Next 40K Megabattle at Madness Games Plano!

Sunday, September 5th, 2010, at noon, Madness Games in Plano will show off their newly-relocated store, complete with fantastic new gaming space, to the North Texas community, by hosting a Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse Megabattle continuing the Scytulus III campaign narrative!

Participants may bring any one superheavy or gargantuan creature (of any points value, from Apocalypse, Apocalypse Reload, Imperial Armour I and II or GW's Apocalypse resource website) OR 500 points of their chosen army to the battle (no Force Org required, per standard Apocalypse rules). Players with larger forces are encouraged to bring additional units in 500 point increments, which can be added to their initial force to balance sides as needed. There will be no need to register for this battle in advance...simply compose your chosen force or construct your superheavy vehicle, and arrive on the day ready to fight for the Ruin of the besieged planet Scytulus III--as Chaos Daemons, Chaos Space Marines, Traitor Guard, Tyranids, Orks, Necrons or Dark Eldar--or stand in its Defense--as Inquisition, Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Eldar or Tau.

Anyone interested in bringing something costlier than the initial 500 point force which is not a superheavy-equivalent--such as a particular Apocalypse Datasheet, for example--can so indicate via , so that opposing-side players can create a counterbalancing force. In fact, indicating in advance on the hobby website emailing list that you will be attending, and for which side, will be a good way for players of either faction to begin coordinating with each other: the balance between the game-altering power of Apocalypse superheavies and Datasheets and the scoring units necessary to actually achieve victory can be a tricky thing to manage...

The Imperial world of Scytulus III is a precious resource--rich in the promethium reserves which power the Imperial war machine, and a potential recruiting world for multiple space marine chapters--and an ominous mystery, as its far continent appears to have been overtaken by catastrophe which has sundered the boundary between universes, letting the horrors of the Warp pour through. The initial clash has gone to Chaos, as whole Imperial cities have been smashed to ruin and their people enslaved; can her Defenders rally, or will Evil press their advantage to ever more terrible effect?

You can decide, at Madness Games, Sunday, September 5th!

Result: North Texas 40K Playoffs

The children of Khaine carried the day at the Final of the summer 2010 North Texas 40K Playoffs, hosted by HobbytownUSA Dallas, as Michael Sanford's Eldar defeated Tommy Pistole's Eldar 44-42, closely contested by Nick Villacci's Salamanders Space Marines and Dave Pakalnis' Tau.

Michael says he intends to use the $500 HTUD gift certificate to jumpstart his new Warhammer Fantasy Battle Lizardmen army. That will make an impressive splash in the Old World...

Thanks to everyone who participated in the summerlong series, and to HTUD for sponsoring and hosting it; it was good to be back in the premises of the Game Hall (where so many hobby memories have been made) again...

North Texas 40K Playoffs Championship Rules

The North Texas 40K Playoffs conclude Saturday, August 21, 2010 at HobbytownUSA Dallas with a 1500 Point, one-day, three-round, full-scoring Tournament, for the four Bracket Finalists to test their forces in the crucible of battle against *each* other winner!


Four Players; 1500 Point Armies using standard Force Organization from a current, inprint Codex; three games of approximately 2 hours' duration each (including setup); highest Overall score of the available 60 points (detailed following) wins the tourney--and the $500 Gift Certificate from sponsor HobbytownUSA Dallas!


Painting: Maximum 10 Points.
Sportsmanship: Maximum 10 Points.
Army List: Maximum of 5 Points.
Games: Maximum of 30 Points.
Presentation: Maximum of 5 Points.


*All Players entering the Tournament must attest they are primarily responsible for having painted their armies themselves. This does not preclude assistance from parents/friends/significant others, so long as the painting is primarily representative of the player's own skill and effort.*

Painting Scoring is cumulative (undercoated figures with no other paint but elaborate bases still score only at the first 1 Point level, for example).

Armies are scored to the perceived level of the least-finished model used.

Armies which require no level 4 decals/squad markings (some Tyranid and Necron armies, as an example) are not penalized for that, and will simply either receive 3 points or 5+, as appropriate to the level completed.

