TTS Megabattle Objective Contest

A reminder that, while most prizes at next Saturday's Apocalypse 40K Megabattle at Texas Toy Soldier will be awarded randomly, door-prize style, to pre-registered players, there will also be a prize awarded to the participant who brings the Best Objective to be used in the game.

This marker can be anything your contingent might fight over--a building ruin containing some special resource, a wrecked vehicle (your own, or an opponent's!), a casualty to be captured or rescued--and will actually be used in-game, so the more the better! Please insure your marker is based for ease of setup.

Use your creativity, your imagination, your spare parts/Bitz box; make a start toward some new home-table terrain or an element of your Astronomicon 2012 display board; and have an objective your army will be motivated to fight for on the shores of the river Akeron at the Apocalypse Megabattle, September 24 at TTS!

40K Tournament October 15 at TTS

Saturday, October 15, 2011, Texas Toy Soldier will host a Warhammer 40,000 Tournament at 1850 points.

Missions will be point-adjusted from Ard Boyz and Feast of Blades scenarios. The tourney will run from 10a till 6p. Armies will be rewarded for being fully-painted but that is not mandatory for participation.

The entry fee is $10, but TTS will rebate that in $10 credit toward any purchase of $20. TTS will also provide prize support.

Space is limited to 16 players. Contact TTS or event moderator Walter Vining for details or to register today!

Superheavy Hall of Fame in September at HobbytownUSA Dallas

Now through the last Sunday in September, 9/25, hobbyists can submit their best Baneblade, Shadowsword, Stompa or other Citadel/Forgeworld superheavy vehicle to HobbytownUSA Dallas, 8041 Walnut Hill Lane at Central Expressway, for display in their 'Superheavy Hall of Fame!'

As noted in this month's White Dwarf, submitted models will be showcased instore through Sunday, September 25, 2011, when those judged best will be awarded prizes from HTUD and Games Workshop!

See Jeff, Adam and the staff at HTUD for details--and get your best 41st millennium war machine model entered into the Superheavy Hall of Fame! +++