Armies On Parade at GW Grapevine Mills

Games Workshop Grapevine Mills invites North Texas hobbyists to display their finished armies Saturday, June 25, 2011 in their Armies On Parade Contest!

Similar to the event at this year's GamesDay, GWGM's Armies On Parade requires entrants to display their finished force on a 2'x2' base, scenicked to demonstrate their modeling/diorama skills and flatter their Citadel miniatures. Requirements are that the displayed army adhere to the standard Force Org chart, including minimum 1HQ and 2 TROOPs units, and that the display base absolutely not exceed the 2'x2' size restriction.

Paraded Armies must be set up on display for judging at GWGM before 2pm, Saturday, June 25. Good luck, generals!