GW Grapevine Mills Army List Challenge

Games Workshop Grapevine Mills announces a new event: the Army List Challenge Kick Off. Beginning Saturday, May 15, the Army List Challenge is essentially a giant raffle, designed to help hobbyists start (and complete!) a 1000 point playable list for Warhammer Fantasy or 40K, or a 300 point list for Lord of the Rings. Submit this list to GW GVM--and when you purchase from them everything you need to field that list, you get a raffle ticket. Build everything you've purchased for the list, and you get another raffle ticket. Paint everything you've built, and you get a third ticket. If you play a game with another hobbyist participating in the Army List Challenge, you get an additional ticket--and if you win that game, you get two tickets. At the end of June, GW GVM Manager Chris will draw a winning raffle ticket *for each system*...and that winner will get to write a second 1000 point list, for which everything needed will be provided FREE. There is no limit to the number of lists hobbyists may create and participate with--all three systems (or multiple armies within systems) can be explored--a great option with Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition on the summer horizon! See the staff of Games Workshop Grapevine Mills for details!