'TANKSGIVING' at HobbytownUSA Dallas!

HobbytownUSA Dallas invites Warhammer Fantasy Battles players to celebrate 'Tanksgiving' with a painting contest special event: purchase a Warhammer Fantasy Steam Tank kit from HobbytownUSA Dallas, build/paint/customize it to your best ability, then bring it to HTUD to display anytime between now and Thanksgiving week: the model judged Most Outstanding Steam Tank will receive a prize, and prizes will be awarded in other categories as judges (and entries!) see fit: Best Youngblood Tank, Best 'Non-Empire' Tank, Best Tank Conversion, etc!

Judging will occur the weekend following Thanksgiving; all entries must be purchased either off-the-shelf or via special order from HobbytownUSA Dallas, and returned to the store for display in the Game Section cabinet before Thanksgiving Day. Submitting hobbyists warrant that the model submitted is representative of their own building, converting and painting effort.

Full steam ahead to HobbytownUSA Dallas for the Steam Tank Model Contest 'Tanksgiving' Event!

Saturday Night 40K and Fantasy at Lone Star Dallas!

Lone Star Comics Dallas announces in-store Saturday Night Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy Battles play!

Beginning with 40K Oct 16 and alternating each weekend--WHFB will begin Oct 23--Lone Star will offer starter play every Saturday evening that no special scheduled in-store event conflicts; 40K play will use Combat Patrol rules as found on the Adeptus North Texas site -- in summary 400 point armies, one Troop choice required, no AV exceeding 12, no 2+ Saves, 2 Wound maximum) and WHFB will use Border Skirmish rules as found on same (in summary 500 points, one Core choice required, no Lord level characters, Level One or Two spellcasters only).

If participation takes off, expect to see tournaments, multiplayer special megabattles and other events--complete with prize support--become a feature of Saturday night play at Lone Star Comics Dallas, Abrams at Park!

Nov 13 & 14 XMax 40K Doubles Tourney: Defensive Line!

XMax Games Dallas announces their next tournament, a return of the very popular Warhammer 40K Doubles Team Tourney format, which will tie into the ongoing Scytulus III North Texas narrative and feature a special theme that will affect all four game rounds: Defensive Line!

When: Saturday, November 13 and Sunday, November 14, 2010

Time: 3p-7p Saturday, 2p-6p Sunday (two rounds of play each afternoon for four total games)

Pts: 1000 maximum per two-player Doubles Team (minimum 400points/1 Troop choice per player)

Where: XMax Games Dallas

Cost: Purchase of either one Bastion or Aegis Line kit per team from XMax Games OR $20 registration fee per team (in which case teams must supply their own Bastion or Aegis Line for play)

Max players: 16 Doubles Teams (32 players)

Theme: Defensive Line!--at least one player from each Doubles Team will purchase either a Bastion or Aegis Line kit from XMax Games in order to qualify their Team to register (or provide it if purchasing their team registration as noted), then will bring their completed kits to use in the Tournament: Teams which bring a Bastion may use its standard heavy bolter weapons and/or com-link if modelled, Teams which bring an Aegis Line may roll each game to see what benefit it confers (if *each* player on a Doubles Team purchases a Bastion or Aegis Line from XMax, the team may use *both* to defend their line!):

1-2) Shieldwall, 2+ Cover Save and Difficult Terrain to cross
3) Minefield, 4+ Cover Save and Dangerous Terrain for opponent to cross
4) Tank Trap, 4+ Cover Save and Impassable for Vehicles
5-6) Barricades, 5+ Cover Save and Difficult Terrain to cross

Rally your best mate for battle, watch Adeptus North Texas for additional details, get your Bastion or Aegis Line purchased, built and customized to match your armie(s) for extra points, and be prepared to further the storyline of the ongoing Scytulus III campaign at XMax Games 40K Doubles Team Tourney: Defensive Line, November 13 and 14, 2010!