Result: Lone Star Comics Dallas 40K 'Capture the Flag' Contest

Fifteen hobbyists came out for Lone Star's 'Capture The Flag' bash, and with Space Marines, Space Wolves, Imperial Guard, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tyranids and Necrons represented, forces aligned fairly evenly along traditional 'order' versus 'disorder' factions (the Inquisition and Chaos must've been off battling amongst themselves). Chris' assault marines and Dylan's craftworld eldar had it toughest on the 'order' left flank, tying each other for the most complete wipeouts-and-respawnings, while Dave's destroyer lord on the opposite end seized a flag in turn one and held it the entire game. Glenn's grav-chuting guardsmen won 'boldest move' of the event when they heroically inserted from their Vendetta onto a flag in the face of a wall of Josh's dual-tervigon-created-tyranids...and held out for a visually-impressively-long time against the swarm (Glenn has promised to post photos)...while Brady's swarmlord-templated Pitlord of Tartarus hive tyrant won 'frustrated monstrous creature' of the event, as he spent the entire game trying to find a single opponent from first the 'order' side then the 'disorder' side willing to engage him, without success. Prizes were awarded via random draw, with each flag point earned accruing players an extra chit in the stocking...and thanks to host Lone Star Comics Dallas for sweetening the deal so that every participant took home a poster, hobby paint or some other gift for their effort, at the end of the day!

'Capture the Flag' proved to be a very fun way to get 400 points of one's favorite models onto the tabletop; look for it again sometime early in 2011, so North Texas hobbyists can try out the new armies they receive for the holidays!