40K Apocalypse Megabattle Sat, Sept 24 at TTS!

Texas Toy Soldier will turn their entire game room into the 41st millennium on a grand scale Saturday, September 24--supplying over eight meters of Apocalypse 40,000 battlefront for an enormous--and totally free--multiplayer megabattle!

Order will defend against Ruin along the banks of the River Akeron, with objectives for all 40K armies to be seized or held. Players should begin arriving for briefing at 11am, with first turn kicking off by Noon at latest.

To insure participation, players should sign up in person at TTS for a slot as either Order (all Loyalist Space Marine chapters, Imperial Guard, Inquisition [-including Grey Knights and the White Dwarf Sisters of Battle-], Eldar and Tau) or Ruin (Chaos [-including Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Daemons and Traitor Guard-], Orks, Tyranids, Necrons and Dark Eldar). Players should indicate on the sign-up sheet their name *and* army.

In addition to guaranteeing their slot, players who sign up in advance will be allowed to field a 1000 Point Apocalypse force of any organization (including Datasheets, both formations and superheavies), and will be encouraged to bring additional superheavies to balance sides. Players who do not sign up in advance may show up on the day at TTS, subject to available slots, but may bring only a 500 Point Apocalypse force OR a single superheavy to a maximum value of approximately 500 Points.

Additionally, Texas Toy Soldier and Games Workshop will support the megabattle with prizes on the day, most of which will only be eligible to those who sign up in advance!

Many prizes will be randomly awarded during the battle--but one major prize will go to the player who brings the Best Modeled and Painted Objective to the battle, representing their chosen army. This could be as small as a fallen commander (modeled on a base at minimum, please) or as large as a race-customized terrain piece, vehicle wreck or other structure!

All models used on the day must be fully painted and based. Additionally, players should have an accurate, printed army list of their detachment for review, and all supporting publications (codex, datasheet, etc).

The River Akeron has been the site of brutal combat for control of the planet Scytulus III. Fallen on both blood-soaked banks are heroes of both sides, important data- and weapon-caches, and salvageable wreckage. Fate has conspired to bring the rescue forces of virtually every major combatant together simultaneously...and the Akeron runs red again!

Be a part of it Saturday, September 24, 2011--at the Texas Toy Soldier!