December Comic Asylum Storm of Magic Unit Painting Contest

Participants in the North Texas Storm of Magic event series may this month model and paint an objective-defending Warhammer Fantasy Battles Unit for sponsoring retailer Comic Asylum! Units may be submitted through close of business Thursday, December 29--but the earlier the better, for display!--and must meet army book minimums, be no larger than 15 models unless the minimum is higher, may (but are not required to) include Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer or other entry options, and must consist primarily of Citadel miniatures. The entry fee of $10 is per modeler, not Unit submitted (meaning multiple completed Units may be entered), will go toward prizes of store gift certificates, and a special award will go to any Unit purchased from sponsoring retailer Comic Asylum since the event series began November 1! See additional details or restrictions in the master North Texas Storm of Magic Event series listing below, or see any friendly Comic Asylum gaming employee...and good fortune, generals: the Storm of Magic continues to gather, and a stalwart Unit to hold your arcane fulcrum could turn the day!