Tabletop Game Terrain offers Adeptus Promotion!

Tabletop Game Terrain, creators of fine 28mm wargame scenery pieces, are excited to access the North Texas community. In addition to sponsorship of such events as the upcoming Railhead Rumble 40K Tournament, where you will see many of their pieces as official terrain company of the Rumble, TGT is offering a special promotion to members of Adeptus North Texas: a 10% discount from every order through the Tabletop Game Terrain site at!

Reachable through, @TabletopGame for Twitter, or, the Eugene, Oregon-based TGT aims to produce scenery compatible with that from GW at a competitive price, with additional variety. The "City of Ruins" line is available now, with a new terrain series to be revealed at their website this week.

As a special promotion, Adeptus North Texas members may receive an additional 10% off every order by entering AdeptusNorthTexas10 as a coupon code at check out. This offer is available for a limited time!

Facebook users are encouraged to see the promotion on their Facebook page for winner's choice of a GW boxed starter set (Assault on Black Reach, Island of Blood, or Mines of Moria) *and* a TGT City of Ruins series large terrain set, through May 16, 2011.

Welcome to the North Texas hobby community, Tabletop Game Terrain!