Intro To Hobby Tourney Sat, Jan 12 at Gunslinger Games

Gunslinger Games will let North Texas hobbyists put their 40K Christmas presents on the game table Saturday, January 12, 2013, by hosting a Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Combat Patrol Tournament!

Interested players of all experience levels are welcome--in fact the Combat Patrol format is particularly effective for players new to the hobby:

•Armies of 400 Points or less.

•One core TROOPS choice mandatory.

•One HQ choice optional (patrol leader may be a squad upgrade such as a veteran sergeant).

•No Characters, Monsters or other unit types with more than 2 Wounds.

•No Vehicles with combined Armour Value greater than 34 (front/side/rear AV added, ie a Dreadnought with 12/12/10 is patrol-legal).

•Although there will be scoring of and prizes for Painting, participation requires only that used models be assembled, based and equipped as they will be played (ie with proper weapons and upgrades).

•Play consists of three 50 minute games in succession--by tournament's end, hobbyists will have a working familiarity with the game and with the core of their army, upon which they can readily build.

•Play begins after lunch and is finished before dinner!

To get those holiday gifts into action, players may register one of two ways:

•Make a purchase at host Gunslinger Games of $10 or greater, sign up in-store, then confirm your registration and what army you will play at (or on the Adeptus email list).

•Buy a participation entry from host Gunslinger Games for $10, sign up in-store, then confirm your registration and what army you will play at (or on the Adeptus email list).

The Combat Patrol tournament will run from Noon till 4:30pm.

Assemble you core patrol, be it an assemblage of grizzled veteran models, a shiny new addition to a familiar force, or an all-new, never-tried first excursion into the hobby, and let slip the dogs of forty-first millennium war, Saturday, January 12, at Gunslinger Games.


Lone Star Comics Arlington 40K Event

Lone Star Comics will hold a one-day, ten-player campaign event Saturday, January 12, 2013, at their Arlington location, 1215 S. Cooper.

The "Gathering of Heroes" will be a two-sided campaign game, with a maximum of five players per side, ten players total. Entry fee for the event is $35. This entry fee covers not only participation but also prizes (including door prizes), gift grabbags and a lunch.

The moderators stress this is NOT a tournament, but a story-driven campaign which will be resolved in a single day of play. The following army restrictions will be in effect:

  • 1500 point maximum for each player.
  • At least one named character in each army.
  • NO Fortifications, due to constraints of the Campaign which will be made evident in the course of play.

Players will be expected to provide an accurate, legible army list legal to the above specifications, their source codex/army list and other rulebooks, dice, tape measure and any other items needed for their army. They will receive the campaign story packet on the day of the event.

Players with any questions or who are interested in signing up for the event should contact moderator Jon Ansley directly at

Good luck to those 40K commanders who opt to report for the "Gathering of Heroes!"