Commanders Challenge Narrative Competition!

The next event in the Lone Star Comics Dallas Commanders Challenge is on! Hobbyists are encouraged to submit a one-page narrative to the store describing their submitted Commander figure, as they best choose: the history, background and even statistics of their entered Commander may be included. This narrative must be printed, legibly, on no more than one 8.5x11 sheet (though front and back may be used if necessary), and may be turned in to Lone Star Comics Dallas concurrent with the model submission or anytime *after* the model is submitted, through the end of April 2011. This narrative may include calligraphy, artwork, logos, graphics, or other creative touches the submittor believes will enhance his Commander's presence. The text of this narrative should then be posted to the emailing list of cosponsor Adeptus North Texas at so that the history of the participant's Commander becomes part of local lore. The opportunity to add points to your Commander's total--and add to his or her reputation, on the local gaming scene--is here, with Lone Star Comics Dallas' Narrative portion of the 2011 Commanders Challenge!