Pre-Astro Terrain Table Tournament, Saturday, June 5, 2010

Interested in giving your 1500 Point Astronomi-Con Dallas army a 'test run?' Need additional motivation to complete your entry in Astronomi-Con's Terrain Table competition? Want to make your Astronomi-Con Dallas registration an even greater value?

The Gamers Realm will host a Pre-Astro Terrain Table Tournament Saturday, June 5, 2010--two weeks in advance of Astronomi-Con's arrival upon the Dallas gaming scene. Registration for this three-round, one-day event is $20...*unless* you have already purchased your Astronomi-Con ticket, in which case the cost is half-price, only $10! *However*--if you complete your tableful of terrain for Astronomi-Con's Terrain Table competition and bring it to TGR in advance, we will play over it in this preliminary event...and you pay *no entry fee* to participate at all!

There are so many virtues of the Astronomi-Con convention series to extol, and such things as their transparent scoring system and varied scenarios are rightly often mentioned--but of equal note is their tradition of having unique terrain (with unique challenges) on every table...and the way they celebrate player excellence in all facets of the GW Hobby. Their Terrain Table competition supports both of these goals: it encourages yet more varied tables of terrain, and awards a convention trophy of equal merit and coolness to all the others to the player whose table is voted best!

This first international Astronomi-Con outside the series' Canadian borders features special logistic challenges, not least of them providing all of the terrain; Dallas is simply too impractically far to load up a truck and drive all the terrain to. This Terrain Table competition, therefore, becomes even more important, because every tableful of terrain provided locally is one less thing the con staff needs to worry about.

Thus this event: while it *will* be a fun-filled afternoon, with registration costs going to prizes to make it even more worthwhile, and the opportunity to get three rounds in early with one's Astro army should prove very valuable...the chief goal is to further encourage participation in the Terrain Table competition at Astronomi-Con Dallas June 19/20.

And as a special incentive, Astronomi-Con is supporting this event with two valuable prizes: if the winner of this tournament is a submitter of a Terrain Table as well, they will win 1) a free registration to a future Astronomi-Con event of their choice (a value of $75 or more, depending on event chosen) and 2) a ticket to the ultimate celebration of the GW Hobby, this year's Games Workshop Games Day! So ready your army--and your battlefield!--register for Astronomi-Con Dallas at (where you can find additional details about the Terrain Table aspect of the con), follow developments for this major event at sign-up at The Gamers Realm for the Pre-Astro Terrain Table Tournament, Saturday, June 5!


10am: Check-In/Table Assignment
10:30am-12:30pm: Round One
12:30pm-1:30pm: Lunch
1:30pm-3:30pm: Round Two
3:45pm-5:45pm: Round Three
6pm: Awards