Result: Gunslinger Games 40K Apocalypse Megabattle

Eight players representing both Loyal and Traitor Guard, space marines, Chaos Daemons and Tyranids--including two Reaver battle titans, two Warhound scout titans and a Dactylis bio-titan--clashed atop the plateaus of Scytulus III's primary mountain range at Gunslinger Games' 40K Megabattle Saturday, with every participant taking home prizes as well as at least one memorable moment of heroism (or villainy) for their detachment, before the Dactylis located the objective--a wand of brass, obsidian, amber and lapis pulsing with Warp power--and managed to wade through the combined firepower and physical resistance of all the other players to escape with it!

Although a wealth of other events on the day (and I hope to hear results of both WHFB tourneys and the other 40K megabattle here--as well as Free RPG Day tales!) kept some hobbyists who had made qualifying purchases from attending, the event seemed to have been enjoyed by all participants, the Scytulus campaign storyline advanced--and GsG is onboard for future GW hobby events. Watch Adeptus for details.

See Gunslinger Games' website and the For The Emperor website for additional photos and coverage, and thanks to GsG for hosting a great afternoon of wargaming fun!