GW Frisco Madness of March!

Games Workshop Frisco would like to invite North Texas hobbyists to participate in their month-long 'Madness of March!'

This four session, single elimination tournament (echoing another March tourney institution) for Warhammer 40K will begin with 1500 point armies pitted against each other March 5; the winners will advance to face each other at 1750 points March 12, with semi-finalists squaring off at 2000 points March 19 and the championship being settled at a whopping 2250 points March 26!

Games will be played at GW Frisco each Saturday from Noon to 9pm. Each participant pays a $5 entry fee, with the entire proceeds going toward GW Gift Card first and second prizes, awarded the last day of play. The host organization is The North Texas Social & Gaming Club; address any queries for additional details to them or Adam at GW Frisco. Good luck!