Gunslinger Games 'New Model Army' Painting Contest

To celebrate the opening of their new store, at 10534 Miller Road, Gunslinger Games will host an expansive miniature painting contest--hoping to fill their new display cabinet with beautiful wargaming models of every eye-catching variety!

The 'New Model Army' Miniature Painting Contest is open to brand-new models of any sort--individual hero, cohesive unit, centerpiece vehicle or monster--with the only restrictions that the model be 'new' (see following), on a single-footprint base (meaning at least a movement or skirmish tray for units; vehicles may--but are not required to--be based, so long as unbased they still present a single footprint) and a part of a fieldable army in a wargame system (not just a decorative or ornamental model, in other words--a model that could actually appear in a tabletop wargame).

'New' in this context means a model finished in 2012. That can be a brand-new offtheshelf figure or kit, an unbuilt or unfinished model idle on a workstation for too long, even a once-complete work which has undergone a recent repaint; like GsG's new location, the submission just needs to be 'new' (and submittors are largely on the honour system here; GsG is encouraging you to build, paint and finish something new, to celebrate with them).

Models submitted may be from any miniatures wargame played at Gunslinger Games; while that certainly includes Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Warhammer 40,000, Lord of the Rings, Space Hulk, Dreadfleet, Warmachine, Hordes, SuperSystem and Bolt Action, for example, GsG will special order virtually any model for any game system, including historicals; if you have wanted to try it, they will get it--and have the space for you to use it! So approach this event as an opportunity to get that new project underway.

Gunslinger Games will award a Grand Prize of a GsG store gift certificate for the Best New Model Army Miniature entry, regardless of type. Runner-up Prizes for best models in individual categories may be awarded if there are sufficient entries--and to encourage submissions by hobbyists of all ability levels, *every entry* will be eligible for the Participation Prize, a GsG store gift certificate of *equal* value to the Grand Prize!

The 'New Model Army'
Contest will continue through Memorial Day at the end of May 2012--but one of the things GsG wants from this event is to fill their new display case with eye-catching miniatures, so interested participants can begin submitting completed entries immediately. Submitting early will accrue the submittor a real benefit: each month an entry is on display will earn it one credit toward the random Participation Prize draw at event's end--so someone who gets their model to GsG's new location before the end of January and leaves it displayed will have five extra chances to win!

There is *no* charge to participate in the 'New Model Army' Miniature Painting Contest. Participants may submit one entry from each wargame system they play. But--

GsG wouldn't mind selling some of the models hobbyists submit--certainly validating the entry's newness!--and so any entry purchased from Gunslinger Games, special order or offtheshelf, may be submitted *in addition to* the one per wargame system limit above. Additionally, such GsG purchases will accrue an additional entry in the random Participation Prize draw! Purchase receipt should be presented when the model is returned for display submission to validate it's eligibility for these bonuses.

And lastly, Adeptus North Texas will award a special prize to the best miniature submitted for display meeting the described contest criteria which actually represents the real New Model Army:)

Join Gunslinger Games' celebration of their bigger, better and all-new store by putting your best new wargame element on display, at their 'New Model Army' Miniature Painting Contest--now through Memorial Day!