Lone Wolf GT February 10-12, 2012

North Texas is fortunate to have one of the longest-running, most consistent and most outstanding independent Warhammer Fantasy tournaments in the country right in our backyard in the Lone Wolf GT, celebrating it's tenth annual iteration February 10-12, 2012 at the Arlington Convention Center.

The larger venue has allowed the Lone Wolf to expand, meaning there are still spaces available for this usually-sold-out event; registration is at http://www.lonewolfgt.com !

Result: November Lone Star Comics Storm of Magic Wizard Painting Contest

Congratulations to Mary Profitt, whose Empire Celestial Wizard won the November event for the North Texas Storm of Magic series! Submitted to the Dallas Lone Star location, Mary may contact the store at her convenience to collect her prize, and all other participants may retrieve their entries...and get their December efforts, Units, to Comic Asylum to maintain momentum!

December Comic Asylum Storm of Magic Unit Painting Contest

Participants in the North Texas Storm of Magic event series may this month model and paint an objective-defending Warhammer Fantasy Battles Unit for sponsoring retailer Comic Asylum! Units may be submitted through close of business Thursday, December 29--but the earlier the better, for display!--and must meet army book minimums, be no larger than 15 models unless the minimum is higher, may (but are not required to) include Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer or other entry options, and must consist primarily of Citadel miniatures. The entry fee of $10 is per modeler, not Unit submitted (meaning multiple completed Units may be entered), will go toward prizes of store gift certificates, and a special award will go to any Unit purchased from sponsoring retailer Comic Asylum since the event series began November 1! See additional details or restrictions in the master North Texas Storm of Magic Event series listing below, or see any friendly Comic Asylum gaming employee...and good fortune, generals: the Storm of Magic continues to gather, and a stalwart Unit to hold your arcane fulcrum could turn the day!

Storm of Magic Wizard Painting Contest

November 2011: Lone Star Comics -- Storm of Magic Wizard Painting Contest: Participants interested in playing in this first of six North Texas Warhammer Storm of Magic Events may submit an objective-claiming spellcaster model--plastic, pewter or Finecast resin--from their chosen army to the participating Lone Star Comics store of their choice any time from November 1 through close of business Sunday, November 27, where submissions will remain on display through November 30. Entries are restricted to one per hobbyist per store. Entered models must primarily be Citadel miniatures, may not be riding a mount or monster and must be on a standard GW base appropriate to the entered model's size type. There will be *no* entry fee for this month's event, and no purchase is required. Prizes will be awarded for Best Wizard at each participating store; additional prizes (such as Best Painted, Best Conversion, Best Youngblood entry, etc) may be awarded if judges at individual participating stores see fit; not all Lone Star Comics storefronts are participating (contact your local Lone Star Comics branch for specific details). Winners will be announced in store and at http://www.adeptusnorthtexas.com in December!

The North Texas Storm of Magic Event Schedule:

  • December 2011: Comic Asylum --Storm of Magic Unit Painting Contest.
  • January 2012: Texas Toy Soldier -- Storm of Magic Arcane Fulcrum Painting Contest.
  • February 2012: HobbytownUSA Dallas -- Storm of Magic Monster Painting Contest.
  • March 2012: Area 51 Grapevine -- Storm of Magic Mounted Wizard Painting Contest.
  • April 2012: Gunslinger Games -- Storm of Magic Multiplayer Megabattle.

The North Texas Storm of Magic Event Series

North Texas hobby retailers Lone Star Comics, Comic Asylum, Texas Toy Soldier, HobbytownUSA Dallas, Area 51 and Gunslinger Games will join Games Workshop and Adeptus North Texas to host a spectacular Event Series of linked Painting & Modeling contests, one per consecutive month, based on the tremendous new Warhammer Fantasy Storm of Magic supplement--all of which will climax in a participatory Storm of Magic multiplayer megabattle using the model submissions from the contest series!

Each monthly contest has it's own specific rules, as best suits it's sponsoring retailer, so read each independently for details. Hobbyists may participate in the entire series--conveniently completing a core Warhammer Fantasy force *and* everything needed to play in the Storm of Magic megagame come April in so doing--or may pick and choose as suits their location and interests. There are events which have no entry fee or purchase requirement at all, allowing players to enter existing models they would like to show off...and events which offer incentives to buy and build a new army element from that month's sponsoring retailer. There are events which up the prize ante by translating combined entry fees into prizes. And there are participating locations spread throughout the North Texas area, for every interested hobbyist's geographic convenience!

The Storm of Magic Event Series schedule:

