Texas Toy Soldier Apocalypse Game Feb 5!

Allen and the crew at the Texas Toy Soldier will host a Warhammer 40K Apocalypse Game Saturday, Feb 5!

Players should arrive when the store opens at 10am and *must* be unpacked, deployed and ready to roll dice before Noon, and may bring forces of up to 3000 points per participant *subject to the constant standard for play at Texas Toy Soldier that all models must be fully painted.*

All 40K army factions are eligible for participation in this one, and there is no cost or purchase requirement to participate (though TTS's sales are ongoing)--so make your way with superheavies, flyers and datasheets in hand to the Texas Toy Soldier, 4220 Spring Valley Road just east of Midway on Saturday, Feb 5 for war in the forty-first millennium--Apocalypse style!

Result: HobbytownUSA Dallas Worldwide 40K Apocalypse Battle

Ten players rostered over 16,000 points (including a total of five gargantuan creatures and two superheavy vehicles) in the HobbytownUSA Dallas portion of the worldwide Imperium vs Xenos Apocalypse 40K megabattle January 22, 2011. The Dallas portion of the battlefield took place amidst a wintry city ruin, with the two forces clashing across a dried-up and decaying canal bed. The Imperial forces were led by a Puritan Daemonhunter Inquisitor with retinue and a contingent of Grey Knights in the center, Soul Drinkers space marines to the right flank and Howling Griffons terminators led by Librarian Ulysses to the left, with the entire battle line buttressed by the guns of the Imperial Guard; facing them were tendrils of Tyranid hive fleets Tiamat and Cerberus, and a small contingent of Necrons awakened by the conflict. The battle was escalated by the unexpected arrival of Khornate Reaver Titan Angrones Irae...for Khorne cares not whence the blood flows.

The Xenos seized the initiative and threw their dominance in monstrous and gargantuan creatures across the crumbling spillway at the Imperial host, taking an early first turn advantage in held objectives 3-1 which humanity could never quite make up. At the top of the third turn, the Imperium adopted a Stalingradian approach to the battle, eventually using their firepower advantage to destroy *every* objective on the field save for the three they either had controlled, or felt they could contest; consensus was the strategy would have worked if initiated a single turn sooner, but at battle's end the Xenos held a 5-4 advantage in objectives held for at least one turn, and held one of the three remaining objectives with the other two in contest.

Apocalypse, however, is less about the outcome than the moments of high drama getting there, and this battle featured them aplenty. Without question the hero of the day was Howling Griffons Terminator Librarian Ulysses: aided by the most effective deployment of the archeotech Asset Vortex Grenade seen in some time, the space marine psyker dispatched a Tyranid Heirophant, most of the Necron infantry and combined with orbital strikes from his battle barge and the guns of his faction's Baneblade to see off the interloper Chaos Titan (inflicting damage with both his psychic powers and in hand-to-hand combat!).

Thanks to all the players who came out and made the day an outstanding hobby event, HobbytownUSA Dallas for sponsoring, hosting and moderating participation in the Worldwide Apocalypse megabattle, and to http://www.apocalypse40k.com for organizing the entire enormous undertaking!

Worldwide Apocalypse Campaign Game in North Texas Sat, Jan 22nd!

On Saturday, January 22, 2011, gamers across the globe will unite in an Imperium versus Xenos Apocalypse campaign coordinated through http://www.apocalypse40K.com -- and hobbyists in North Texas will be able to participate, at HobbytownUSA Dallas!

All of the coordinating has been taken care of, through Adeptus North Texas -- all interested participants need do is arrive with their armies according to the instructions following, and attempt to win control of their corner of the worldwide battlefield through a massive multi-player Apocalypse 40,000 megabattle!

The game will take place at HobbytownUSA Dallas (the previous Game Hall which is now devoted to their in-store discounts and sales will be reconfigured for play use on the day) from 11am until 6pm. No purchase or sign up is necessary (although HTUD will continue to run their Games Workshop sale--buy 3 get the 4th free, or buy 4 get 2 additional free!--during the event).

Players should bring armies for either the Imperium (any Space Marines, any Imperial Guard, any Inquisition) or Xenos (Orks, Tyranids, Necrons, Eldar, Dark Eldar or Tau) in increments of 1000 points. Datasheets and superheavy vehicles/gigantic creatures are welcome, and can be used in place of a 1000 point increment; in the case of a superheavy which exceeds that approximate points block, the opposing side will be allowed to add increments to compensate, and players who bring additional 1000 point blocks may be allowed to field them, to balance sides. All models must be at least fully assembled, based, primed, and with at least some effort made toward painting; models need not be detailed/completed, but no bare metal/plastic or one-colour-primed models can be used in the megabattle. Space is limited; moderators recommend interested players use the emailing list via Adeptus North Texas to identify to host store and moderators their intention to play.