dedicated Transports, only vehicles with a maximum of 11 in any armor facing may be taken. Dedicated transports and troops may have a maximum armor facing of 12. Vehicle Squadrons and Artillery units are permitted provided every unit within the unit individually would be permitted. Vehicle upgrades that increase an armor facing may only raise the armor value to a maximum of 12 (this includes Necron Quantum Shielding).

•Rules Modification (Psykers): All Psykers may use ONE Warp Charge per game turn. Psykers may exchange powers as normal.

•Rules Modification (Flyers/Reserves): At the start of your Turn One, and each turn thereafter, you must roll a D6 for each Flyer being held in reserve. If the roll is 3 or more, the Flyer and all embarked units arrive at the start of the following turn. Flyers and all embarked units will automatically arrive at the start of Turn Five. Example: On Turn Three, a Necron Night Scythe with troops makes a successful Reserve Roll - they will arrive on Turn Four. There is no need to make a Reserve Roll at the beginning of Turn Four, as all remaining Flyers and embarked units will automatically show up at the beginning of Turn Five.

Good luck, aspiring commanders!

Used Game Swap & Sale at Gunslinger Games

Gunslinger Games will hold its third Game Swap Saturday, August 17--and add a sale of Warhammer 40K and other RPG, board game, Citadel paint product, etc, at up to 40% off!

GsG encourages hobbyists to bring no-longer-used miniatures, board games, sci-fi & fantasy books--any game-related stuff--for direct trade or (if it meets quality restrictions) even store credit.

Apocalypse 40K Megabattle/Fundraiser for Alzheimers Research

On June 21, The Alzheimers Foundation will sponsor 'The Longest Day,' a worldwide event to raise funds for research to combat and eventually overcome this terrible scourge, which robs those stricken of their memories, their intellect, their essential selves. The Association encourages fundraisers to spend the longest day of the year doing something they love in the name of this cause, and Adeptus North Texas has formed a team to spend it playing Warhammer 40,000!

Gunslinger Games has graciously offered to open early and host a 40K Apocalypse Multiplayer Megabattle; play will begin at 10am June 21, and those who can are encouraged to be there for the pre-deployment preliminaries--but the game will run all day, with interested players able to arrive and join the fun as their Longest Day schedule allows.

There will be NO CHARGE to participate. There will be opportunities to join the cause, either as a Longest Day Adeptus North Texas Team Member, or as a supporter/contributor of the team, but the idea of the event is to make us all consider how diminished our life experience might be if a scourge like Alzheimers robbed us of the ability to engage in what we love, so any and every player will be welcome. Participants should bring what they wish to use in 'Apocalypse Blocks' of either 1) approximately 1000 Points of models from an inprint codex or army list or 2) an Apocalypse Datasheet Formation of approximately 1000 Points or 3) a single Apocalypse Superheavy or Gargantuan Creature. In the case of the latter, points values can obviously vary from less than 500 to more than 3000; bring what you want to play as your first 'Apocalypse Block' and we will work it in. In the case of Datasheet Formations, there is the potential for thousands of points, as well; have options for one or two 'Apocalypse Blocks,' but if you have all 7000 points of the Ultramarines first company to bring and sufficient opposition comes to play against it, we will put it on the table!

There will be prizes and incentives: everyone who contributes to the Alzheimers Association in support of the Adeptus North Texas Team will get one prize raffle entry, everyone who joins the Adeptus North Texas Team will get an additional raffle entry, everyone who joins as a member by June 7 and wears their purple Longest Day Tshirt to the event will get still another raffle entry; plus anyone who makes a GW purchase--instock or special order--from Gunslinger Games between now and June 21 (including the day of the event) and brings their receipt on the day will get a raffle entry, and anyone who brings a fully-painted terrain piece to battle over on the day of the event will get a raffle entry! Prizes will be supplied by Games Workshop, Gunslinger Games and Adeptus North Texas and may not be fully known until event day--but will definitely include at least one no-longer-in-print Black Library Limited Edition volume!

