Results: Astronomi-Con Dallas 2010

The first Astronomi-Con Dallas was a resounding success on all fronts: a national-scale 40K event returned to North Texas and was impressively supported by the community, something appreciated not only by Astro organizers, host The Gamers Realm and all sponsors but by Games Workshop, as well...and the near sell-out roster of players got to experience the very best weekend the hobby has to offer!

  • BEST OVERALL: Clay Smith (Orks)
    2nd Place: Christopher Allen (Space Marines--Iron Hands)
    3rd Place: Michael Sanford (Daemonhunters)
  • BEST SPORTSMAN: Christopher Allen (Space Marines--Iron Hands)
  • BEST ARMY: Billy Pistole (Traitor IG)
  • BEST APPEARANCE: Michael Sanford (Daemonhunters)
  • BEST GENERAL: Raymond Nerpel (Chaos Space Marines--Death Guard)
  • BEST SINGLE MINI: Nam Nguyen (IG)
  • BEST TERRAIN: Dave Pakalnis (Tau Empire)
  • BEST ARMY LIST: Kyle Foster (Space Marines--Ultramarines)