40K Doubles Tournament at Madness Games Plano!

Madness Games & Comics in Plano will host a Warhammer 40,000 Doubles Team Tournament Saturday and Sunday, July 16 & 17, 2011, in their all-new, expanded game facility!

And best of all, this fully-prize-supported event will be free of charge!

Players must register as a two-person Doubles Team for the event, splitting their 2000-point total allotment into allied armies with no more than 400 points difference between the 'halves' (ie, the most one player can field is 1200 points, the least 800). Players may 'marvel team-up' any armies in the 40K universe, but bonus points can be scored for background convincingly explaining the 'joint action' in the Doubles Team's *required* printed army list submission. One Force Org chart for the entire 2000 point joint army list will apply *except* that each 'half' must include an HQ and TROOPS mandatory choice.

Play will begin each day at 12:30pm, featuring two games of 2.5 hours duration each; Saturday night will include open gaming featuring an optional multiplayer megabattle in the new game facility. Each Doubles Team will be collectively scored for Generalship (game results, special objectives accomplished), Appearance (painting/basing/conversion), Army List (background, artistic list presentation, accuracy) and Sportsmanship (in-game conduct/sportingness of army composition).

Prizes will be awarded for Best Joint Command (best Overall Doubles Team), Most Marvel-ous Team-Up (winningest team/generalship); and The Brave & The Bold (best background/list explaining/justifying the team). Most Dysfunctional (the 'two-generals-equal-no-generals' award) will also be in play.

Registration is strictly by Doubles Team, must be done *in person* at Madness by at least one team member, and is first-come/first-served at Madness Games & Comics in Plano.

Another 40K Doubles Team tournament is an event the North Texas community has requested, and Madness has the new play space to accommodate it comfortably, with large tables and plentiful room. Find your 'perfect team-up'...and get signed up today!