War for the Norh'tek Nebula Campaign

The release of 6th Edition Warhammer 40,000 is upon us...and to renew enthusiasm for the Hobby and its storytelling and model-building--as well as gameplay--aspects, Adeptus North Texas and participating Metroplex retailers will follow it up with an expansive new ongoing campaign!

War for the Norh'tek Nebula will see each participating store representing a planetary system; as the Nebula region of space roughly corresponds to North Texas, so each store system will be roughly contiguous to their location across the Metroplex. The campaign theme will be announced following the release of V6 details, but all 40K combatant armies will be able to participate!

Campaign battles will be fought three ways 1) in participating stores; 2) at special events (tournaments, Nebula games days/Apocalypse megabattles) in participating stores; and 3) at home/clubs/anywhere else. There will be incentives to fight games actually in stores--for example, retailers who provide in-store playing space will represent a planetary system within the Nebula with a major planet, and all games played in-store will count toward control of that major body, while games fought elsewhere but committed to that system will count toward control of moons/minor planetary bodies therein--but *any* game played (and reported) by participating hobbyists can affect the ongoing campaign. This will allow participating stores which retail GW product but lack in-store playspace to still participate (though their planetary system may be a shattered planet or asteroid belt or somesuch similar lacking a major planet--since they cannot host the in-store game portion--if they can rearrange their store for the occasional special event they might get a special 'high priority' asset discovered to fight over, for example).

The campaign is being announced well in advance of product release to allow hobbyists to take advantage of an additional campaign feature: players will be able to 'declare' a home planetary system by purchasing any version of the upcoming V6 rulebook or the eventual V6 starter boxed set from a chosen retailer--and any campaign games players win for their home system accrue extra benefits toward control of that store's system (representing investment of and/or control of high value assets, etc, such as any martial force might commit to maintain 'home base'). Hobbyists should thus consider in advance where they play most frequently, encourage that retailer to join the campaign, and then make their rulebook/starter set purchases there!

All administering of the campaign will be done on Adeptus North Texas so interested hobbyists will need to be subscribed to the site's emailing list to report results and follow campaign events. Hobbyist participation will be rewarded with in-campaign benefits, as well: name your army's commander, write up your chapter's background, share a campaign battle report, use your graphic arts skills to help compose the Norh'Tek Nebula map (or your store's individual planetary system)--and post it to Adeptus for the community to share!--and you may see it reflected in ongoing campaign events.

It is a time of change; it is a time of struggle. It is the forty-first millennium--and regardless of edition changes, one fact remains constant: in the grim darkness of the far future...there is only war!