Gunslinger Games Relocates

Gunslinger Games is moving to newer, bigger and better digs! After a successful launch, owners Russ and Vincent announce their new location:

Gunslinger Games
10354 Miller Rd.
Dallas TX 75238

Contact information for GsG remains:
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Gunslinger Games on Twitter
Gunslinger Games on the Web

After a rough couple of years for hobby retailers in North Texas, the success of scrappy, customer-friendly Gunslinger Games is easy to cheer; remember that GsG will host the climactic Warhammer Fantasy North Texas Storm of Magic Event Series Megabattle in April, with a new painting contest and 40K event to celebrate their new location upcoming even sooner (watch for those announcements separately), Astronomi-Con Dallas practice-play every Thursday night, open tables available almost anytime during store hours, and a discount on your special order requests!