Lone Star Dallas Commanders Challenge Winners!

The staff at Lone Star Comics Dallas named three models winners in their respective categories for the Commanders Challenge series of events, completed over Free Comic Book Day weekend: a Youngbloods winner, a Best 40K winner, and the Overall winner. Congratulations to the winners, and I hope participants in all the events enjoyed them!

+Best Youngblood Commander+ (receiving 4 points, for model submission, Best Youngblood model [painting, conversions and basing], Combat Patrol participation and narrative submission): Brady Allen/Tyranid Swarmlord 'The Pitlord of Tartarus'

+Best 40K Commander+ (receiving 1 point, for model submission): Rick Morang/Tyranid Winged Hive Tyrant 'unknown name'

+++Overall Commanders Challenge Winner+++ (receiving 6 points, for model submission, Best 40K model [painting, conversions, basing], Best Commander model [painting, conversions, basing], Combat Patrol participation, narrative submission and Best Narrative): Juan Diaz/Eldar Autarch 'Corsair Etheniel Starseeker'