40K Escalation League at Comic Asylum

Comic Asylum will start a Warhammer 40,000 Escalation League May 10, 2011. Entry will be $10 per player toward a prize pool from these entry fees.

The League will consist of three sessions of two weeks' length each. Session One (weeks one and two) will be fought with 750 point armies, Session Two (weeks three and four) up to 1250 points, finishing with Session Three (weeks five and six) at 1750 points.

Players must maintain the same army throughout the league. They can join the league at any point, and are not required to participate in every Session, except to be eligible to win League prizes.

All models for the league are required to be assembled and placed on bases. Painting and decorative basing – while strongly encouraged – are not required. Only current Games Workshop Warhammer 40K codices/armies are allowed for the League. Questions about possible variant army lists or any other League specifics should be addressed to moderators Jubei, Bob, or Brian at Comic Asylum!