  • November 2011: Lone Star Comics -- Storm of Magic Wizard Painting Contest: Participants may submit an objective-claiming spellcaster model from their chosen army to the participating Lone Star Comics store of their choice any time from November 1 through close of business Sunday, November 27, where submissions will remain on display through November 30. Entries are restricted to one per hobbyist per store. Entered models must primarily be Citadel miniatures, may not be riding a mount or monster and must be on a standard GW base appropriate to the entered model's size type. There will be *no* entry fee for this month's event, and no purchase is required. Prizes will be awarded for Best Wizard at each participating store; additional prizes (such as Best Painted, Best Conversion, Best Youngblood entry, etc) may be awarded if judges at individual participating stores see fit; not all Lone Star Comics storefronts are participating (contact your local Lone Star Comics branch for specific details). Winners will be announced in store and at http://www.adeptusnorthtexas.com in December!
  • December 2011: Comic Asylum --Storm of Magic Unit Painting Contest: Participants may submit an objective-defending unit from their chosen army to Comic Asylum any time from December 1 through close of business Thursday, December 29, 2011, where submissions will remain on display through December 31. There will be an entry fee of $10 per participant, but there is no limit on the number of units a participant may enter for that fee. Models in entered units must be primarily Citadel miniatures, must be on standard GW bases appropriate to the entered unit models' size type, and movement trays are highly recommended. Units submitted must meet army book minimums, may--but do not have to--include champions, musicians and standards (or equivalents), and must not exceed fifteen models total (unless the unit minimum is higher in which case that minimum must be met). Prizes of Comic Asylum gift certificates based on the amount raised by entry fees will be awarded for Best Unit--*and* for Best Dedicated Sponsor/Event Unit: hobbyists who submit with their unit entry a valid receipt showing proof of purchase for that unit at the sponsoring retailer after the beginning of the Storm of Magic Event series November 1, 2011 qualify for this additional prize from this month's sponsor, Comic Asylum! Winners will be announced in store and at http://www.adeptusnorthtexas.com in January 2012.
  • January 2012: Texas Toy Soldier -- Storm of Magic Arcane Fulcrum Painting Contest: Participants may submit an Arcane Fulcrum Terrain objective model of their choice any time from January 1, 2012, through close of business Saturday, January 28, 2012, where submissions will remain on display through January 31. There will be an entry fee of $5 per participant, but there is no limit on the number of entries a participant may enter at that fee. Models entered must be primarily Citadel Arcane Fulcrum kits, other Citadel Terrain kits converted to act as a Storm of Magic Arcane Fulcrum objective (see SoM supplement for details), or other qualifying Terrain kit purchased from Texas Toy Soldier and so converted (only non-Citadel Terrain kits entered need be TTS purchases, but see following). Prizes of Texas Toy Soldier gift certificates based on the amount raised by entry fees will be awarded--and TTS will double the amount of entry-fee-generated prize money! Awards will be given for Best Arcane Fulcrum, Best Conversion and Best Dedicated Sponsor/Event Arcane Fulcrum: hobbyists who present with their terrain piece entry a valid receipt showing proof of purchase for that entry at the sponsoring retailer after the beginning of the Storm of Magic Event Series November 1, 2011, qualify for this additional prize from this month's sponsor, Texas Toy Soldier! Winners will be announced in store and at http://www.adeptusnorthtexas.com in February 2012.
  • February 2012: HobbytownUSA Dallas -- Storm of Magic Monster Painting Contest: Participants may submit an objective-seizing/wizard-slaying Citadel Monster model of their choice anytime from February 1, 2012 through close of business Sunday, February 26, 2012, where submissions will remain on display through February 29. There will be *no* entry fee at this sponsoring retailer. Models entered must be primarily Citadel miniature kits and mounted on a base appropriateu to the monster's size type. 'Monster' can include giants, trolls, saurians, dragons and/or many other creature types from the Warhammer Old World; though not exclusively, an existence of a Storm of Magic Scroll of Binding will satisfy the qualification of a given kit as a 'Monster' for purposes of this contest. Monster models should not include riding characters or units; an entry will not be excluded if submitted with a rider, howdah, etc (in order to allow inclusion of monsters already in hobbyists' collections) but such accessories (while they must be complete to allow entry in the event) will not be considered in judging. Entries are restricted to one per participant *except* Dedicated Sponsor/Event entries, as many of which as the participant cares to purchase and complete may be entered! Prizes will be awarded for Best Monster, Best Youngblood Monster and Best Dedicated Sponsor/Event Monster: hobbyists who present with their entered monsters a valid receipt showing proof of purchase for that kit at the sponsoring retailer after the beginning of the Storm of Magic Event Series November 1, 2011, qualify for this additional prize from this month's sponsor, HobbytownUSA Dallas! Winners will be announced in store and at http://www.adeptusnorthtexas.com in March.
  • March 2012: Area 51 Grapevine -- Storm of Magic Mounted Wizard Painting Contest: Participants may submit an objective-claiming spellcaster model which must be riding a mount or monster option from it's entry in the relevant army book to Area 51 in Grapevine any time from March 1 through close of business Sunday, March 25 where they will remain on display through March 31. The submitted model may be an spellcaster from the chosen army book *or* a legal ally spellcaster from another army book as described in the Storm of Magic supplement. There will be *no* entry fee at this sponsoring retailer, and no purchase is required. Entries are restricted to one per hobbyist. Entered models must be primarily Citadel miniatures, must be riding a mount (including monsters) of a type legally described as an option in the relevant army book, and must be on a standard GW base appropriate to the model's size type. Prizes will be awarded for Best Mounted Wizard and Best Dedicated Sponsor/Event Mounted Wizard: hobbyists who present with their entered model a valid receipt showing proof of purchase for that kit at the sponsoring retailer after the start of the Storm of Magic Event Series November 1, 2011 qualify for this additional prize from this month's sponsor, Area 51 Grapevine!
  • April 2012: Gunslinger Games -- Storm of Magic Multiplayer Megabattle: Participants may bring a force consisting of one foot/infantry spellcaster model and one defending unit from their chosen army book, a mounted spellcaster model from either their or a legal allied army book, one Arcane Fulcrum terrain objective model and one bound Monster model to a massive Storm of Magic game, where they will be divided into sides and will battle for supremacy as the winds of magic howl! Players are not required to have participated in any of the previous months' Painting & Modeling contests in the series in order to play in this month's megabattle--but participants whose above-described force includes any model which was submitted to any such contest may accrue benefits for that model during the game, such as spell re-rolls, additional lives, special Ward saves and unique magic items! There is *no* entry fee to participate in this climactic event. Models in forces used must be primarily Citadel miniatures, must be considered WYSIWYG and fully-painted and based. Prizes will be awarded in the course of the megabattle for deeds of exceptional heroism, irredeemable villainy, or utter hilarity, and there will also be a Favorite Dedicated Sponsor/Event Model Contest as part of the day--hobbyists who bring as part of their SoM force *any* qualifying wizard, unit, terrain piece or monster purchased at the sponsoring retailer after the beginning of the Storm of Magic Event Series November 1, 2011, will be allowed to present their model for all megabattle participants to vote on, with the model selected as Favorite receiving an appropriate in-game bonus such as described above *and* a Prize from the sponsoring retailer, Gunslinger Games! The date and time of the concluding megabattle will be announced as the event nears, dependent on the sponsoring retailer's calendar of other events (as they may have a big announcement to coincide with the event, as well!).

Storm of Magic is an exceptional new Warhammer supplement; like Apocalypse for 40K, it accommodates both experienced players--by allowing them to play at new levels of spectacle--and relative beginners--by allowing them to participate in multiplayer events with a small, easily-finished force and a veteran to ask questions of right at their side. This half-year-long cooperative Event Series will offer something for every level of Warhammer hobbyist in like fashion...with the added bonus of a solid core force to play future Storm of Magic games for those who participate in most or all of the painting contests, a force which will form a nice core of a standard Warhammer army, as well. In the event a sponsoring retailer alters any specifications of their monthly contribution, that sponsor's decision is final, but for purposes of that month's event only. Review the different event qualifications and specifics, decide which suit your hobby preferences best, support these participating retailers for opting to be a part of a community-wide series unlike anything to be found elsewhere with purchases where appropriate for you: many of them have included the opportunity to compete for an additional prize where participants support them through the holiday buying season with a purchase, but none have made purchases mandatory for participation in any contest in the Event Series.

Then ready your minions, mages and monsters to seize, hold or take the magic-rich objectives which will give you ultimate victory--and absolute mastery of a Storm of Magic!

TTS Megabattle Objective Contest

A reminder that, while most prizes at next Saturday's Apocalypse 40K Megabattle at Texas Toy Soldier will be awarded randomly, door-prize style, to pre-registered players, there will also be a prize awarded to the participant who brings the Best Objective to be used in the game.

This marker can be anything your contingent might fight over--a building ruin containing some special resource, a wrecked vehicle (your own, or an opponent's!), a casualty to be captured or rescued--and will actually be used in-game, so the more the better! Please insure your marker is based for ease of setup.

Use your creativity, your imagination, your spare parts/Bitz box; make a start toward some new home-table terrain or an element of your Astronomicon 2012 display board; and have an objective your army will be motivated to fight for on the shores of the river Akeron at the Apocalypse Megabattle, September 24 at TTS!

40K Tournament October 15 at TTS

Saturday, October 15, 2011, Texas Toy Soldier will host a Warhammer 40,000 Tournament at 1850 points.

Missions will be point-adjusted from Ard Boyz and Feast of Blades scenarios. The tourney will run from 10a till 6p. Armies will be rewarded for being fully-painted but that is not mandatory for participation.

The entry fee is $10, but TTS will rebate that in $10 credit toward any purchase of $20. TTS will also provide prize support.

Space is limited to 16 players. Contact TTS or event moderator Walter Vining for details or to register today!

Superheavy Hall of Fame in September at HobbytownUSA Dallas

Now through the last Sunday in September, 9/25, hobbyists can submit their best Baneblade, Shadowsword, Stompa or other Citadel/Forgeworld superheavy vehicle to HobbytownUSA Dallas, 8041 Walnut Hill Lane at Central Expressway, for display in their 'Superheavy Hall of Fame!'

As noted in this month's White Dwarf, submitted models will be showcased instore through Sunday, September 25, 2011, when those judged best will be awarded prizes from HTUD and Games Workshop!

See Jeff, Adam and the staff at HTUD for details--and get your best 41st millennium war machine model entered into the Superheavy Hall of Fame! +++

40K Apocalypse Megabattle Sat, Sept 24 at TTS!

