Feast of Blades Qualifying Tourneys In North Texas

In addition to the qualifier at Texas Toy Soldier July 30 already announced, the Denver, Colorado-based Feast of Blades 40K Tournament has secured qualifier tournament rounds at the following North Texas retailers:

Saturday, July 23: Y2Komics, Ft Worth, TX
Saturday, July 30: Texas Toy Soldier, Addison, TX
Saturday, August 20: Area 51, Grapevine, TX
Saturday, August 27: Generation X, Bedford, TX

The Feast of Blades is a 2000 point, 3 round Warhammer 40,000 Tournament which is expanding from a regional to a national scope; across America, scores of stores in multiple states hosting hundreds of players compete. The missions are the same, the painting requirements are standardized and each qualifier location will send two Champions to represent their store the first week of November in Denver to compete in the invitation-only elite tournament final (ability to travel to the Denver event is not required to play in a qualifier).

Entry fees for qualifiers vary from no cost (at Texas Toy Soldier) to an average of $20; at most other venues, entry fees go toward prize support. Slots in qualifiers must be reserved under the specified conditions for each host, which can bet determined by contacting each host. Slots are limited. For more information about the Feast of Blades, see http://www.feastofblades.com (where a FAQ, sample qualifier missions, and more information is available).Good luck, forty-first millennium chapter masters, archons, autarchs, warbosses, and myriad other generals; represent the North Texas sector well!