Feast of Blades Qualifying Tourneys In North Texas

In addition to the qualifier at Texas Toy Soldier July 30 already announced, the Denver, Colorado-based Feast of Blades 40K Tournament has secured qualifier tournament rounds at the following North Texas retailers:

Saturday, July 23: Y2Komics, Ft Worth, TX
Saturday, July 30: Texas Toy Soldier, Addison, TX
Saturday, August 20: Area 51, Grapevine, TX
Saturday, August 27: Generation X, Bedford, TX

The Feast of Blades is a 2000 point, 3 round Warhammer 40,000 Tournament which is expanding from a regional to a national scope; across America, scores of stores in multiple states hosting hundreds of players compete. The missions are the same, the painting requirements are standardized and each qualifier location will send two Champions to represent their store the first week of November in Denver to compete in the invitation-only elite tournament final (ability to travel to the Denver event is not required to play in a qualifier).

Entry fees for qualifiers vary from no cost (at Texas Toy Soldier) to an average of $20; at most other venues, entry fees go toward prize support. Slots in qualifiers must be reserved under the specified conditions for each host, which can bet determined by contacting each host. Slots are limited. For more information about the Feast of Blades, see http://www.feastofblades.com (where a FAQ, sample qualifier missions, and more information is available).Good luck, forty-first millennium chapter masters, archons, autarchs, warbosses, and myriad other generals; represent the North Texas sector well!

Armies On Parade at GW Grapevine Mills

Games Workshop Grapevine Mills invites North Texas hobbyists to display their finished armies Saturday, June 25, 2011 in their Armies On Parade Contest!

Similar to the event at this year's GamesDay, GWGM's Armies On Parade requires entrants to display their finished force on a 2'x2' base, scenicked to demonstrate their modeling/diorama skills and flatter their Citadel miniatures. Requirements are that the displayed army adhere to the standard Force Org chart, including minimum 1HQ and 2 TROOPs units, and that the display base absolutely not exceed the 2'x2' size restriction.

Paraded Armies must be set up on display for judging at GWGM before 2pm, Saturday, June 25. Good luck, generals!


Fanatic Finecast Painting Contest at GW Grapevine Mills

June's Saturday Painting Fanatics Club contest at Games Workshop Grapevine Mills is wide open, as *any* Finecast miniature thus far released can be submitted to the monthly competition! Get the Finecast model of your choice, paint it to your best ability, and submit it at GWGM Saturday, June 25, before 2pm...and good luck!


Result: Gunslinger Games 40K Apocalypse Megabattle

Eight players representing both Loyal and Traitor Guard, space marines, Chaos Daemons and Tyranids--including two Reaver battle titans, two Warhound scout titans and a Dactylis bio-titan--clashed atop the plateaus of Scytulus III's primary mountain range at Gunslinger Games' 40K Megabattle Saturday, with every participant taking home prizes as well as at least one memorable moment of heroism (or villainy) for their detachment, before the Dactylis located the objective--a wand of brass, obsidian, amber and lapis pulsing with Warp power--and managed to wade through the combined firepower and physical resistance of all the other players to escape with it!

Although a wealth of other events on the day (and I hope to hear results of both WHFB tourneys and the other 40K megabattle here--as well as Free RPG Day tales!) kept some hobbyists who had made qualifying purchases from attending, the event seemed to have been enjoyed by all participants, the Scytulus campaign storyline advanced--and GsG is onboard for future GW hobby events. Watch Adeptus for details.

See Gunslinger Games' website and the For The Emperor website for additional photos and coverage, and thanks to GsG for hosting a great afternoon of wargaming fun!


Never Stop Fighting!

On July 23, Comic Asylum Richardson will host 'Never Stop Fighting,' a Warhammer 40,000 Tournament at 750 points. Details regarding rounds, times and cost of participation can be had from the CA staff or at http:www.comicasylum.com


40K Doubles Tournament at Madness Games Plano!

Madness Games & Comics in Plano will host a Warhammer 40,000 Doubles Team Tournament Saturday and Sunday, July 16 & 17, 2011, in their all-new, expanded game facility!

And best of all, this fully-prize-supported event will be free of charge!

Players must register as a two-person Doubles Team for the event, splitting their 2000-point total allotment into allied armies with no more than 400 points difference between the 'halves' (ie, the most one player can field is 1200 points, the least 800). Players may 'marvel team-up' any armies in the 40K universe, but bonus points can be scored for background convincingly explaining the 'joint action' in the Doubles Team's *required* printed army list submission. One Force Org chart for the entire 2000 point joint army list will apply *except* that each 'half' must include an HQ and TROOPS mandatory choice.

Play will begin each day at 12:30pm, featuring two games of 2.5 hours duration each; Saturday night will include open gaming featuring an optional multiplayer megabattle in the new game facility. Each Doubles Team will be collectively scored for Generalship (game results, special objectives accomplished), Appearance (painting/basing/conversion), Army List (background, artistic list presentation, accuracy) and Sportsmanship (in-game conduct/sportingness of army composition).

Prizes will be awarded for Best Joint Command (best Overall Doubles Team), Most Marvel-ous Team-Up (winningest team/generalship); and The Brave & The Bold (best background/list explaining/justifying the team). Most Dysfunctional (the 'two-generals-equal-no-generals' award) will also be in play.

Registration is strictly by Doubles Team, must be done *in person* at Madness by at least one team member, and is first-come/first-served at Madness Games & Comics in Plano.

Another 40K Doubles Team tournament is an event the North Texas community has requested, and Madness has the new play space to accommodate it comfortably, with large tables and plentiful room. Find your 'perfect team-up'...and get signed up today!


Feast of Blades 40K Tournament at Texas Toy Soldier

Saturday, July 30th, 2011, Texas Toy Soldier is will host a North Texas qualifying round for the Feast of Blades Warhammer 40,000 Tournament. Stores in multiple states present qualifiers for this annual event, but TTS is the first to bring one to North Texas! Two winners will represent as champions in Denver, Colorado, at the Feast of Blades! There is no charge to play in this qualifier. All participants receive a pair of custom "Feast of Blades" dice. The winner of the TTS qualifier will win an award plaque and a block of twelve custom "Feast of Blades" dice. There will also be prize support from Games Workshop which will be spread among the top finishers. This is a 2000 point 40K tournament. Beginning at 10am, there will be 3 two-hour rounds of play. Figures must be painted and painting and Sportsmanship will count in the final score.

For more information of the Feast of Blades event, please go to:

http://www.feastofblades.com/ for a FAQ, two of the three qualifier missions, and more information on the event. Note that the website mentions that qualifiers will be on July 23rd, but the Texas Toy Soldier qualifier will be JULY 30th. To reserve a spot in this qualifier, please contact Texas Toy Soldier by email, phone or in store:

Texas Toy Soldier
4220 Spring Valley Road
Dallas, TX 75244

WHFB DAWGs in the Desert Tourney

Area 51 will host DAWGS in the Desert: A Warhammer Fantasy Battles Tournament on July 23, 2011, from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM! Area 51 is located 130 N. Main Street, in Grapevine.

The format will be 2500 points max, all current army books allowed, no unofficial or White Dwarf lists. Special Characters, Special Champions and Dogs of War are excluded. The Entry Fee is $20 for three rounds of play, with prizes for Overall Winner and Best Opponent, T-shirts for all registered participants plus more give-aways!

Army Lists are due by July 16, 2010. Late lists and lists with errors cost points. Being late to the event will cost points! Send to all lists to paulcoxe@juno.com and contact Paul or Area 51 for any additional details!