Texas Toy Soldier will turn their entire game room into the 41st millennium on a grand scale Saturday, September 24--supplying over eight meters of Apocalypse 40,000 battlefront for an enormous--and totally free--multiplayer megabattle!

Order will defend against Ruin along the banks of the River Akeron, with objectives for all 40K armies to be seized or held. Players should begin arriving for briefing at 11am, with first turn kicking off by Noon at latest.

To insure participation, players should sign up in person at TTS for a slot as either Order (all Loyalist Space Marine chapters, Imperial Guard, Inquisition [-including Grey Knights and the White Dwarf Sisters of Battle-], Eldar and Tau) or Ruin (Chaos [-including Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Daemons and Traitor Guard-], Orks, Tyranids, Necrons and Dark Eldar). Players should indicate on the sign-up sheet their name *and* army.

In addition to guaranteeing their slot, players who sign up in advance will be allowed to field a 1000 Point Apocalypse force of any organization (including Datasheets, both formations and superheavies), and will be encouraged to bring additional superheavies to balance sides. Players who do not sign up in advance may show up on the day at TTS, subject to available slots, but may bring only a 500 Point Apocalypse force OR a single superheavy to a maximum value of approximately 500 Points.

Additionally, Texas Toy Soldier and Games Workshop will support the megabattle with prizes on the day, most of which will only be eligible to those who sign up in advance!

Many prizes will be randomly awarded during the battle--but one major prize will go to the player who brings the Best Modeled and Painted Objective to the battle, representing their chosen army. This could be as small as a fallen commander (modeled on a base at minimum, please) or as large as a race-customized terrain piece, vehicle wreck or other structure!

All models used on the day must be fully painted and based. Additionally, players should have an accurate, printed army list of their detachment for review, and all supporting publications (codex, datasheet, etc).

The River Akeron has been the site of brutal combat for control of the planet Scytulus III. Fallen on both blood-soaked banks are heroes of both sides, important data- and weapon-caches, and salvageable wreckage. Fate has conspired to bring the rescue forces of virtually every major combatant together simultaneously...and the Akeron runs red again!

Be a part of it Saturday, September 24, 2011--at the Texas Toy Soldier!

Battle of Thirteen Fiends at HTUD Aug 13!

While the competitive 40K player has Ard Boys at various venues across the country Saturday, Aug 13, North Texas hobbyists with a storytelling bent can join HobbytownUSA Dallas that day for an Apocalypse Megabattle, as seen in this month's White Dwarf--The Battle of Thirteen Fiends!

Join Jeff and Adam with either Chaos Daemons, Chaos Space Marines or Traitor Guard to try to protect a latent spawning portal on Scytulus III, or with Grey Knights, Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Sisters of Battle or Inquisition forces to attempt to seal it! Eldar and Tau players may fight alongside the Imperium, and Dark Eldar, Ork, Necron and Tyranid players may ally with Chaos (albeit for their own nefarious purposes).

Players should arrive at HTUD by 11am Saturday, April 13, with an initial 500 point Apocalypse force (which can also be a Datasheet formation or superheavy vehicle of roughly 500 points); this initial force need not be fully painted, so newcomers should feel welcome! Veterans with larger forces can bring addtl 500 point allotments which moderators will add to each side, for balance (although these should be painted). Call Jeff or Adam for further details.

Just beyond the warp veil, the Thirteen Fiends lurk, ready to sweep onto the ravaged battlescape of Scytulus III--will you save the world from their unholy wrath, or usher them into reality to unleash it?

Storm of Magic Global WHFB Campaign

Games Workshop has gone live with a summer Warhammer Fantasy Battles worldwide campaign featuring Storm of Magic--the Scourge of the Storm!

Although there will be special events for the campaign--at GW Hobby Centers and locally retailers, for which watch Adeptus--really any game of Warhammer can count...so get registered and get playing. Black Orc Warboss Gorfang Rottusk is already afield--see you there!

Gunslinger Games Hosts Intro Warhammer Fantasy Tourney August 6th!

Gunslinger Games, 11110 Petal just off Jupiter/LBJ, will host a one-day, four-round Warhammer Fantasy Battles Tournament Saturday, August 6th, 2011 from 10am to 6pm. The event will be ideal for hobbyists new to Warhammer Fantasy--or to the Eighth edition ruleset--with its modest size armies and restrictions on magic, both casters and items, but is a themed event as well, and so should appeal to veterans of WHFB.

Officially titled 'The Boom in August,' the event has earned a subtitle, as well--'The Grudge in August.' This is because it will feed directly into an ensuing GsG event, a Warhammer Fantasy multiplayer megabattle themed directly on the Warhammer campaign The Grudge of Drong, and the infamous War of the Beard! To encourage interested players to begin building the relevant Dwarf and Elf armies which will form the core of the megabattle sequel...ANY player registering to play in 'The Boom (Grudge) In August' with either Dwarfs or High Elves will get a discount!

The specifics:

  • Armies must not exceed 1300 total points
  • Armies must be composed from the current (most recently published) Army Book
  • Armies MAY NOT include Level 3 or higher spellcasters (or Runesmith equivalents)
  • Powerscrolls, Folding Fortresses and Books of Hoeth may not be used
  • Magic Items are limited to 2, maximum, with a combined total cost of 75 points or less ('magic items' also including magic banners, names, aspects, vampiric powers, runed items, daemonic gifts, etc)
  • Painting WILL NOT be scored--'in progress' armies are welcome but should be tabletop-playable (ie, based, as WYSIWYG as possible, with no proxies)
  • Sportsmanship WILL be scored (so come ready to have fun!)
  • Printed, legible, legal Army Lists are required--bring one for yourself, and four for your opponents
  • A master Army List must be submitted in advance to the moderator markalancox@hotmail.com with a subject heading indicating it is a list for the August 6 Tournament; these lists must be in one of the following formats: Word, Excel, PDF or Army Builder PDF. Lists turned in July 31, 2001 or earlier will accrue bonus Army List points (to allow the moderator to properly vet them, this is highly encouraged).

Tournament Entry Fee (which will go toward Tournament prizes!) is $10--or $8 for any player participating with either Dwarfs or High Elves! Further, any participant in 'The Boom (Grudge) in August' playing either Dwarfs or High Elves will be automatically registered to participate in the Grudge of Drong megabattle. This is a great opportunity--even if neither Dwarfs nor High Elves are your primary army--to put the contents of the previous edition starter box Battle of Skull Pass or the current edition starter box Blood Island to work creating a Dwarf or High Elf army for not one but TWO future events. AND--the megabattle will incorporate all the Storm of Magic rules, allowing the fielding of vast monsters and monumental magicks to impact events!

Gunslinger Games 'The Boom (Grudge) in August' Schedule:

9:30--Registration and Table Assignments
10:00-11:30--Game One
11:30-12:30--Lunch Break
12:30-2:00--Game Two
3:30-4:00--Game Three
4:30-6:00--Game Four

GW Grapevine Painting Competition Saturday, July 30

Saturday, July 30, Games Workshop Grapevine Mills will host their Painting Fanatic painting competition--the July subject, as befitting the debut this month of Storm of Magic, will be any wizard, shaman or other spellcasting type miniature! See Chris, Eric or any of the staff at Grapevine Mills Mall or phone (972) 691-3744 for details!

