V6 Combat Patrol Tourney at Gunslinger Games

Gunslinger Games hopes to recreate July's success by welcoming hobbyists to another opportunity to explore Warhammer 40,000 Sixth Edition Saturday, September 8 through a Combat Patrol Tournament--this one with an army composition upgrade offer!

As before, players may sign up in advance at Gunslinger Games by either paying a $5 entry fee or making a $10 or more purchase; players may sign up on the day of the event for a $10 entry fee or by making a $10 or more purchase if slots remain. The event will run from Noon until approximately 4:30pm.

Combat Patrol forces are traditionally 400-point-maximum, no Allies armies chosen from one in-print 40K Codex which *must* have at least one core Troops choice; the remainder of the Force Org can be chosen from a maximum of one HQ choice (maximum 2 Wounds, no 2+ Saves), vehicles with a maximum AV of 34 (adding Front, Rear and Side Armour [once]), and additional units of choice which do not exceed 2 Wounds and do not include 2+ Saves. A Combat Patrol Commander figure must be identified; this will be the HQ choice if taken, or a unit leader or other readily identifiable model, otherwise.

Because codices--and in fact the core rules themselves--have undergone considerable revision since Combat Patrol tournament limitations were originally conceived, players may, for this event, alter the above-described traditional force composition in the following way: each player may select one character or unit for their Combat Patrol which exceeds Combat Patrol limitations--but the character or unit will operate for the duration of the tourney under said limitations. In other words--players may select, and pay the full codex points cost for, one character or unit which has more than 2 Wounds, but that character or all models in that unit will play at the event with a maximum of 2 Wounds (simulating pre-existing injury or debilitation); players may select, and pay the full codex points cost for, one character or unit which has a 2+ Save, but that character or all models in that unit will play at the event with a maximum of a 3+ Save (simulating armour breakdown or wear-and-tear); and players may select, and pay the full codex points cost for, a single vehicle which exceeds the maximum AV of 34, but that vehicle will play at the event with AV values of 12/12/10 or 13/11/10, whichever most closely approximates its actual AV (simulating sustained damage to the vehicle prior to battle). Most players will, of course, not opt to play these more expensive characters, units and vehicles at less than their peak efficiency, but for those whose particular codex dramatically limits their options--or who are willing to suffer the on-table penalty in order to field an army more consistent with their theme and vision--this twist offers considerable flexibility. Further exceptions to the standard Combat Patrol force composition limitations are possible but must be approved by the Event Moderator via the Adeptus North Texas emailing list in advance (the only likely candidate which occurs at time of this writing would be a player wishing to take an HQ choice in Tactical Dreadnought Armour with the special ability to then turn a squad of Terminators into a Troops choice, and thus field a Patrol of all Terminators, and something like this, being obviously thematic and cool, would likely receive a waiver allowing the second exceptional unit--but they would all be operating for the tourney with 3+ effective Saves, so said player is really going to have to like playing his Terminators...).

Chosen HQ choices will be able to roll on the Warlord chart for this event if ordinarily eligible to do so. Fortifications may be chosen for this event as part of the player's 400 point force, as per V6 rules. The Fortifications are not subject to the AV limit.

Participating players must have at least two printed, legible and accurate Army Lists with their names on the List, one of which will be turned in to the moderator for verification, table and opponent assignment before the first round begins. This was an area of considerable non-compliance in July; please take the time to complete this participation requirement for the September 8 event.

Models must be primarily Citadel miniatures, fully assembled and properly, legally based; as an introduction to V6-oriented event, forces need not be fully painted *but* there will be a prize for the Best Painted Patrol and every effort will be made for players with painted armies to play opponents with painted armies.

The event will consist of three rounds, following this schedule:

12pm: Check-In/Army List Turn-In/Table Assignment
12:15-1:15pm: Round One
1:30-2:30pm: Round Two
2:45-3:45pm: Round Three
4-4:30pm: Announcement of Winners
Prizes will be awarded as soon as final scores are tallied.

Prizes will be awarded in the form of Gunslinger Games gift cards and entry fee waivers for future events!

Games between any players who are also participating in the North Texas Norh'Tek Nebula V6 Campaign will count extra, and have special campaign conditions in play.

Come spend an afternoon getting to know Warhammer 40,000 Sixth Edition Saturday, September 8 from Noon to 4:30pm, at Gunslinger Games' next V6 40K Combat Patrol Tourney! Commanders, choose your Patrols well!