To join the Adeptus Team, go to:

If you wish to become a (fully-tax-deductible) Team member, use the code FRIEND for a $10 discount; if you do this before June 7 you should get your team member package including your purple Tshirt to wear on the day in plenty of time.

More details about the scenario for the event, etc, will be forthcoming; Apocalypse as a game system is due for a new-edition makeover imminently, so this will be a 'last hurrah' for the sort of multiplayer megabattle action which has given North Texas so much hobby pleasure over the years. If you can, muster June 21 to Gunslinger Games and play 40K for a worthy cause. Celebrate 'The Longest Day' doing something you love!

Warhammer 40,000 North Texas Summer Escalation League

Players across the Metroplex are invited to build a 6th edition Warhammer 40,000 army via the North Texas Summer Escalation League!

League Organizer Edward McDaniel invites interested hobbyists to join by emailing with their name, army (plus allies) and preferred play location. Participants will be tracked via the League dedicated Facebook page with details also maintained through Adeptus North Texas and it's emailing list

Play will begin at 500 points using Combat Patrol Force Org May 18 through the end of May. June 1 armies increase to 750 points and Standard Force Org. June 15 the army points increase to 1000; June 29 to 1250 points; July 13 to 1500 points; July 27 to 1750 points; and August 10 thru the end of the summer 2000 points.

A climactic 2000 point Tournament will conclude the Escalation League the weekend of August 24 & 25, which will include voting by participants for such things as Best Painted Army and Best Model (converted and painted). Details regarding the culminating event will be posted separately once the League is underway.

Each player will attempt to record 2 battles at each army points level. The games must be against 2 different opponents to count. A win is worth 4 League points, a Draw 3, and a Loss 2. Play with unfinished/unpainted armies IS legal (opponent willing), but playing with an unfinished army subtracts -1 League point from that player's total. Players who do not get both games in at a League point level can make those games up in subsequent weeks (to accommodate vacations and other unforeseen absences without discouraging players from continuing to participate).

ANY published Games Workshop army list is allowed, including Forge World book variants and White Dwarf article lists, so long as the list and it's units are updated to 6th edition (Apocalypse/super-heavy units are not legal except for League-related Apocalypse special events).

Games may be played at any location--a participating North Texas retailer or your own or a buddy's home--but results must be reported to League Organizer McDaniel to be verified and count.

Battle Reports to the League Organizer should include:
-Both Player Names
-Point Level
-Mission and Deployment
-Army Lists used

All models must be WYSIWYG, especially in the case of conversions, but are not restricted by manufacturer beyond that.

Each player should have their published army list source readily available, a printed, accurate and legible army list (and preferably one for their opponent).

Rulebook page 118 should be referred to for Missions, Terrain and Deployment.

The opening Combat Patrol Rules will not be the standard Adeptus North Texas variant but rather a modified Adepticon version; contact League Organizer for details.

The League will utilize Adeptus North Texas, it's emailing list, and it's Facebook page to develop and recognize other aspects of the Hobby, like the creation of interesting continuing characters to lead players' armies and the composing of fiction to add depth and colour to the stories played out in League games; and there will be several events throughout the summer of extra added value to League participants.

Best of all--playing in the League costs nothing beyond enthusiasm and good sportsmanship!

Email League Organizer McDaniel today, and muster your forces--a new army awaits you by the end of summer 2013, through participation in the Warhammer 40,000 North Texas Summer Eacalation League!


Texas Toy Soldier Warhammer 40,000 Summer League

Summer 2013 is shaping up to be an excellent opportunity to build a Warhammer 40,000 army in North Texas, with multiple escalation leagues announced!

First to begin will be Texas Toy Soldier's Summer 40K League. This league begins on Tuesday, May 7 and runs through Tuesday, July 23, climaxing in an End-of-League Tournament Saturday, July 27.
This Escalation League starts at 750 points and moves to 1500 points.