Feast of Blades Qualifying Tourneys In North Texas

In addition to the qualifier at Texas Toy Soldier July 30 already announced, the Denver, Colorado-based Feast of Blades 40K Tournament has secured qualifier tournament rounds at the following North Texas retailers:

Saturday, July 23: Y2Komics, Ft Worth, TX
Saturday, July 30: Texas Toy Soldier, Addison, TX
Saturday, August 20: Area 51, Grapevine, TX
Saturday, August 27: Generation X, Bedford, TX

The Feast of Blades is a 2000 point, 3 round Warhammer 40,000 Tournament which is expanding from a regional to a national scope; across America, scores of stores in multiple states hosting hundreds of players compete. The missions are the same, the painting requirements are standardized and each qualifier location will send two Champions to represent their store the first week of November in Denver to compete in the invitation-only elite tournament final (ability to travel to the Denver event is not required to play in a qualifier).

Entry fees for qualifiers vary from no cost (at Texas Toy Soldier) to an average of $20; at most other venues, entry fees go toward prize support. Slots in qualifiers must be reserved under the specified conditions for each host, which can bet determined by contacting each host. Slots are limited. For more information about the Feast of Blades, see http://www.feastofblades.com (where a FAQ, sample qualifier missions, and more information is available).Good luck, forty-first millennium chapter masters, archons, autarchs, warbosses, and myriad other generals; represent the North Texas sector well!

Armies On Parade at GW Grapevine Mills

Games Workshop Grapevine Mills invites North Texas hobbyists to display their finished armies Saturday, June 25, 2011 in their Armies On Parade Contest!

Similar to the event at this year's GamesDay, GWGM's Armies On Parade requires entrants to display their finished force on a 2'x2' base, scenicked to demonstrate their modeling/diorama skills and flatter their Citadel miniatures. Requirements are that the displayed army adhere to the standard Force Org chart, including minimum 1HQ and 2 TROOPs units, and that the display base absolutely not exceed the 2'x2' size restriction.

Paraded Armies must be set up on display for judging at GWGM before 2pm, Saturday, June 25. Good luck, generals!


Fanatic Finecast Painting Contest at GW Grapevine Mills

June's Saturday Painting Fanatics Club contest at Games Workshop Grapevine Mills is wide open, as *any* Finecast miniature thus far released can be submitted to the monthly competition! Get the Finecast model of your choice, paint it to your best ability, and submit it at GWGM Saturday, June 25, before 2pm...and good luck!


Result: Gunslinger Games 40K Apocalypse Megabattle

Eight players representing both Loyal and Traitor Guard, space marines, Chaos Daemons and Tyranids--including two Reaver battle titans, two Warhound scout titans and a Dactylis bio-titan--clashed atop the plateaus of Scytulus III's primary mountain range at Gunslinger Games' 40K Megabattle Saturday, with every participant taking home prizes as well as at least one memorable moment of heroism (or villainy) for their detachment, before the Dactylis located the objective--a wand of brass, obsidian, amber and lapis pulsing with Warp power--and managed to wade through the combined firepower and physical resistance of all the other players to escape with it!

Although a wealth of other events on the day (and I hope to hear results of both WHFB tourneys and the other 40K megabattle here--as well as Free RPG Day tales!) kept some hobbyists who had made qualifying purchases from attending, the event seemed to have been enjoyed by all participants, the Scytulus campaign storyline advanced--and GsG is onboard for future GW hobby events. Watch Adeptus for details.

See Gunslinger Games' website and the For The Emperor website for additional photos and coverage, and thanks to GsG for hosting a great afternoon of wargaming fun!


Never Stop Fighting!

On July 23, Comic Asylum Richardson will host 'Never Stop Fighting,' a Warhammer 40,000 Tournament at 750 points. Details regarding rounds, times and cost of participation can be had from the CA staff or at http:www.comicasylum.com


40K Doubles Tournament at Madness Games Plano!

Madness Games & Comics in Plano will host a Warhammer 40,000 Doubles Team Tournament Saturday and Sunday, July 16 & 17, 2011, in their all-new, expanded game facility!

And best of all, this fully-prize-supported event will be free of charge!

Players must register as a two-person Doubles Team for the event, splitting their 2000-point total allotment into allied armies with no more than 400 points difference between the 'halves' (ie, the most one player can field is 1200 points, the least 800). Players may 'marvel team-up' any armies in the 40K universe, but bonus points can be scored for background convincingly explaining the 'joint action' in the Doubles Team's *required* printed army list submission. One Force Org chart for the entire 2000 point joint army list will apply *except* that each 'half' must include an HQ and TROOPS mandatory choice.

Play will begin each day at 12:30pm, featuring two games of 2.5 hours duration each; Saturday night will include open gaming featuring an optional multiplayer megabattle in the new game facility. Each Doubles Team will be collectively scored for Generalship (game results, special objectives accomplished), Appearance (painting/basing/conversion), Army List (background, artistic list presentation, accuracy) and Sportsmanship (in-game conduct/sportingness of army composition).

Prizes will be awarded for Best Joint Command (best Overall Doubles Team), Most Marvel-ous Team-Up (winningest team/generalship); and The Brave & The Bold (best background/list explaining/justifying the team). Most Dysfunctional (the 'two-generals-equal-no-generals' award) will also be in play.

Registration is strictly by Doubles Team, must be done *in person* at Madness by at least one team member, and is first-come/first-served at Madness Games & Comics in Plano.

Another 40K Doubles Team tournament is an event the North Texas community has requested, and Madness has the new play space to accommodate it comfortably, with large tables and plentiful room. Find your 'perfect team-up'...and get signed up today!


Feast of Blades 40K Tournament at Texas Toy Soldier

Saturday, July 30th, 2011, Texas Toy Soldier is will host a North Texas qualifying round for the Feast of Blades Warhammer 40,000 Tournament. Stores in multiple states present qualifiers for this annual event, but TTS is the first to bring one to North Texas! Two winners will represent as champions in Denver, Colorado, at the Feast of Blades! There is no charge to play in this qualifier. All participants receive a pair of custom "Feast of Blades" dice. The winner of the TTS qualifier will win an award plaque and a block of twelve custom "Feast of Blades" dice. There will also be prize support from Games Workshop which will be spread among the top finishers. This is a 2000 point 40K tournament. Beginning at 10am, there will be 3 two-hour rounds of play. Figures must be painted and painting and Sportsmanship will count in the final score.

For more information of the Feast of Blades event, please go to:

http://www.feastofblades.com/ for a FAQ, two of the three qualifier missions, and more information on the event. Note that the website mentions that qualifiers will be on July 23rd, but the Texas Toy Soldier qualifier will be JULY 30th. To reserve a spot in this qualifier, please contact Texas Toy Soldier by email, phone or in store:

Texas Toy Soldier
4220 Spring Valley Road
Dallas, TX 75244

WHFB DAWGs in the Desert Tourney

Area 51 will host DAWGS in the Desert: A Warhammer Fantasy Battles Tournament on July 23, 2011, from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM! Area 51 is located 130 N. Main Street, in Grapevine.

The format will be 2500 points max, all current army books allowed, no unofficial or White Dwarf lists. Special Characters, Special Champions and Dogs of War are excluded. The Entry Fee is $20 for three rounds of play, with prizes for Overall Winner and Best Opponent, T-shirts for all registered participants plus more give-aways!

Army Lists are due by July 16, 2010. Late lists and lists with errors cost points. Being late to the event will cost points! Send to all lists to paulcoxe@juno.com and contact Paul or Area 51 for any additional details!


GW Summer Camp 2011

Games Workshop Grapevine Mills Summer Camp 2011 is scheduled for June 6-10 at either 10a-2p or 2p-6p. In addition to four hours each day of modeling, painting and playing, each registered camper receives the Battleforce (40K) or Battalion (WHFB) box starter army of their choice, a Citadel Figure Case to store and transport it in, and a Hobby Starter Set of tools, paint and brushes to use to create it! Registration is $250 per camper, and space is limited, so contact store staff to reserve your spot!

