40K V6 Doubles Tourney Oct 20 at Gunslinger Games

Gunslinger Games will host a Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Doubles Tournament Saturday, October 20, 2012!

Tourney fee will be $25 per two-player team. Teams will consist of two hobbyists fielding any combination of 40K armies with current army lists (all most-recent-edition codices--including Chaos Space Marines, released this month--and the White Dwarf Sisters of Battle list and other White Dwarf unit updates; participants are required to have their codex/published list source inhand for the event). Players will each field an army to a maximum total of 700 points, for a maximum of 1400 points per team, using the V6 Allies Force Organization of one HQ and one Troop choice mandatory for each player, with a maximum of one each of Elite, Fast Attack, Heavy Support and Fortification units additionally optional. *All two-player teams will be considered Allies of Convenience for the purposes of the Doubles tournament (see page 112 of the current rules).*

Participation is strictly limited to available slots; teams may register as alternates when the event is full, with any slots which come available due to withdrawals or no-shows being filled in order of sign-up (if known in advance) or awarded by lot amongst alternate teams present day-of-event.

Teams will play three rounds, with custom scenarios tailored to the team nature of the event:

  • 10a-1p: Registration, Table/Opponent Assignment, Round One
  • 1p-2:30p: Lunch
  • 2:30p-4:30p: Round Two
  • 4:30p-4:45p: Break
  • 4:45p-7p: Round Three, Awards

Scoring will include gameplay/generalship, painting, army list (including graphic list presentation and background/fiction explaining the circumstances of the army alliance) and sportsmanship.

Rally your forces and summon your most trusted allegiances; the time of battle across a united front has come...Saturday, October 20, from 10a-7p at Gunslinger Games!