March Storm of Magic Event Series Modeling Contest: Mounted Wizards at Area 51

The North Texas Storm of Magic Modeling Event Series races to its climax with an opportunity to enter a spellcaster on a mount for Warhammer Fantasy Battle (see specifications following) at participating retailer Area 51 Grapevine. This is the final opportunity to accrue benefits such as rerolls, extra lives, extra spells and/or powerful magicks for models to use in the climactic Event Storm of Magic Megabattle at Gunslinger Games, a chance to take home great prizes in the doing--and a terrific opportunity to support a fine North Texas retailer and fill his display cabinets with sharp-looking fantasy miniatures!

March 2012: Area 51 Grapevine -- Storm of Magic Mounted Wizard Painting Contest: Participants may submit an objective-claiming spellcaster model which must be riding a mount or monster option from it's entry in the relevant army book to Area 51 in Grapevine any time from March 1 through close of business Sunday, March 25 where they will remain on display through March 31. The submitted model may be a spellcaster from the chosen army book *or* a legal ally spellcaster from another army book as described in the Storm of Magic supplement. There will be *no* entry fee at this sponsoring retailer, and no purchase is required. Entries are restricted to one per hobbyist. Entered models must be primarily Citadel miniatures, must be riding a mount (including monsters) of a type legally described as an option in the relevant army book, and must be on a standard GW base appropriate to the model's size type (though customizing/decorating the base is encouraged, the dimensions must remain play-legal). Prizes will be awarded for Best Mounted Wizard and Best Dedicated Sponsor/Event Mounted Wizard: hobbyists who present with their entered model a valid receipt showing proof of purchase for that kit at the sponsoring retailer (Area 51) after the start of the Storm of Magic Event Series November 1, 2011 qualify for this additional prize from this month's sponsor, Area 51 Grapevine!

Results: HobbytownUSA Dallas Monster Contest

Mark Pollet won his first Storm of Magic Event Series modeling contest with his entry in HobbytownUSA Dallas' February event, the Monster contest. Mark offered a powerful daemon as his entry.

Chad Jones was runner-up with that most quintessential of fantasy monsters, a red dragon.

Mark and Chad will collect their prizes from HTUD, as well as accruing benefits to their force in the climactic WHFB Storm of Magic Megabattle at Gunslinger Games.

Meantime--March is Mounted Wizard Month at Area 51 Grapevine!