GW Grapevine Painting Competition May 28

Saturday, May 28, Games Workshop Grapevine Mills will host their Painting Fanatic painting competition--the May subject being the Jokaero Weaponsmith model available to Inquisitors' retinues through the new Codex: Grey Knights!

See Chris, Eric or the staff at Grapevine Mills Mall or (972) 691-3744 for details!

Tabletop Game Terrain offers Adeptus Promotion!

Tabletop Game Terrain, creators of fine 28mm wargame scenery pieces, are excited to access the North Texas community. In addition to sponsorship of such events as the upcoming Railhead Rumble 40K Tournament, where you will see many of their pieces as official terrain company of the Rumble, TGT is offering a special promotion to members of Adeptus North Texas: a 10% discount from every order through the Tabletop Game Terrain site at http://www.tabletopgameterrain.com!

Reachable through TabletopGameTerrain.com, @TabletopGame for Twitter, or facebook.com/TabletopGameTerrain, the Eugene, Oregon-based TGT aims to produce scenery compatible with that from GW at a competitive price, with additional variety. The "City of Ruins" line is available now, with a new terrain series to be revealed at their website this week.

As a special promotion, Adeptus North Texas members may receive an additional 10% off every order by entering AdeptusNorthTexas10 as a coupon code at check out. This offer is available for a limited time!

Facebook users are encouraged to see the promotion on their Facebook page for winner's choice of a GW boxed starter set (Assault on Black Reach, Island of Blood, or Mines of Moria) *and* a TGT City of Ruins series large terrain set, through May 16, 2011.

Welcome to the North Texas hobby community, Tabletop Game Terrain!

Gunslinger Games 40K Megabattle June 18th

Gunslinger Games announces their first Games Workshop organized play event--and it will be Apocalyptic!

On Saturday, June 18, hobbyists are invited to participate at an all-day Warhammer 40,000 multiplayer Megabattle, 'The Secret of Scytulus III,' incorporating Apocalypse superheavy vehicles, flyers and datasheets, and featuring multiple interactive battlefronts!

Through a purchase (or purchases) of GW product from Gunslinger Games, players qualify to participate in this megabattle event--and if they then build, paint and bring the qualifying purchase in to use during the day, they can accrue special in-game bonuses!

Players may qualify to participate in the 40K Megabattle through the following kinds of purchases from Gunslinger Games:

  1. Any GW/Citadel Building or Ruin Terrain kit (note this includes any Warhammer Fantasy kits, as the Imperial world in contest is quasi-medieval).
  2. Any Warhammer 40K Vehicle or Monster kit (this includes Walkers, Transports and even Superheavies).
  3. Any variety of Warhammer 40K Squad box set (which can include odd models that are not strictly vehicles, such as bikes, jetbikes, destroyers, battlesuits, etc).

Qualifying hobbyists should make their purchases from GG as soon as possible, especially if the item will have to be special ordered, to ensure they can assemble and paint their purchase, and bring it to play with on event day at Gunslinger Games as a part of their Megabattle exploratory force. Players who purchase a Building or Ruin terrain kit and bring it, finished, to play over, will get rerolls to search every terrain piece, based on advance scouting/recon of the area having provided them an extra level of battlefield familiarity; players who purchased and bring, finished, a Vehicle to play with as a part of their exploratory force may have a free tech-specialist crewman aboard, with an ingame effect of affording them rerolls on any vehicle damaged/destroyed results (must take second roll); players who purchased and bring, finished, a 40K Monster as part of their exploratory force may assign it D3 extra Wounds to begin the battle, rolled before their first movement, to represent their sending their mightiest into the fray; and players who bring, finished, their purchased squad may see it led by *their* best of the best, a hero (sergeant or squad-leader equivalent) who has a free Iron Halo 4+ Inv Save and the player's choice of either +1WS or +1BS!

And most importantly--these benefits may be combined: any player who buys and brings a terrain piece, a vehicle or monster AND a squad purchased from Gunslinger, for example, may receive all three purchase bonuses during the day's event! If there is a battleforce box you have been considering for your army--or as the basis for starting a new one!--this would be an opportunity to make one purchase qualify for several play bonuses!

And although an Apocalypse game in every sense, for those who prefer that, Gunslinger Games' June 18 Megabattle will be a terrific opportunity to try out a new army, as each participant's exploratory force will be built to a maximum of 500 points. These forces can be constructed using Apocalypse rules--which means no Force Organization Chart is necessary, players may bring any combination of models they choose--and may also include Datasheets, or be composed of Gargantuan Creatures and Superheavy Vehicles...but the per player total of no more than 500 points makes constructing a compact starter force to explore with easy (which in turn becomes the foundation of an entire army). That 500 point total may be approximated if a player chooses the Gargantuan Creature/Superheavy Option, as some such cannot be fielded for less than 500-and-change; the awesome Citadel Baneblade and variant tank kits, or the Ork Stompa, would make excellent qualifying Vehicle purchases, and be even more survivable with the Megabattle special rules for completion. Players wishing to field a Gargantuan Creature/Superheavy Vehicle of *significantly* more than 500 points (such as a ForgeWorld Titan or Flyer) may be allowed to do so, but as that purchase could not be made through Gunslinger to qualify, they will have to purchase and complete the Building or Ruin option indicated above in order to participate, and then clear permission to bring their high-point Superheavy in advance with the event moderator (North Texas Outrider Chris at Adeptus North Texas).

What will these exploratory forces be fighting over? The Imperial world Scytulus III has already seen an explosion of conflict, as the seemingly insignificant, quasi-feudal world has been suddenly and savagely attacked, from within and without; now that conflict has suddenly intensified, as scanner readings have revealed the presence of an object of enormous arcane power, somewhere on the world. The players' objective will be to search the planetary ruins for that hidden object of power.

This item of power will be revealed in-game, when found, and will be something the squad, monster or vehicle which successfully retrieves it will be able to employ not only during the Megabattle, but in future Scytulus III games/events at Gunslinger Games and across North Texas! To heighten interest, however, Gunslinger Games, Adeptus North Texas and Games Workshop are going to up the ante still further, by offering qualified participants a number of prizes throughout the day--which will be triggered by terrain searches which *do not* reveal the mystery object! These prizes will include Gunslinger Games gift certificates, admission to future events, Black Library novels and Citadel miniatures!

And do not forget that Gunslinger Games is the host of the spectacular Battletech Virtual Reality pods, which will be up and running at a special rate for Megabattle participants on the day!

June 18 will be that day; Gunslinger Games will be the place; the fate of an Imperial world will be the bounty. Time is of the essence: get to Gunslinger as soon as possible to insure you have plenty of time (over two months from event announcement!) to order, receive, construct and finish your terrain or army element.

Railhead Rumble 40K Tournament at A-Kon

The Heroic 28s podcast presents The Railhead Rumble, a 2000 point Warhammer 40,000 tournament, June 10-12 at the Westin/Sheraton Downtown Dallas, at A-Kon!

Pre-registration is $40 for this 7 round event. There is also a Team Competition: three individuals, competing singly but registered together, will achieve team ranking through combination of their individual scores. These are competing for a coveted traveling trophy: the Railhead Cup.

Participants can also play in a sprawling Apocalypse multiplayer Megabattle Friday, June 10, and demo games of various GW systems throughout the weekend.

More information can be found on http://theheroic28s.blogspot.com as well as by listening to the podcast. A-Kon information can be had at http://a-kon.com.

