Bolt Action!--WWII in 28mm Playtest

Adeptus North Texas has been selected by Warlord Games to be a part of their pre-release playtesting of their upcoming World War II 28mm miniatures game: Bolt Action!

Warlord already offers a tremendous line of 28mm WWII miniatures and vehicles under their Bolt Action line, usable for any extant gaming ruleset...but as they have done with their excellent Black Powder and Hail Caesar rules, Warlord is developing their own game for their offered WWII miniatures--to also be called Bolt Action! This ruleset has reached the playtest phase, and interested North Texas gamers will have the opportunity to help influence the game by their advanced playtest participation.

Although official credits for Bolt Action will not be released until the game itself is publicly announced, veterans of previous generations of the Warhammer series of games, including Warhammer 40K, will recognize the design influences of such luminaries as Alessio Cavatore, Rick Priestley and Paul Sawyer.

How do you take part? As Adeptus North Texas is being considered a 'club' for playtesting purposes, all potential playtesters will have to be subscribed to the Adeptus emailing list (if you are getting this announcement there, you are good!); sign up from Then watch for announced playtest games, and come test your mettle!

Of course, once introduced to the game, participants may want to run additional playtests themselves. That, too, will be possible.

And to facilitate the construction of initial forces necessary for play, Warlord have offered North Texas playtest participants the opportunity to build initial forces via their website--at a 20% off discount incentive!

Interested participants can identify the forces they would like to playtest with at:

Once you've determined the starter force you would like to purchase, email it to me with product names/ID codes (anything you consider necessary information to determine you will get precisely what you want) at: with the Subject: 'Bolt Action Order'.

I will get back to you with your final cost, how to pay, when the order will be placed, etc.

Bolt Action is a squad-based game; while there will be plentiful utility for ancillary forces as the game is published, to best participate in playtests, look at the basic infantry boxed set types and especially starter forces on the website. An armoured vehicle, transport and tank or two will certainly be viable parts of a playtest force but building said force around a core of infantry is likely to be most satisfying.

This is a fairly unique opportunity to shape a ruleset--as well as get started on a force at a significant incentive discount!--so act quickly. There will be Bolt Action playtest games beginning soon at a retailer nearby in North Texas...and as Bolt Action has generously offered prize support, there will likely be a free Bolt Action demo playtest for paid Astronomi-con Dallas members, if the time and logistics can be managed!

Bolt Action: WWII in 28mm. Coming worldwide soon from Warlord Games...but ready to commence battle in North Texas today!