Warhammer Blood Island Starter Set

Games Workshop will release the 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles starter box set September 4th. Blood Island will feature High Elves versus Skaven; the defenders of Ulthuan starter box army includes two regiments of foot, a cavalry unit and a magnificent general on monstrous flying creature.The Skaven will counter with massed infantry of ratmen plus Poison Wind Globadiers and at least two hulking Rat Ogres!

These all new models will join the recently-released Skaven army book and model inventory and October-releasing new High Elf inventory. If you are considering either (very potent) force as your commandery of choice for WHFB8, you will be spoiled for stunningly-sculpted miniatures--and if either Goblins or Dwarves are your preference (both of which will also see new supporting model releases in upcoming months) now is the time to find one of the remaining WHFB7 Skull Pass starter boxes still on a local retailer's shelf--once those are gone, all of the included models (which, like the upcoming Blood Island contents, form the core of an outstanding beginning Warhammer Fantasy army) will go with them....