40K Escalation League at Comic Asylum

Comic Asylum will start a Warhammer 40,000 Escalation League May 10, 2011. Entry will be $10 per player toward a prize pool from these entry fees.

The League will consist of three sessions of two weeks' length each. Session One (weeks one and two) will be fought with 750 point armies, Session Two (weeks three and four) up to 1250 points, finishing with Session Three (weeks five and six) at 1750 points.

Players must maintain the same army throughout the league. They can join the league at any point, and are not required to participate in every Session, except to be eligible to win League prizes.

All models for the league are required to be assembled and placed on bases. Painting and decorative basing – while strongly encouraged – are not required. Only current Games Workshop Warhammer 40K codices/armies are allowed for the League. Questions about possible variant army lists or any other League specifics should be addressed to moderators Jubei, Bob, or Brian at Comic Asylum!

40K Tourney May 21 at Comic Asylum

The game staff at Comic Asylum in Richardson will host a 1500 point Warhammer 40,000 Tournament Saturday, May 21--Wartorn Worlds!

This sounds like both an outstanding event of itself, and a great motivator for participants in CA's 40K Escalation League; contact them at ComicAsylumstaff@gmail.com for details.


Lone Star Dallas Commanders Challenge Winners!

The staff at Lone Star Comics Dallas named three models winners in their respective categories for the Commanders Challenge series of events, completed over Free Comic Book Day weekend: a Youngbloods winner, a Best 40K winner, and the Overall winner. Congratulations to the winners, and I hope participants in all the events enjoyed them!

+Best Youngblood Commander+ (receiving 4 points, for model submission, Best Youngblood model [painting, conversions and basing], Combat Patrol participation and narrative submission): Brady Allen/Tyranid Swarmlord 'The Pitlord of Tartarus'

+Best 40K Commander+ (receiving 1 point, for model submission): Rick Morang/Tyranid Winged Hive Tyrant 'unknown name'

+++Overall Commanders Challenge Winner+++ (receiving 6 points, for model submission, Best 40K model [painting, conversions, basing], Best Commander model [painting, conversions, basing], Combat Patrol participation, narrative submission and Best Narrative): Juan Diaz/Eldar Autarch 'Corsair Etheniel Starseeker'

Lone Star Comics Dallas Commanders Challenge 2011

Lone Star Comics Dallas will host a series of linked events--painting and modeling contests, background writing opportunities and ontable gameplay--to determine the ultimate leaders for both Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy Battles in their 2011 Commanders Challenge!

North Texas hobbyists will enter the Commander models for their respective 41st Millennium and Old World armies. Participants may make one entry each for 40K and WHFB, with a purchase of any Games Workshop product for each entry from Lone Star Comics Dallas (which may be--but is not required to be--the Commander model submission itself). Models may be as elaborately converted and based as the submittor desires BUT must be mounted on the actual gameplay base relevant to the chosen figure. Named/Special Character Commander models may be submitted. Commander models in WHFB mounted or riding monsters may be submitted, but must be played that way in any ontable events. No retinues, command squads or attached transports should be submitted with Commander models (though they may be utilized in play). Completed Commander models will be placed in the display case at Lone Star Comics Dallas through Free Comic Book Day the first weekend of May, when winners will be announced!

In addition to the modeling/painting element of the Commanders Challenge, hobbyists will have an opportunity to submit the history, background and statistics of their entered Commander. This narrative must be printed, legibly, on no more than one 8.5x11 sheet (though front and back may be used if necessary), and may be turned in to Lone Star Comics Dallas concurrent with the model submission or anytime after the model is submitted, through the end of April 2011. The narrative may include calligraphy, artwork or other creative touches the submittor believes will enhance his Commander's presence. The text of this narrative should then be posted to the emailing list of cosponsor Adeptus North Texas at http://www.adeptusnorthtexas.com so that the history of the participant's Commander becomes part of local lore.

The Commanders will then have opportunities to lead their forces in actual gameplay events at Lone Star Dallas--such as a Combat Patrol style 40K tournament, a Warhammer Skirmish tournament, multiplayer megabattles and even a one-on-one gladiator type Arena match! The rules for these events will be modified for the Challenge to allow for participation by any level of Commander!

Participating hobbyists will receive Commander Points for each event in the Challenge:

  • Submission of completed model
  • Award of best model in relevant category
  • Submission of completed narrative
  • Award of best narrative in relevant category
  • Participation in each gameplay event
  • Victory in relevant gameplay event

Prizes will be awarded for:

  • Best 40K Commander Model (painting, conversion and basing)
  • Best WHFB Commander Model (painting, conversion and basing)
  • Best Youngblood Commander Model (painting, conversion and basing, aged 14 and under)
  • Greatest 40K Commander (total accumulated Command Points)
  • Greatest WHFB Commander (total accumulated Command Points)

Watch for notice instore at Lone Star Comics Dallas and online at Adeptus North Texas for event notifications, get to LSD to make your qualifying purchases, commence work on your finest army leader models...and prepare to prove your general's greatness, through the Commanders Challenge 2011!

Commanders Challenge Narrative Competition!

The next event in the Lone Star Comics Dallas Commanders Challenge is on! Hobbyists are encouraged to submit a one-page narrative to the store describing their submitted Commander figure, as they best choose: the history, background and even statistics of their entered Commander may be included. This narrative must be printed, legibly, on no more than one 8.5x11 sheet (though front and back may be used if necessary), and may be turned in to Lone Star Comics Dallas concurrent with the model submission or anytime *after* the model is submitted, through the end of April 2011. This narrative may include calligraphy, artwork, logos, graphics, or other creative touches the submittor believes will enhance his Commander's presence. The text of this narrative should then be posted to the emailing list of cosponsor Adeptus North Texas at http://www.adeptusnorthtexas.com so that the history of the participant's Commander becomes part of local lore. The opportunity to add points to your Commander's total--and add to his or her reputation, on the local gaming scene--is here, with Lone Star Comics Dallas' Narrative portion of the 2011 Commanders Challenge!

2011 Commanders Challenge Combat Patrol Rules

The ongoing Commanders Challenge at Lone Star Comics Dallas includes a 400 Point, one-day Combat Patrol Tournament, for hobbyists to test their war leader in the crucible of battle! 'Combat Patrol' rules are not included in Fifth Edition Warhammer 40,000; each army must meet the following build criteria:

  • 400 Points maximum.
  • 1 Troops choice minimum.
  • 1 HQ choice, which must be the model submitted for the Commanders Challenge; no limits (Armour, Wounds, Special Character) apply to the HQ.
  • No 2+ Armour Save models (unless the HQ).
  • No 3 or more Wound models (unless the HQ).
  • No vehicle with a combined AV (Front/Side/Rear) exceeding 33 points.

Each participant *MUST* have a completed, legal, accurate and legible army list to turn in to the moderator at the beginning of the tournament on Sunday (which means participants should bring at least two, to keep one for themselves, and as many as five, so that each of their three opponents can have a copy). The rules and scoring will be consistent with those used in local 'Combat Patrol' tournaments in recent years:


Eight Players; 400 Point Armies using Combat Patrol rules; three games of approximately 45 minutes' duration each (including setup); highest total score of the available points (detailed following) wins the tourney.


  • Painting: Maximum 10 Points.
  • Sportsmanship: Maximum 5 Points.
  • Army List: Maximum of 5 Points.
  • Games: Maximum of 15 Points.
  • Presentation: Maximum of 5 Points.


*All Players entering the Tournament must attest they are primarily responsible for having painted their armies themselves. This does not preclude assistance from parents/friends/significant others, so long as the painting is primarily representative of the player's own skill and effort.*

Painting Scoring is cumulative (undercoated figures with no other paint but elaborate bases still score only at the first 1 Point level, for example).

