'TANKSGIVING' at HobbytownUSA Dallas!

HobbytownUSA Dallas invites Warhammer Fantasy Battles players to celebrate 'Tanksgiving' with a painting contest special event: purchase a Warhammer Fantasy Steam Tank kit from HobbytownUSA Dallas, build/paint/customize it to your best ability, then bring it to HTUD to display anytime between now and Thanksgiving week: the model judged Most Outstanding Steam Tank will receive a prize, and prizes will be awarded in other categories as judges (and entries!) see fit: Best Youngblood Tank, Best 'Non-Empire' Tank, Best Tank Conversion, etc!

Judging will occur the weekend following Thanksgiving; all entries must be purchased either off-the-shelf or via special order from HobbytownUSA Dallas, and returned to the store for display in the Game Section cabinet before Thanksgiving Day. Submitting hobbyists warrant that the model submitted is representative of their own building, converting and painting effort.

Full steam ahead to HobbytownUSA Dallas for the Steam Tank Model Contest 'Tanksgiving' Event!