Lone Star Comics Dallas Commanders Challenge 2011

Lone Star Comics Dallas will host a series of linked events--painting and modeling contests, background writing opportunities and ontable gameplay--to determine the ultimate leaders for both Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy Battles in their 2011 Commanders Challenge!

North Texas hobbyists will enter the Commander models for their respective 41st Millennium and Old World armies. Participants may make one entry each for 40K and WHFB, with a purchase of any Games Workshop product for each entry from Lone Star Comics Dallas (which may be--but is not required to be--the Commander model submission itself). Models may be as elaborately converted and based as the submittor desires BUT must be mounted on the actual gameplay base relevant to the chosen figure. Named/Special Character Commander models may be submitted. Commander models in WHFB mounted or riding monsters may be submitted, but must be played that way in any ontable events. No retinues, command squads or attached transports should be submitted with Commander models (though they may be utilized in play). Completed Commander models will be placed in the display case at Lone Star Comics Dallas through Free Comic Book Day the first weekend of May, when winners will be announced!

In addition to the modeling/painting element of the Commanders Challenge, hobbyists will have an opportunity to submit the history, background and statistics of their entered Commander. This narrative must be printed, legibly, on no more than one 8.5x11 sheet (though front and back may be used if necessary), and may be turned in to Lone Star Comics Dallas concurrent with the model submission or anytime after the model is submitted, through the end of April 2011. The narrative may include calligraphy, artwork or other creative touches the submittor believes will enhance his Commander's presence. The text of this narrative should then be posted to the emailing list of cosponsor Adeptus North Texas at http://www.adeptusnorthtexas.com so that the history of the participant's Commander becomes part of local lore.

The Commanders will then have opportunities to lead their forces in actual gameplay events at Lone Star Dallas--such as a Combat Patrol style 40K tournament, a Warhammer Skirmish tournament, multiplayer megabattles and even a one-on-one gladiator type Arena match! The rules for these events will be modified for the Challenge to allow for participation by any level of Commander!

Participating hobbyists will receive Commander Points for each event in the Challenge:

  • Submission of completed model
  • Award of best model in relevant category
  • Submission of completed narrative
  • Award of best narrative in relevant category
  • Participation in each gameplay event
  • Victory in relevant gameplay event

Prizes will be awarded for:

  • Best 40K Commander Model (painting, conversion and basing)
  • Best WHFB Commander Model (painting, conversion and basing)
  • Best Youngblood Commander Model (painting, conversion and basing, aged 14 and under)
  • Greatest 40K Commander (total accumulated Command Points)
  • Greatest WHFB Commander (total accumulated Command Points)

Watch for notice instore at Lone Star Comics Dallas and online at Adeptus North Texas for event notifications, get to LSD to make your qualifying purchases, commence work on your finest army leader models...and prepare to prove your general's greatness, through the Commanders Challenge 2011!