Armies which require no level 4 decals/squad markings (some Tyranid and Necron armies, as an example) are not penalized for that, and will simply either receive 3 points or 5+, as appropriate to the level completed.

  • 1 Point--All figures/vehicles assembled, based and undercoated (anything less is zero).
  • 2 Points--Judge's optional score for armies with one (or more) models at previous level, but one (or more) at a level higher on the Painting Scoring scale.
  • 3 Points--Above plus all figures in basic uniform colour(s) plus all obvious details (facial skin, weapons/weapons cases, shoulder pads/trim, bases, etc) complete.
  • 4 Points--Above plus all appropriate decals/squad markings added.
  • 5 Points--Above plus details painted (pouches, lenses, skulls, aquila, etc).
  • 6 Points--Above plus bases flocked or otherwise scenicked.
  • 7 Points--Judge's optional score for excellence to the above level, before advanced painting techniques are attempted.
  • 8 Points--Above plus effective washes or highlighting (effectiveness to be determined by judges).
  • 9 Points--Above plus effective blending (effectiveness to be determined by judges).
  • 10 Points--Award of Merit for ONE of the armies which qualified for 9 Points; this Player will receive an extra point (for a Painting score of 10), and receive the award for Best Painter.

If no Players qualify for 9 Points, the Player with the highest score in Painting will receive the Award of Merit for Best Painter but will retain the lower earned Painting score, for calculating Overall Winner. In the event of a tie the winner will be determined by consensus of the judges.


Each Player will confidentially score their three opponents for Sportsmanship under the following guidelines, be scored by their own opponents under the same guidelines, and will, at the end of all three rounds, cast a vote for which of the three opponents they played (if any) they considered Best Sportsman. Sportsmanship consists primarily of how much fun the opponent provided and how civilly and courteously the opponent conducted themselves, but how much fun the army the opponent brought in terms of theme, background or logic can be considered, as well.

Each Player will have their lowest score dropped, making the Sportsmanship available points range 0-4; among Players tied for the high score, the Player receiving the most votes for Best Sportsman will then get an additional Award of Merit for Sportsmanship point, for a maximum Sportsmanship score of 5 Points. In the event of a tie in score and in number of votes cast for Best Sportsman, ALL tied Best Sportsmen will receive the additional point:

  • 0 Points--Not a fun opponent. Not an opponent I would like to play again.
  • 1 Point--A quality 40K opponent I would happily face again.
  • 2 Points--An outstanding 40K opponent who made our game more memorable and fun than average.


  • 1 Point--Printed, legible Army List presented to judges at beginning of tourney, with player's name on List, all units accurately identified (including Force Org allocation, gear and squad options) and pointed out; list conforms to the rules of Combat Patrol (anything less is zero).
  • 2 Points--Above plus a copy of the Army List provided for each opponent.
  • 3 Points--Above plus army and all characters/units/vehicles evocatively named.
  • 4 Points--Above plus either written background for the Army or decorative artwork/presentation for the List undertaken by Player (or both).
  • 5 Points--Award of Merit for ANY Army List which achieves 4 Points which judges deem of exceptionally high quality, either in written background, decorative presentation, or both.


Players in each game will receive 2 Points for a Loss and 5 Points for a Win (scenarios at the 400-point army level will not accomodate Draws). Even-numbered Players (2,4,6,8) will play Odd-numbered Players (1,3,5,7) in Game One, unless the moderator adjusts initial pairings (to avoid like armies facing each other, etc). The four winning Players will face each other in one bracket and the four losing Players will face each other in another bracket in Game Two. The two undefeated Players will face each other in Game Three, with the remaining six Players bracketed to face a Player they've not yet played in Game Three. This will produce a minimum Games score of 6 and a maximum Games score of 12 except for the one Undefeated Player who will earn 15 Points, and the Award of Merit for Best General. For Tournaments with greater than eight participants, this general swiss system will be followed but modified by that number of players.


Players may earn up to 5 Points for Presentation of their armies at Tournament. These points may be earned as follows:

  • 1 Point--Having a decorative presentation base/carrying tray/diorama for displaying/transporting their army.
  • 1 Point--Having notable effective conversion(s) to figures/vehicles which personalize their army. Conversions can be as simple as substituting bitz from one GW figure to another or as elaborate as from-scratch greenstuff-sculpting, but the qualifying conditions are that said conversions be 'notable'--ie, that the judges notice them--and 'effective'--meaning that they add to, rather than detract from, the presentation of a Player's army (note that Players should feel free to point out conversions to judges to meet the first criteria, as very few of even the most well-qualified judges will be familiar with every figure, vehicle kit and bit GW produces!).
  • 1 Point--An additional Award of Merit point for Presentation may be presented by the judges in any instances where the notable effective conversions in an army are deemed to be of exceptionally high quality or the Display board is considered notably effective, evocative or otherwise well-done.
  • 1 Point--Event Specific Award: Most Combat Patrols are held in conjunction with a larger event, and participating in that event in some fashion specificied can earn participants this additional point for Presentation. This can include modeling a specific character for the Tournament (such as the Waaghmbat) or participating in a related activity (such as the previous day's 'bring and build/paint and play' during the Hobby Weekend); for the Commanders Challenge, any participant who has either already placed his Commander at Lone Star Dallas for display or who leaves it in the display cabinet following conclusion of the event--in other words, who has *finished* the model--will receive this award.
  • 1 Point--Award of Merit for Best Army: one Player will receive an additional point for having the highest combined score from the categories of Painting, Army List and Presentation, and will receive the Award of Merit for Best Army.


Awards of Merit for Army List, Presentation and Event will be presented in the form of Points added to Players' Overall scores, as noted above.

Prizes (in addition to Points, where noted above) will be awarded for:

  • Award of Merit for Best Sportsman
  • Award of Merit for Best Painter
  • Award of Merit for Best General
  • Award of Merit for Best Army
  • Overall Tournament Championship Award
  • Murphy's Luck Award (presented to that Player who, more than any other, was deserted and betrayed by Lady Luck, the Hand of Fate and his Dice during the Tournament)

Gunslinger Games Opens!

A new game store has opened in North Texas...with some welcome connections! Gunslinger Games is now open at 11110 Petal St, Suite 200, in northeast Dallas, Texas. Inside the 2500 square foot facility hobbyists will find tables and terrain for miniatures play and wargaming, roleplaying and board game stock...and the return of VGCorp and the much-loved BattleTech virtual reality combat pods! Gunslinger also hopes to meet the frequently voiced need for late weeknight hours of play, with initial hours of operation announced as Tuesday through Friday 6pm to midnight; Saturday noon to midnight; and Sunday 3pm to 9pm. Store owner Vincent Johnson, well-remembered in the Adeptus community for his service as a staff member at XMax Games, states, 'We have a limited inventory that we are slowly building, but can order Warhammer Fantasy, 40K and virtually any hobby product through our distributors. Our miniatures scene is already robust, as is our Magic: the Gathering community, and we welcome roleplaying groups. We have tables and boards for play and even a good amount of terrain. Our website is also under construction.'

Though 'starting small' by their own concession, the Gunslingers decided it was better to get doors open and games playing, and are trying to offer some things the community has been asking for. If the location is convenient to you and the hours to your advantage, give them a try--and watch for future organized-play events at Gunslinger Games, as well!

40K Combat Patrol Sat Mar 19 at Lone Star Dallas

As part of it's ongoing Commanders Challenge event, Lone Star Comics Dallas will host a modified Warhammer 40,000 Combat Patrol Tournament Saturday, March 19, 2011 at 11am!

