TTS Megabattle Objective Contest

A reminder that, while most prizes at next Saturday's Apocalypse 40K Megabattle at Texas Toy Soldier will be awarded randomly, door-prize style, to pre-registered players, there will also be a prize awarded to the participant who brings the Best Objective to be used in the game.

This marker can be anything your contingent might fight over--a building ruin containing some special resource, a wrecked vehicle (your own, or an opponent's!), a casualty to be captured or rescued--and will actually be used in-game, so the more the better! Please insure your marker is based for ease of setup.

Use your creativity, your imagination, your spare parts/Bitz box; make a start toward some new home-table terrain or an element of your Astronomicon 2012 display board; and have an objective your army will be motivated to fight for on the shores of the river Akeron at the Apocalypse Megabattle, September 24 at TTS!