Battle of Thirteen Fiends at HTUD Aug 13!

While the competitive 40K player has Ard Boys at various venues across the country Saturday, Aug 13, North Texas hobbyists with a storytelling bent can join HobbytownUSA Dallas that day for an Apocalypse Megabattle, as seen in this month's White Dwarf--The Battle of Thirteen Fiends!

Join Jeff and Adam with either Chaos Daemons, Chaos Space Marines or Traitor Guard to try to protect a latent spawning portal on Scytulus III, or with Grey Knights, Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Sisters of Battle or Inquisition forces to attempt to seal it! Eldar and Tau players may fight alongside the Imperium, and Dark Eldar, Ork, Necron and Tyranid players may ally with Chaos (albeit for their own nefarious purposes).

Players should arrive at HTUD by 11am Saturday, April 13, with an initial 500 point Apocalypse force (which can also be a Datasheet formation or superheavy vehicle of roughly 500 points); this initial force need not be fully painted, so newcomers should feel welcome! Veterans with larger forces can bring addtl 500 point allotments which moderators will add to each side, for balance (although these should be painted). Call Jeff or Adam for further details.

Just beyond the warp veil, the Thirteen Fiends lurk, ready to sweep onto the ravaged battlescape of Scytulus III--will you save the world from their unholy wrath, or usher them into reality to unleash it?