1 Point--All figures/vehicles assembled, based and undercoated (anything less is zero).
2 Points--Judge's optional score for armies with one (or more) models at previous level, but one (or more) at a level higher on the Painting Scoring scale.
3 Points--Above plus all figures in basic uniform colour(s) plus all obvious details (facial skin, weapons/weapons cases, shoulder pads/trim, bases, etc) complete.
4 Points--Above plus all appropriate decals/squad markings added.
5 Points--Above plus details painted (pouches, lenses, skulls, aquila, etc).
6 Points--Above plus bases flocked or otherwise scenicked.
7 Points--Judge's optional score for excellence to the above level, before advanced painting techniques are attempted.
8 Points--Above plus effective washes or highlighting (effectiveness to be determined by judges).
9 Points--Above plus effective blending (effectiveness to be determined by judges).
10 Points--Award of Merit for ONE of the armies which qualified for 9 Points; this Player will receive an extra point (for a Painting score of 10), and the Award of Merit for Best Painter.

If no Players qualify for 9 Points, the Player with the highest score in Painting will receive the Award of Merit for Best Painter but will retain the lower earned Painting score, for calculating Overall Winner. In the event of a tie the winner will be determined by consensus of the judges.


Each Player will confidentially score their three opponents for Sportsmanship by ballot under the following guidelines, and be scored by their own opponents under the same guidelines, for each of the three rounds; after completion of the third game, the player with the highest total Sportsmanship points will receive the Award of Merit for Best Sportsman, an additional point.

0 Points--Not a fun opponent. Not a fun, balanced or thematic army. Not an opponent I would like to play again.
1 Point--A quality 40K opponent OR a fair, balanced, thematic 40K army, I would willingly face again.
2 Points--A quality 40K opponent AND a fair, balanced, thematic army both, who I would happily face again.
3 Points--a Hobby Champion, whose play style and army provided the best kind of fun 40K gameplay experience: thank you!


1 Point--Printed, legal, legible Army List presented to judges at beginning of tourney, and each opponent at beginning of each round, with player's name on List, all units accurately identified (including Force Org allocation, gear and squad options) and pointed out; anything less is a Zero...*and Army Lists which receive scores of Zero can cause submitting players to forfeit their right to any winnings, particularly if inaccuracies in the List are at cause.*
2 Points--Above plus army and all characters/units/vehicles evocatively named.
3 Points--Above plus either written background for the Army or decorative artwork/presentation for the List undertaken by Player (or both).
+1-2 Points--Award of Merit points for ANY Army List which judges deem of exceptionally high quality, either in written background, decorative presentation, or both, to a total maximum of 5.


Players in each game will receive 2 Points for a Loss, 5 Points for a Draw and 10 Points for a Win.


Players may earn up to 5 Points for Presentation of their armies at Tournament. These points may be earned as follows:

1 Point--Having a decorative presentation base/carrying tray/diorama for displaying/transporting their army.
1 Point--Having notable effective conversion(s) to figures/vehicles which personalize their army. Conversions can be as simple as substituting bitz from one GW figure to another or as elaborate as from-scratch greenstuff-sculpting, but the qualifying conditions are that said conversions be 'notable'--ie, that the judges notice them--and 'effective'--meaning that they add to, rather than detract from, the presentation of a Player's army (note that Players should feel free to point out conversions to judges to meet the first criteria, as very few of even the most well-qualified judges will be familiar with every figure, vehicle kit and bit GW produces!).
+1-3 Points--additional Award of Merit points for Presentation presented by the judges in any instances where the notable effective conversions in an army are deemed to be of exceptionally high quality or the Display board is considered notably effective, evocative or otherwise well-done, to a maximum of 5.


Awards of Merit for Army List, Painting, Presentation and Sportmanship will be presented in the form of Points added to Players' Overall scores, as noted above.

Prizes will be awarded to the Finalist who achieves the highest Overall score:

$500 HobbytownUSA Dallas Gift Card
Entry to Wasteland Wars 7 40K Tourney
The unfailing admiration of the North Texas community for the hobbyist crowned North Texas 40K Playoffs Champion for 2010!