Dedicated league night in-store is Tuesday, but league games can be played any time TTS is open and tables are uncommitted to other scheduled events.

TTS league rules and goals are straightforward:

1 – Have Fun. TTS is more interested in fostering fun than anything else: sure, play to win, but be a sportsman about it.

2 – Build an army. The format of the league is setup to allow players to start with smaller armies and build them up by the end of the league.

3 – Meet New Players. The league scoring system encourages playing against an opponent for the first time.

4– Score Points. Players score for playing games as well as winning them, and for playing opponents for the first time. Accrued points determine each player's overall rank in the league, but TTS reminds participants do not be too concerned about how many points you have scored, the main purpose of the league is to get gamers together to play.

How to Join: Sign up at Texas Toy Soldier. The entry fee is $10. You will need to provide your name, email address and the army (or armies, see following) you will build and play in the league.

Prizes: Every player who participates in the League Finals will win a prize.

The TTS Escalation League starts at 750 points May 7; army size increases to 1000 points May 28; army size increases to 1250 points June 18; army size increases to 1500 points July 9. The last day for League play will be July 23, with the End-of-League Tournament Final Saturday, July 27.

Army selection: Players may build and play as many different armies during the span of league play as they desire, with each additional army codex registered costing an additional $10. Players may register more than one army initially, or may add armies at any time. Regardless of how many armies are registered, points are accumulated as a player. Every game you play will count towards your point total, no matter what army you are playing.

WYSIWYG: This stands for "What You See Is What You Get" and it means that the Missile Launcher carried by your Space Marine is not a Lascannon; players must make a reasonable effort to point troops as they are actually modeled.

Missions: Players may use the standard missions in the rulebook or choose from missions provided at the store, which will be previews of the tournament scenarios.

Scoring League Points and making it to the finals: Games must be played at Texas Toy Soldier. You can play as many games as you want, and play the same opponent as many times as you both want. Points are earned for Games Played, Games Won, and new opponents faced at the following rate:
750 points: 1 point
1000 points: 2 points
1250 points: 3 points
1500 points: 4 points
Winning: +2 points
Playing someone for the first time: +4 points

The players with the most League Points on the final Tuesday of play (probably 12 or 16 players, depending on how many are in the league) will be invited to play in the End-of-League Tournament on Saturday, July 27. The winner of the Tournament will be declared League Champion.

Good luck, Commanders!

Sat Mar 16 Apoc Game Postponement

Due to conflicting multitudes of other events on the day, Gunslinger Games will look for another date to schedule the massive Apocalypse Megabattle originally planned for Saturday, March 16. Patronize the alternate 40K, Warhammer Fantasy or other miniature event of your choice--then ready your superheavies for the Apoc reschedule! Thank you, Gunslinger, for putting the North Texas hobbyist first!

Apocalypse: The Big Game III

The largest Warhammer 40,000 game in the world returns Saturday, March 16, 2013, with the primary battlefield for The Big Game III moving to Games Workshop's Memphis Battle Bunker--and an additional front of the massive conflict occurring in North Texas, at Gunslinger Games!

Hosted by The Big Game III will feature a custom scenario linking Apocalypse battles across the United States and six countries!

Interested players in the DFW area are encouraged to arrive at Gunslinger Games at 9:30am; set-up and first turn will be completed before a lunch break, then play will accelerate to the grand climax. There is *no charge* to participate in The Big Game III, and no restriction on what players may bring beyond that they be fully-painted, authorized/licensed Apocalypse miniatures (Citadel, ForgeWorld, Epicast/Armorcast, etc) and that all participants have a printed copy in hand of the relevant codex/datasheet/sourcebook for their used-forces. Players are encouraged to bring all their goodies, though forces may be sized at time of play to achieve relative balance for the custom scenario.

Join thousands of hobbyists and millions of points of forty-first millennium armies at Gunslinger Games Saturday, March 16, 2013 for Apocalypse: The Big Game III!