Interested participants *must* field their Commanders Challenge 40K HQ choice model entry in the Combat Patrol tourney (see the listing for that event for specifics). Space is limited so stop by LSD to make your qualifying purchase and register ASAP.

Armies must be composed to a maximum of 400 Points from an inprint 40K codex; must include 1 Troops choice; must include 1 HQ choice (which must be the player's Commanders Challenge entry as noted); cannot include any 2+ Armour Saves (unless the single specific HQ model entry); cannot include any models with more than 2 Wounds (unless the single specific HQ model entry); and may not include any vehicle with a combined AV total (Front + Rear + Side [counted only once]) greater than 33.

The tourney will be three rounds, and local terrain artist Dave Pakalnis has volunteered his custom 4x4 boards to battle over! Participants will acquire Commanders Challenge Command points, so ready your forces and muster to Lone Star Comics Dallas March 19 to rise to command!


  • Check In Before 11am
  • Game One 11am - 11:50am
  • Game Two 12pm - 12:50pm
  • Game Three 1pm - 1:50pm
  • Awards Ceremony 2pm

GW Frisco Madness of March!

Games Workshop Frisco would like to invite North Texas hobbyists to participate in their month-long 'Madness of March!'

This four session, single elimination tournament (echoing another March tourney institution) for Warhammer 40K will begin with 1500 point armies pitted against each other March 5; the winners will advance to face each other at 1750 points March 12, with semi-finalists squaring off at 2000 points March 19 and the championship being settled at a whopping 2250 points March 26!

Games will be played at GW Frisco each Saturday from Noon to 9pm. Each participant pays a $5 entry fee, with the entire proceeds going toward GW Gift Card first and second prizes, awarded the last day of play. The host organization is The North Texas Social & Gaming Club; address any queries for additional details to them or Adam at GW Frisco. Good luck!

'Ultramarines' Free Fan Screening comes to North Texas!

Saturday, February 26, 2011, the Codex Pictures' limited DVD release 'Ultramarines,' a Warhammer 40,000 based animated feature, will be shown on the big screen at the Cinemark Movies 8, Lewisville, Texas...and this screening is free of charge to fans!

Details can be had at this link, which includes instructions for reserving passes for the limited-availability seating: http://ultramarinesthemovie.com/usa-fan-screenings?utm_source=Ultramarines:+The+Movie+Newsletter&utm_campaign=33fc8d94de-Newsletter016&utm_medium=email

Screening is at 11am; Codex Pictures advises that the DVD release carries an 'R' rating, and IDs should be brought to the North Texas area screening for admittance.

Warhammer 40,000 Tournament Feb 19 at Comic Asylum

Comic Asylum Garland has announced a tournament for Warhammer 40K Saturday, February 19, 2011 at 10am. Set at 2000 points, interested participants can sign up instore at CA, or call Bob or the staff for additional details!

Texas Toy Soldier Apocalypse Game Feb 5!

Allen and the crew at the Texas Toy Soldier will host a Warhammer 40K Apocalypse Game Saturday, Feb 5!

Players should arrive when the store opens at 10am and *must* be unpacked, deployed and ready to roll dice before Noon, and may bring forces of up to 3000 points per participant *subject to the constant standard for play at Texas Toy Soldier that all models must be fully painted.*

All 40K army factions are eligible for participation in this one, and there is no cost or purchase requirement to participate (though TTS's sales are ongoing)--so make your way with superheavies, flyers and datasheets in hand to the Texas Toy Soldier, 4220 Spring Valley Road just east of Midway on Saturday, Feb 5 for war in the forty-first millennium--Apocalypse style!

Result: HobbytownUSA Dallas Worldwide 40K Apocalypse Battle

Ten players rostered over 16,000 points (including a total of five gargantuan creatures and two superheavy vehicles) in the HobbytownUSA Dallas portion of the worldwide Imperium vs Xenos Apocalypse 40K megabattle January 22, 2011. The Dallas portion of the battlefield took place amidst a wintry city ruin, with the two forces clashing across a dried-up and decaying canal bed. The Imperial forces were led by a Puritan Daemonhunter Inquisitor with retinue and a contingent of Grey Knights in the center, Soul Drinkers space marines to the right flank and Howling Griffons terminators led by Librarian Ulysses to the left, with the entire battle line buttressed by the guns of the Imperial Guard; facing them were tendrils of Tyranid hive fleets Tiamat and Cerberus, and a small contingent of Necrons awakened by the conflict. The battle was escalated by the unexpected arrival of Khornate Reaver Titan Angrones Irae...for Khorne cares not whence the blood flows.

The Xenos seized the initiative and threw their dominance in monstrous and gargantuan creatures across the crumbling spillway at the Imperial host, taking an early first turn advantage in held objectives 3-1 which humanity could never quite make up. At the top of the third turn, the Imperium adopted a Stalingradian approach to the battle, eventually using their firepower advantage to destroy *every* objective on the field save for the three they either had controlled, or felt they could contest; consensus was the strategy would have worked if initiated a single turn sooner, but at battle's end the Xenos held a 5-4 advantage in objectives held for at least one turn, and held one of the three remaining objectives with the other two in contest.

Apocalypse, however, is less about the outcome than the moments of high drama getting there, and this battle featured them aplenty. Without question the hero of the day was Howling Griffons Terminator Librarian Ulysses: aided by the most effective deployment of the archeotech Asset Vortex Grenade seen in some time, the space marine psyker dispatched a Tyranid Heirophant, most of the Necron infantry and combined with orbital strikes from his battle barge and the guns of his faction's Baneblade to see off the interloper Chaos Titan (inflicting damage with both his psychic powers and in hand-to-hand combat!).

Thanks to all the players who came out and made the day an outstanding hobby event, HobbytownUSA Dallas for sponsoring, hosting and moderating participation in the Worldwide Apocalypse megabattle, and to http://www.apocalypse40k.com for organizing the entire enormous undertaking!

Worldwide Apocalypse Campaign Game in North Texas Sat, Jan 22nd!

On Saturday, January 22, 2011, gamers across the globe will unite in an Imperium versus Xenos Apocalypse campaign coordinated through http://www.apocalypse40K.com -- and hobbyists in North Texas will be able to participate, at HobbytownUSA Dallas!

All of the coordinating has been taken care of, through Adeptus North Texas -- all interested participants need do is arrive with their armies according to the instructions following, and attempt to win control of their corner of the worldwide battlefield through a massive multi-player Apocalypse 40,000 megabattle!

The game will take place at HobbytownUSA Dallas (the previous Game Hall which is now devoted to their in-store discounts and sales will be reconfigured for play use on the day) from 11am until 6pm. No purchase or sign up is necessary (although HTUD will continue to run their Games Workshop sale--buy 3 get the 4th free, or buy 4 get 2 additional free!--during the event).

Players should bring armies for either the Imperium (any Space Marines, any Imperial Guard, any Inquisition) or Xenos (Orks, Tyranids, Necrons, Eldar, Dark Eldar or Tau) in increments of 1000 points. Datasheets and superheavy vehicles/gigantic creatures are welcome, and can be used in place of a 1000 point increment; in the case of a superheavy which exceeds that approximate points block, the opposing side will be allowed to add increments to compensate, and players who bring additional 1000 point blocks may be allowed to field them, to balance sides. All models must be at least fully assembled, based, primed, and with at least some effort made toward painting; models need not be detailed/completed, but no bare metal/plastic or one-colour-primed models can be used in the megabattle. Space is limited; moderators recommend interested players use the emailing list via Adeptus North Texas to identify to host store and moderators their intention to play.