Result: Lone Star Comics Dallas 40K 'Capture the Flag' Contest

Fifteen hobbyists came out for Lone Star's 'Capture The Flag' bash, and with Space Marines, Space Wolves, Imperial Guard, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tyranids and Necrons represented, forces aligned fairly evenly along traditional 'order' versus 'disorder' factions (the Inquisition and Chaos must've been off battling amongst themselves). Chris' assault marines and Dylan's craftworld eldar had it toughest on the 'order' left flank, tying each other for the most complete wipeouts-and-respawnings, while Dave's destroyer lord on the opposite end seized a flag in turn one and held it the entire game. Glenn's grav-chuting guardsmen won 'boldest move' of the event when they heroically inserted from their Vendetta onto a flag in the face of a wall of Josh's dual-tervigon-created-tyranids...and held out for a visually-impressively-long time against the swarm (Glenn has promised to post photos)...while Brady's swarmlord-templated Pitlord of Tartarus hive tyrant won 'frustrated monstrous creature' of the event, as he spent the entire game trying to find a single opponent from first the 'order' side then the 'disorder' side willing to engage him, without success. Prizes were awarded via random draw, with each flag point earned accruing players an extra chit in the stocking...and thanks to host Lone Star Comics Dallas for sweetening the deal so that every participant took home a poster, hobby paint or some other gift for their effort, at the end of the day!

'Capture the Flag' proved to be a very fun way to get 400 points of one's favorite models onto the tabletop; look for it again sometime early in 2011, so North Texas hobbyists can try out the new armies they receive for the holidays!

New Years Day Apocalypse at Texas Toy Soldier!

Saturday, January 1, the Texas Toy Soldier will host the first event of 2011--an all-day Apocalypse game of Warhammer 40K!

Located at 4220 Spring Valley, just east of Midway, the Texas Toy Soldier will be open regular hours--10am till 6pm--and will continue their big sale of 25% off all Games Workshop product and 10% off all other stock (historicals, supplies, terrain, everything!).

The Apocalypse game will occur in their comfortable onsite game room during business hours. Everyone is invited to bring out their armies, Apocalypse formations and superheavies...with the only caveat that every model used must be painted. So bring your best looking miniatures to the fray, Saturday, January 1, 2011, for the New Years Day Apocalypse at the Texas Toy Soldier!

Texas Toy Soldier 40K Gaming Day

North Texas' newest miniatures wargaming retailer, The Texas Toy Soldier, invites hobbyists to their inaugural Warhammer 40,000 Gaming Day Saturday, December 18, 2010!

Gamers Clay Smith and Steve Miller will moderate themed games in TTS's dedicated game room from 10am to 6pm: 1500 point painted armies with no proxies are invited to battle Clay and Steve's Orks (or each other)!

TTS welcomes all hobbyists to check out their selection of 40K, Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Lord of the Rings and other Games Workshop product as well as other miniatures wargaming lines--and to take advantage of all GW product at 25% off suggested retail price!

The Texas Toy Soldier is open four days a week, Wednesday through Saturday, from 10am to 6pm, at 4220 Spring Valley Road, just east of Midway, in the complex on the south side of the street.

Come experience their selection and dedicated play space Saturday at the 40K Gaming Day!

Lone Star Comics Dallas 40K 'Capture the Flag' Contest!

On Thursday, December 23, Lone Star Comics Dallas will host a Night-Before-Crushness Warhammer 40K event--a 400 point, face-all-comers, winner-take-all 'Capture the Flag' Contest!

From 5pm till 9pm, hobbyists may bring a 400-point, codex-legal army from any in print 40K codex and battle any opposing force for control of pre-established, movable 'flag' objectives. Each 400-point force must have 1 (and only 1) HQ choice, a 'leader' single model which is the only model in the force which can 'capture' a flag; the remainder of the points are not subject to the Force Org chart, meaning the player may construct them from any other elements of the codex they choose!

Players capture a flag by moving their designated HQ choice leader single model into base contact with it during the Movement (not Shooting/Running or Assault) phase; if the HQ choice model is still in base contact with the flag at the end of that--or any subsequent--player turn, the player earns one Flag Point each player turn. The winner is the player at the end of the night who has accumulated the most Flag Points.

Opponents may deprive the HQ model of its captured flag by killing the model--by shooting, assault, blowing it up in a vehicle, any way possible--at which point the HQ drops the flag, ceases earning Flag Points...and any elements of the controlling player's army still on the board must begin moving toward the board edge point where they began play. Upon any model of that player's force reaching the board edge point, they obtain reinforcements and all casualties to that point--including their HQ model leader--are reconstituted, entering play from that board edge point at the beginning of their next Movement phase.

The flags may NEVER leave the tabletop. If a force in possession of the flag withdraws (see below) or is forced off the table by special rule, the flag is left at the last place on the table where the capturing model stood, and play continues.

Players may start and stop play as their schedule allows throughout the evening, keeping track of their total accrued Flag Points to determine victory.

Players will be assigned to one of two 'sides' without regard to army faction, only balancing the number of players on each side. Players are not actually working together, as in a megabattle, but to keep player turns and game turns straight, players may only attack armies on the opposing side. If a player wishes, they may 'change sides' as more players arrive to participate, by completing a withdrawal of their on table force to the board edge point as indicated above for receiving reinforcements, then starting at a board edge point on the opposite side in the following turn.

Board edge points are anywhere on the player's side's long table edge which allow the player's force to legally move onto the tabletop (ie, without coming within 1" of another model, etc).

Although fully painted armies are not required (this is a not-terribly-serious, all-for-fun kind of contest, and perfect for both beginners and experienced hobbyists wanting to try a new army), every participant who brings a fully based, fully painted 400-point force to play with will be able to roll a D3 before their first turn and get that many bonus Flag Points to start with--and if they make any purchase at Lone Star Dallas before or during their participation in the Capture the Flag contest, they can receive an additional one-time D3 roll bonus to their Flag Point total! These rolls MUST be witnessed by either the event moderator or a Lone Star Dallas employee.

Lone Star Dallas intends to award a grand prize to the general who accrues the most Flag Points--so bring your 400-point force, your codex, your printed, legal, legible army list and battle to the last Thursday, December 23 at the Night-Before-Crushness 40K 'Capture the Flag' event!

Heroes of Legend Contest at Lone Star Comics Plano!

Beginning Monday, December 6 and running through the end of December 2010, Lone Star Comics Plano will hold a 'Heroes of Legend' Painting Contest for Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K!

Interested participants can bring in any individual character model from either game system--be it general, wizard, lord, commander or boss; special character models included--to enter the contest. Models must be Citadel miniatures, based and in what submittors consider their fully-painted, finished state. Models will remain on display in-store through January 8th, where prizes will be awarded for First, Second and Third Place 'Hero' for each system!

Contact the Lone Star Plano crew for further details--or simply bring your submission to the store between 12/6 and 12/30, to see if your Hero is the stuff of Legend!