Gunslinger Games 40K Megabattle June 18th

Gunslinger Games announces their first Games Workshop organized play event--and it will be Apocalyptic!

On Saturday, June 18, hobbyists are invited to participate at an all-day Warhammer 40,000 multiplayer Megabattle, 'The Secret of Scytulus III,' incorporating Apocalypse superheavy vehicles, flyers and datasheets, and featuring multiple interactive battlefronts!

Through a purchase (or purchases) of GW product from Gunslinger Games, players qualify to participate in this megabattle event--and if they then build, paint and bring the qualifying purchase in to use during the day, they can accrue special in-game bonuses!

Players may qualify to participate in the 40K Megabattle through the following kinds of purchases from Gunslinger Games:

  1. Any GW/Citadel Building or Ruin Terrain kit (note this includes any Warhammer Fantasy kits, as the Imperial world in contest is quasi-medieval).
  2. Any Warhammer 40K Vehicle or Monster kit (this includes Walkers, Transports and even Superheavies).
  3. Any variety of Warhammer 40K Squad box set (which can include odd models that are not strictly vehicles, such as bikes, jetbikes, destroyers, battlesuits, etc).

Qualifying hobbyists should make their purchases from GG as soon as possible, especially if the item will have to be special ordered, to ensure they can assemble and paint their purchase, and bring it to play with on event day at Gunslinger Games as a part of their Megabattle exploratory force. Players who purchase a Building or Ruin terrain kit and bring it, finished, to play over, will get rerolls to search every terrain piece, based on advance scouting/recon of the area having provided them an extra level of battlefield familiarity; players who purchased and bring, finished, a Vehicle to play with as a part of their exploratory force may have a free tech-specialist crewman aboard, with an ingame effect of affording them rerolls on any vehicle damaged/destroyed results (must take second roll); players who purchased and bring, finished, a 40K Monster as part of their exploratory force may assign it D3 extra Wounds to begin the battle, rolled before their first movement, to represent their sending their mightiest into the fray; and players who bring, finished, their purchased squad may see it led by *their* best of the best, a hero (sergeant or squad-leader equivalent) who has a free Iron Halo 4+ Inv Save and the player's choice of either +1WS or +1BS!

And most importantly--these benefits may be combined: any player who buys and brings a terrain piece, a vehicle or monster AND a squad purchased from Gunslinger, for example, may receive all three purchase bonuses during the day's event! If there is a battleforce box you have been considering for your army--or as the basis for starting a new one!--this would be an opportunity to make one purchase qualify for several play bonuses!

And although an Apocalypse game in every sense, for those who prefer that, Gunslinger Games' June 18 Megabattle will be a terrific opportunity to try out a new army, as each participant's exploratory force will be built to a maximum of 500 points. These forces can be constructed using Apocalypse rules--which means no Force Organization Chart is necessary, players may bring any combination of models they choose--and may also include Datasheets, or be composed of Gargantuan Creatures and Superheavy Vehicles...but the per player total of no more than 500 points makes constructing a compact starter force to explore with easy (which in turn becomes the foundation of an entire army). That 500 point total may be approximated if a player chooses the Gargantuan Creature/Superheavy Option, as some such cannot be fielded for less than 500-and-change; the awesome Citadel Baneblade and variant tank kits, or the Ork Stompa, would make excellent qualifying Vehicle purchases, and be even more survivable with the Megabattle special rules for completion. Players wishing to field a Gargantuan Creature/Superheavy Vehicle of *significantly* more than 500 points (such as a ForgeWorld Titan or Flyer) may be allowed to do so, but as that purchase could not be made through Gunslinger to qualify, they will have to purchase and complete the Building or Ruin option indicated above in order to participate, and then clear permission to bring their high-point Superheavy in advance with the event moderator (North Texas Outrider Chris at Adeptus North Texas).

What will these exploratory forces be fighting over? The Imperial world Scytulus III has already seen an explosion of conflict, as the seemingly insignificant, quasi-feudal world has been suddenly and savagely attacked, from within and without; now that conflict has suddenly intensified, as scanner readings have revealed the presence of an object of enormous arcane power, somewhere on the world. The players' objective will be to search the planetary ruins for that hidden object of power.

This item of power will be revealed in-game, when found, and will be something the squad, monster or vehicle which successfully retrieves it will be able to employ not only during the Megabattle, but in future Scytulus III games/events at Gunslinger Games and across North Texas! To heighten interest, however, Gunslinger Games, Adeptus North Texas and Games Workshop are going to up the ante still further, by offering qualified participants a number of prizes throughout the day--which will be triggered by terrain searches which *do not* reveal the mystery object! These prizes will include Gunslinger Games gift certificates, admission to future events, Black Library novels and Citadel miniatures!

And do not forget that Gunslinger Games is the host of the spectacular Battletech Virtual Reality pods, which will be up and running at a special rate for Megabattle participants on the day!

June 18 will be that day; Gunslinger Games will be the place; the fate of an Imperial world will be the bounty. Time is of the essence: get to Gunslinger as soon as possible to insure you have plenty of time (over two months from event announcement!) to order, receive, construct and finish your terrain or army element.