Bolt Action!--WWII in 28mm Playtest

Adeptus North Texas has been selected by Warlord Games to be a part of their pre-release playtesting of their upcoming World War II 28mm miniatures game: Bolt Action!

Warlord already offers a tremendous line of 28mm WWII miniatures and vehicles under their Bolt Action line, usable for any extant gaming ruleset...but as they have done with their excellent Black Powder and Hail Caesar rules, Warlord is developing their own game for their offered WWII miniatures--to also be called Bolt Action! This ruleset has reached the playtest phase, and interested North Texas gamers will have the opportunity to help influence the game by their advanced playtest participation.

Although official credits for Bolt Action will not be released until the game itself is publicly announced, veterans of previous generations of the Warhammer series of games, including Warhammer 40K, will recognize the design influences of such luminaries as Alessio Cavatore, Rick Priestley and Paul Sawyer.

How do you take part? As Adeptus North Texas is being considered a 'club' for playtesting purposes, all potential playtesters will have to be subscribed to the Adeptus emailing list (if you are getting this announcement there, you are good!); sign up from Then watch for announced playtest games, and come test your mettle!

Of course, once introduced to the game, participants may want to run additional playtests themselves. That, too, will be possible.

And to facilitate the construction of initial forces necessary for play, Warlord have offered North Texas playtest participants the opportunity to build initial forces via their website--at a 20% off discount incentive!

Interested participants can identify the forces they would like to playtest with at:

Once you've determined the starter force you would like to purchase, email it to me with product names/ID codes (anything you consider necessary information to determine you will get precisely what you want) at: with the Subject: 'Bolt Action Order'.

I will get back to you with your final cost, how to pay, when the order will be placed, etc.

Bolt Action is a squad-based game; while there will be plentiful utility for ancillary forces as the game is published, to best participate in playtests, look at the basic infantry boxed set types and especially starter forces on the website. An armoured vehicle, transport and tank or two will certainly be viable parts of a playtest force but building said force around a core of infantry is likely to be most satisfying.

This is a fairly unique opportunity to shape a ruleset--as well as get started on a force at a significant incentive discount!--so act quickly. There will be Bolt Action playtest games beginning soon at a retailer nearby in North Texas...and as Bolt Action has generously offered prize support, there will likely be a free Bolt Action demo playtest for paid Astronomi-con Dallas members, if the time and logistics can be managed!

Bolt Action: WWII in 28mm. Coming worldwide soon from Warlord Games...but ready to commence battle in North Texas today!

Results: TTS Arcane Fulcrum Contest

Mary Proffitt won her second Storm of Magic Event Series modeling contest with her entry in Texas Toy Soldier's January event, the Arcane Fulcrum Terrain contest.

In fairness, it was a tie between Mary's throne of skulls terrain piece and Rick Morang's chaos vortex piece, with the terrain master himself, TTS owner Allen preferring the skulls (I liked the vortex, if it's any consolation :).

Mary will collect her prize from TTS as well as accruing benefits to her force in April's WHFB Storm of Magic Megabattle at Gunslinger Games.

Meantime--February is Monster Month at HobbytownUSADallas!

Gunslinger Games 'New Model Army' Painting Contest

To celebrate the opening of their new store, at 10534 Miller Road, Gunslinger Games will host an expansive miniature painting contest--hoping to fill their new display cabinet with beautiful wargaming models of every eye-catching variety!

The 'New Model Army' Miniature Painting Contest is open to brand-new models of any sort--individual hero, cohesive unit, centerpiece vehicle or monster--with the only restrictions that the model be 'new' (see following), on a single-footprint base (meaning at least a movement or skirmish tray for units; vehicles may--but are not required to--be based, so long as unbased they still present a single footprint) and a part of a fieldable army in a wargame system (not just a decorative or ornamental model, in other words--a model that could actually appear in a tabletop wargame).

'New' in this context means a model finished in 2012. That can be a brand-new offtheshelf figure or kit, an unbuilt or unfinished model idle on a workstation for too long, even a once-complete work which has undergone a recent repaint; like GsG's new location, the submission just needs to be 'new' (and submittors are largely on the honour system here; GsG is encouraging you to build, paint and finish something new, to celebrate with them).

Models submitted may be from any miniatures wargame played at Gunslinger Games; while that certainly includes Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Warhammer 40,000, Lord of the Rings, Space Hulk, Dreadfleet, Warmachine, Hordes, SuperSystem and Bolt Action, for example, GsG will special order virtually any model for any game system, including historicals; if you have wanted to try it, they will get it--and have the space for you to use it! So approach this event as an opportunity to get that new project underway.

