Scytulus Campaign 40K Megabattle at XMax Aug 15!

Scytulus III is a world in cataclysm, riven by dimensional cascades which have unleashed the chaotic, the daemonic and the wicked upon it. Defenders of order have swarmed to defend the wartorn world. The result? Apocalypse...

The battle for Scytulus III will play out in events across North Texas in the coming months--and XMax Games Dallas will host a Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse multi-player megabattle Sunday, August 15, 2010 to open the campaign, and determine whether a critical component of Scytulus III's infrastructure holds, or falls.

To participate, interested hobbyists need only make any Games Workshop purchase from XMax, sign up for an available slot representing either the Defenders of Order or the Forces of Ruin, then arrive on Sunday, Aug 15 at 1pm with the force they have committed to. Slots will vary in size beginning as small as 500 points, allowing even starter hobbyists to participate in the campaign.

Slots are limited, and can be claimed following a qualifying purchase on a first-come/first-served basis. Registering for a slot represents a commitment; players who fail to honour it will be disallowed future participation in the campaign. All models used in the megabattle must be assembled, primed and based Citadel miniatures, as realistically WYSIWYG as possible; the larger participation slots will be limited to fully-painted armies only. Remember, Apocalypse games do NOT require Force Org compliance (players may bring whatever they desire), and DO allow superheavy vehicles, gargantuan creatures and datasheet formations. Each participant will need an accurate, printed army list for his megabattle force.

The only additional requirement is that every player should have a named, designated Commander of their force, a persona who, ideally, will become a continuing figure in the developing continuity of the Scytulus III campaign--hero or villain.

The wall between worlds is coming down on Scytulus III. Daemons pour forth from the warp; aliens descend from the darkness; constructs crawl forth from the earth. Join the destruction or stand firm against it Sunday, August 15 at 1pm at XMax Games and make your mark in ongoing forty-first millennium history!