Result: Scytulus Megabattle at XMax

Dragonriders Chapter Space Marine Master Elias, ably supported by dreadnoughts Orion and Braxxas (who seismic-hammered a Brass Scorpion into the warp); Warden Midas of the Penal Imperial Guard; and crack shot Imperial Guard Captain Daniel rallied to the defense of the citizenry of Scytulus III, it's towering Imperium buildings falling to pieces as the planet shook and the skies turned to blood, leaving the survivors huddling in the intact medieval stonework structures in the old city. The fighting was door-to-door and hand-to-hand as daemonic minions of Tzeentchian Lord Kerracch, Bloodthirster Kubrash and their Traitor minions--including two superheavy Brass Scorpions and a fallen Shadowsword--used the unexplained catastrophe befalling the planet to step through the sundered reality and reap souls.

At the end, the underdog Defenders, with no superheavies of their own to counter the attackers, wildly outnumbered and outgunned, fell to Ruin, withdrawing with such citizenry as they could protect to regroup. The hideous cackling of triumphant daemonry dogged their retreat, along with the lamentations of the captured...including initiates of several Space Marine chapters which recruit from the feudal Scytulus population...

And the mystery of the Apocalypse befalling Scytulus III remains...

NTx 40K Playoff Final Sat, Aug 21 at HTUD

The schedule is set for the Final of the North Texas 40K Playoffs Saturday, August 21, 2010 at HobbytownUSA Dallas--with the winner taking home a ticket to Wasteland Wars 7 in the fall, and a $500 gift certificate to HobbytownUSA Dallas!

8:45-9am: Check-In/Army List Submission
9am-11:15am: Round One
11:15am-12:30pm: Lunch
12:30pm-2:30pm: Round Two
2:45pm-4:45pm: Round Three
5pm: Awards

Bracket Runners-up are welcome to arrive before Round One in the event on of the four Bracket Winners does not show up. As of this announcement, Michael, Dave, Tommy and Nick have all committed to attend.

Thanks to HTUD for sponsoring the Playoffs (and opening the Game Room an hour before the store itself will open, for the final); watch this space for announcement of a big sale on the day, to encourage hobbyists to come out for the championship!

Scytulus Campaign 40K Megabattle at XMax Aug 15!

Scytulus III is a world in cataclysm, riven by dimensional cascades which have unleashed the chaotic, the daemonic and the wicked upon it. Defenders of order have swarmed to defend the wartorn world. The result? Apocalypse...

The battle for Scytulus III will play out in events across North Texas in the coming months--and XMax Games Dallas will host a Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse multi-player megabattle Sunday, August 15, 2010 to open the campaign, and determine whether a critical component of Scytulus III's infrastructure holds, or falls.

To participate, interested hobbyists need only make any Games Workshop purchase from XMax, sign up for an available slot representing either the Defenders of Order or the Forces of Ruin, then arrive on Sunday, Aug 15 at 1pm with the force they have committed to. Slots will vary in size beginning as small as 500 points, allowing even starter hobbyists to participate in the campaign.

Slots are limited, and can be claimed following a qualifying purchase on a first-come/first-served basis. Registering for a slot represents a commitment; players who fail to honour it will be disallowed future participation in the campaign. All models used in the megabattle must be assembled, primed and based Citadel miniatures, as realistically WYSIWYG as possible; the larger participation slots will be limited to fully-painted armies only. Remember, Apocalypse games do NOT require Force Org compliance (players may bring whatever they desire), and DO allow superheavy vehicles, gargantuan creatures and datasheet formations. Each participant will need an accurate, printed army list for his megabattle force.

The only additional requirement is that every player should have a named, designated Commander of their force, a persona who, ideally, will become a continuing figure in the developing continuity of the Scytulus III campaign--hero or villain.

The wall between worlds is coming down on Scytulus III. Daemons pour forth from the warp; aliens descend from the darkness; constructs crawl forth from the earth. Join the destruction or stand firm against it Sunday, August 15 at 1pm at XMax Games and make your mark in ongoing forty-first millennium history!