Storm of Magic Global WHFB Campaign

Games Workshop has gone live with a summer Warhammer Fantasy Battles worldwide campaign featuring Storm of Magic--the Scourge of the Storm!

Although there will be special events for the campaign--at GW Hobby Centers and locally retailers, for which watch Adeptus--really any game of Warhammer can get registered and get playing. Black Orc Warboss Gorfang Rottusk is already afield--see you there!

Gunslinger Games Hosts Intro Warhammer Fantasy Tourney August 6th!

Gunslinger Games, 11110 Petal just off Jupiter/LBJ, will host a one-day, four-round Warhammer Fantasy Battles Tournament Saturday, August 6th, 2011 from 10am to 6pm. The event will be ideal for hobbyists new to Warhammer Fantasy--or to the Eighth edition ruleset--with its modest size armies and restrictions on magic, both casters and items, but is a themed event as well, and so should appeal to veterans of WHFB.

Officially titled 'The Boom in August,' the event has earned a subtitle, as well--'The Grudge in August.' This is because it will feed directly into an ensuing GsG event, a Warhammer Fantasy multiplayer megabattle themed directly on the Warhammer campaign The Grudge of Drong, and the infamous War of the Beard! To encourage interested players to begin building the relevant Dwarf and Elf armies which will form the core of the megabattle sequel...ANY player registering to play in 'The Boom (Grudge) In August' with either Dwarfs or High Elves will get a discount!

The specifics:

  • Armies must not exceed 1300 total points
  • Armies must be composed from the current (most recently published) Army Book
  • Armies MAY NOT include Level 3 or higher spellcasters (or Runesmith equivalents)
  • Powerscrolls, Folding Fortresses and Books of Hoeth may not be used
  • Magic Items are limited to 2, maximum, with a combined total cost of 75 points or less ('magic items' also including magic banners, names, aspects, vampiric powers, runed items, daemonic gifts, etc)
  • Painting WILL NOT be scored--'in progress' armies are welcome but should be tabletop-playable (ie, based, as WYSIWYG as possible, with no proxies)
  • Sportsmanship WILL be scored (so come ready to have fun!)
  • Printed, legible, legal Army Lists are required--bring one for yourself, and four for your opponents
  • A master Army List must be submitted in advance to the moderator with a subject heading indicating it is a list for the August 6 Tournament; these lists must be in one of the following formats: Word, Excel, PDF or Army Builder PDF. Lists turned in July 31, 2001 or earlier will accrue bonus Army List points (to allow the moderator to properly vet them, this is highly encouraged).

Tournament Entry Fee (which will go toward Tournament prizes!) is $10--or $8 for any player participating with either Dwarfs or High Elves! Further, any participant in 'The Boom (Grudge) in August' playing either Dwarfs or High Elves will be automatically registered to participate in the Grudge of Drong megabattle. This is a great opportunity--even if neither Dwarfs nor High Elves are your primary army--to put the contents of the previous edition starter box Battle of Skull Pass or the current edition starter box Blood Island to work creating a Dwarf or High Elf army for not one but TWO future events. AND--the megabattle will incorporate all the Storm of Magic rules, allowing the fielding of vast monsters and monumental magicks to impact events!

Gunslinger Games 'The Boom (Grudge) in August' Schedule:

9:30--Registration and Table Assignments
10:00-11:30--Game One
11:30-12:30--Lunch Break
12:30-2:00--Game Two
3:30-4:00--Game Three
4:30-6:00--Game Four

GW Grapevine Painting Competition Saturday, July 30

Saturday, July 30, Games Workshop Grapevine Mills will host their Painting Fanatic painting competition--the July subject, as befitting the debut this month of Storm of Magic, will be any wizard, shaman or other spellcasting type miniature! See Chris, Eric or any of the staff at Grapevine Mills Mall or phone (972) 691-3744 for details!