Storm of Magic Wizard Painting Contest

November 2011: Lone Star Comics -- Storm of Magic Wizard Painting Contest: Participants interested in playing in this first of six North Texas Warhammer Storm of Magic Events may submit an objective-claiming spellcaster model--plastic, pewter or Finecast resin--from their chosen army to the participating Lone Star Comics store of their choice any time from November 1 through close of business Sunday, November 27, where submissions will remain on display through November 30. Entries are restricted to one per hobbyist per store. Entered models must primarily be Citadel miniatures, may not be riding a mount or monster and must be on a standard GW base appropriate to the entered model's size type. There will be *no* entry fee for this month's event, and no purchase is required. Prizes will be awarded for Best Wizard at each participating store; additional prizes (such as Best Painted, Best Conversion, Best Youngblood entry, etc) may be awarded if judges at individual participating stores see fit; not all Lone Star Comics storefronts are participating (contact your local Lone Star Comics branch for specific details). Winners will be announced in store and at in December!

The North Texas Storm of Magic Event Schedule:

  • December 2011: Comic Asylum --Storm of Magic Unit Painting Contest.
  • January 2012: Texas Toy Soldier -- Storm of Magic Arcane Fulcrum Painting Contest.
  • February 2012: HobbytownUSA Dallas -- Storm of Magic Monster Painting Contest.
  • March 2012: Area 51 Grapevine -- Storm of Magic Mounted Wizard Painting Contest.
  • April 2012: Gunslinger Games -- Storm of Magic Multiplayer Megabattle.