Texas Toy Soldier Apocalypse Game Feb 5!

Allen and the crew at the Texas Toy Soldier will host a Warhammer 40K Apocalypse Game Saturday, Feb 5!

Players should arrive when the store opens at 10am and *must* be unpacked, deployed and ready to roll dice before Noon, and may bring forces of up to 3000 points per participant *subject to the constant standard for play at Texas Toy Soldier that all models must be fully painted.*

All 40K army factions are eligible for participation in this one, and there is no cost or purchase requirement to participate (though TTS's sales are ongoing)--so make your way with superheavies, flyers and datasheets in hand to the Texas Toy Soldier, 4220 Spring Valley Road just east of Midway on Saturday, Feb 5 for war in the forty-first millennium--Apocalypse style!