Gunslinger Games will award a Grand Prize of a GsG store gift certificate for the Best New Model Army Miniature entry, regardless of type. Runner-up Prizes for best models in individual categories may be awarded if there are sufficient entries--and to encourage submissions by hobbyists of all ability levels, *every entry* will be eligible for the Participation Prize, a GsG store gift certificate of *equal* value to the Grand Prize!

The 'New Model Army'
Contest will continue through Memorial Day at the end of May 2012--but one of the things GsG wants from this event is to fill their new display case with eye-catching miniatures, so interested participants can begin submitting completed entries immediately. Submitting early will accrue the submittor a real benefit: each month an entry is on display will earn it one credit toward the random Participation Prize draw at event's end--so someone who gets their model to GsG's new location before the end of January and leaves it displayed will have five extra chances to win!

There is *no* charge to participate in the 'New Model Army' Miniature Painting Contest. Participants may submit one entry from each wargame system they play. But--

GsG wouldn't mind selling some of the models hobbyists submit--certainly validating the entry's newness!--and so any entry purchased from Gunslinger Games, special order or offtheshelf, may be submitted *in addition to* the one per wargame system limit above. Additionally, such GsG purchases will accrue an additional entry in the random Participation Prize draw! Purchase receipt should be presented when the model is returned for display submission to validate it's eligibility for these bonuses.

And lastly, Adeptus North Texas will award a special prize to the best miniature submitted for display meeting the described contest criteria which actually represents the real New Model Army:)

Join Gunslinger Games' celebration of their bigger, better and all-new store by putting your best new wargame element on display, at their 'New Model Army' Miniature Painting Contest--now through Memorial Day!

Area 51 Hosts Bugman's Bowl II Feb 25, 2012

February 25th, 2012, Area 51 Grapevine will host a four round Blood Bowl tourney...Bugman's Bowl II!

The $20 per team registration fee can be paid online when participants register, or in person on the day of the tournament (online registration still required). There will be giveaways, prizes and souvenir T-shirts.

Any questions can be directed to Commissioner Jason via email or through the website directly at

Pound the pitch Warhammer Fantasy style at Bugman's Bowl II!

Gunslinger Games Relocates

Gunslinger Games is moving to newer, bigger and better digs! After a successful launch, owners Russ and Vincent announce their new location:

Gunslinger Games
10354 Miller Rd.
Dallas TX 75238

Contact information for GsG remains:
Gunslinger Games on Facebook
Gunslinger Games on Twitter
Gunslinger Games on the Web

After a rough couple of years for hobby retailers in North Texas, the success of scrappy, customer-friendly Gunslinger Games is easy to cheer; remember that GsG will host the climactic Warhammer Fantasy North Texas Storm of Magic Event Series Megabattle in April, with a new painting contest and 40K event to celebrate their new location upcoming even sooner (watch for those announcements separately), Astronomi-Con Dallas practice-play every Thursday night, open tables available almost anytime during store hours, and a discount on your special order requests!

January Texas Toy Soldier Storm of Magic Arcane Fulcrum Terrain Painting Contest

Participants in the North Texas Storm of Magic event series may this month model and paint a Storm of Magic objective for sponsoring retailer Texas Toy Soldier! Arcane Fulcrums are the key feature in Storm of Magic games--they provide power to control the swirling winds of magic, additional defense for the spellcasters in control of them...and the objectives which must be seized to win the game! And while these Arcane Fulcrums can be wildly more unique and imaginative than traditional buildings, forests, ruins and hills that comprise Warhammer Fantasy terrain--they are still *terrain*--and who better to judge terrain pieces than Allen at Texas Toy Soldier:

January 2012: Texas Toy Soldier -- Storm of Magic Arcane Fulcrum Painting Contest: Participants may submit an Arcane Fulcrum Terrain objective model of their choice any time from January 1, 2012, through close of business Saturday, January 28, 2012, where submissions will remain on display through January 31. There will be an entry fee of $5 per participant, but there is no limit on the number of entries a participant may enter at that fee. Models entered must be primarily Citadel Arcane Fulcrum kits, other Citadel Terrain kits converted to act as a Storm of Magic Arcane Fulcrum objective (see SoM supplement for details), or other qualifying Terrain kit purchased from Texas Toy Soldier and so converted (only non-Citadel Terrain kits entered need be TTS purchases, but see following). Prizes of Texas Toy Soldier gift certificates based on the amount raised by entry fees will be awarded--and TTS will double the amount of entry-fee-generated prize money! Awards will be given for Best Arcane Fulcrum, Best Conversion and Best Dedicated Sponsor/Event Arcane Fulcrum: hobbyists who present with their terrain piece entry a valid receipt showing proof of purchase for that entry at the sponsoring retailer after the beginning of the Storm of Magic Event Series November 1, 2011, qualify for this additional prize from this month's sponsor, Texas Toy Soldier! Winners will be announced in store and at in February 2012.