Apocalypse 40K February 23 at Gunslinger Games

Gunslinger Games will host a Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Apocalypse Multiplayer Megabattle Saturday, February 23, 2013, beginning at noon, as the forces of the Imperium rally against the Ruinous Powers to gain control of an Imperial research outpost that has gone inexplicably silent in the 'Race For Dark Arcangel!'

Anyone interested in participating may bring a force of up to 750 points from a single codex, with at least one Troops choice and some model clearly recognizable as a leader (either an HQ choice, a squad upgrade such as a Sergeant, or a distinguishable model) mandatory--anything else they wish to include is their preference! Players must have a legible, accurate army list and the source codex in hand.

Players wishing to play an Apocalypse Datasheet--either a superheavy vehicle, gargantuan creature or Apocalypse formation--may substitute that vehicle, creature or formation instead of the 750 point base force described above, so long as the model is painted and the player has the source Datasheet in hand (either from White Dwarf, an Apocalypse published volume or printed from the GW website). IF THE DATASHEET HAS NOT YET BEEN MODIFIED FOR 6th EDITION IT WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IF THE PLAYER HAS NOT CLEARED IT--AND HAD IT UPDATED IF NECESSARY--BY THE EVENT MODERATOR IN ADVANCE. This can be done via the Adeptus North Texas emailing list, accessible from . This may mean the player has slightly fewer or considerably more points available to them than the base force--a single Reaver Titan, for example--but it would not be an Apocalypse game without such monarchs of the battlefield! Trust from past experience there will be important roles the standard objective-seizing squad will still have to play on the day.

If Players wish to bring a Core 750 point force such as described above AND a Datasheet, or two Datasheets (such as two superheavy vehicles), they can--but to do so, they must make a minimum $20 purchase from host Gunslinger Games, and notify the Moderator via the Adeptus North Texas emailing list they have so qualified. Anyone making such a purchase from GsG of an Imperial Bunker terrain piece or a Skyshield Landing Pad terrain piece and who gets it assembled, painted and brought to GsG for use in the scenario on the day of battle will accrue a custom Apocalypse Stratagem battlefield benefit, useable by their force on the day!

The thematic forces in the battle will be Imperial--Space Marines [including Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Black Templars], Grey Knights [including Inquisition], Imperial Guard and Sisters of Battle--against Chaos--Chaos Daemons, Chaos Space Marines and Traitor Imperial Guard. Eldar, Tau, Dark Eldar, Orks, Tyranids and Necrons may all either be drawn to the conflict or already have a presence on the planet and be awakened by it; they will fight whichever side they are attacked by/view as the enemy (ie, will be used to balance sides) but will not be able to determine victory or defeat for the scenario--if any forces of these races, regardless of which side they battle for, hold the objective(s) at race's end, the result is a Draw (arguably a victory for them).

Apocalypse Stratagems will be used but will be assigned to each side to use collectively in the pre-battle conference.

Generals, rally your commands; Arcangel has fallen silent, fell powers gather about it, and a terrible secret lies waiting for those with the power to seize it. Take to the 41st millennium battlefield Saturday, February 23, 2013 at noon at Gunslinger Games and attempt to win the 'Race for Dark Arcangel!'


TEXAS TOY SOLDIER will host a WARHAMMER 40,000 DOUBLES TOURNAMENT on SATURDAY, MARCH 2nd, 2013, from 10am till 6pm. The entry fee will be $10 per player or a $20 TTS purchase per player. Armies will be maximum 2000 points-1000 per player-and need not be fully-painted (although there will be a randomly-awarded painting prize available for those which are). Consisting of three two-hour rounds, and prize-supported by TTS, the tournament will be allowing converted and Forgeworld models with certain restrictions (no Superheavies or Gargantuan Creatures, no VDRed vehicles, no prepainted- "toy-based conversions, all conversions/scratchbuilds must be at least 50% GW model parts, etc; for a full list contact event moderator Jim Muncy at or TTS) and will utilize "Warlord Traits" and "Mysterious Terrain". Good luck, warrior-allies!