Results: The Gamers Realm Doubles Tournament

+++Overall Champions: Mark Pollet & John Nelson+++
+++Best Sportsmen (and Second Place): Kyle Foster & Brady Allen+++
+++Best Army (and Third Place): Russ and Ken Elliott+++

Power armour dominated at this event, with pre-Heresy Thousand Sons and Emperor's Children clashing with Blood Angels and Space Wolves on the top table for the championship (and Ultramarines part of the team which would finish second overall after one vanquished the other); in the end, Mark and John's Traitor Primogenitor legions bested Russ and Ken's Loyalist primogenitor chapters, by the slimmest of margins (each had three units vying for control of the shipwreck which held the target objective, the Heretics breaking the tie two scoring units to one); but there was justice nevertheless, as Russ and Ken took the Best Army voting and secured that award (with Mark and John runners-up there), and both top-table teams tied for runner-up Best Sportsman with five out of a possible six points accrued (second place team Kyle and Brady scoring the only perfect six-of-six). Kudos to everyone who participated: Chad Jones & Lance Bock went undefeated, Jeff Whitehead & Bill Mikesell finished a close fourth overall and also netted five of a possible six Sportsmanship points, Randy Pope & Brian Rhodes were Murphy's Luck candidates (a single melta gun shot in one game and a run move by an opposing HQ in another turning two apparent victories into narrow defeats) and Alexz and Katarra Smelley netted not only excellent Sportsmanship scores but the 'Youngest 40K team' award! Also thanks to dad Eric Smelley, who acted as proxy for three rounds so no participants had to have byes (he would have gone undefeated and tied for Best Sportsman with his Wolves, if he had actually been participating in the tourney). Finally thanks to The Gamers Realm--this is as fine a hobby facility as one could hope for, and we are lucky to have it in North Texas, supporting miniatures gaming. Let's return the favour, especially as they gear up to be the primary host for Astronomi-Con Dallas June 2010! Congratulations to all the winners!