January Texas Toy Soldier Storm of Magic Arcane Fulcrum Terrain Painting Contest

Participants in the North Texas Storm of Magic event series may this month model and paint a Storm of Magic objective for sponsoring retailer Texas Toy Soldier! Arcane Fulcrums are the key feature in Storm of Magic games--they provide power to control the swirling winds of magic, additional defense for the spellcasters in control of them...and the objectives which must be seized to win the game! And while these Arcane Fulcrums can be wildly more unique and imaginative than traditional buildings, forests, ruins and hills that comprise Warhammer Fantasy terrain--they are still *terrain*--and who better to judge terrain pieces than Allen at Texas Toy Soldier:

January 2012: Texas Toy Soldier -- Storm of Magic Arcane Fulcrum Painting Contest: Participants may submit an Arcane Fulcrum Terrain objective model of their choice any time from January 1, 2012, through close of business Saturday, January 28, 2012, where submissions will remain on display through January 31. There will be an entry fee of $5 per participant, but there is no limit on the number of entries a participant may enter at that fee. Models entered must be primarily Citadel Arcane Fulcrum kits, other Citadel Terrain kits converted to act as a Storm of Magic Arcane Fulcrum objective (see SoM supplement for details), or other qualifying Terrain kit purchased from Texas Toy Soldier and so converted (only non-Citadel Terrain kits entered need be TTS purchases, but see following). Prizes of Texas Toy Soldier gift certificates based on the amount raised by entry fees will be awarded--and TTS will double the amount of entry-fee-generated prize money! Awards will be given for Best Arcane Fulcrum, Best Conversion and Best Dedicated Sponsor/Event Arcane Fulcrum: hobbyists who present with their terrain piece entry a valid receipt showing proof of purchase for that entry at the sponsoring retailer after the beginning of the Storm of Magic Event Series November 1, 2011, qualify for this additional prize from this month's sponsor, Texas Toy Soldier! Winners will be announced in store and at http://www.adeptusnorthtexas.com in February 2012.